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Cheap Thrills 9

Cheap Thrills 9
Treasure Island Media
  • 3-Way
  • Anal Sex
  • Bareback
  • Chainfucking
  • Cum-eating
  • Kissing
  • Masturbation
  • Oral Sex
  • Rimming
58 min

Paul Morris

    all models over 18    
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Antonio Biaggi

Blue Bailey

Ty Roberts

Ben Bailey
Jake B.
Jayson Park
Noah Foxx
Sage Daniels

When TIM Exclusive CORY KOONS met ANTONIO BIAGGI, the only thing on his mind was stuffing that amazing cockmeat as far down his gullet as he possibly could. CORY lubes up ANTONIO’s meat with his throat juices, then climbs onboard for some world champion ball-bouncin`. That fat dick is almost more than CORY can handle, but he hangs in there, grunting and groaning, until ANTONIO rewards him with a hole full of heavy cum.
12  minutes
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JACK ALLEN likes to soften up his prey with some heavy petting, and SAGE DANIELS is in a mood to oblige -- especially when JACK snakes his skillful tongue into SAGE’s warm wet hole, causing him to turn over, stick his ass in the air, and bury his face in a pillow. After JACK pumps his load into SAGE’s hole, and while the thick dick is still lodged deeply inside, the well-practiced bottom works out his own load, using his ring to squeeze out every last satisfying deposit from JACK.
15  minutes
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NOAH FOXX and KEER are all set to tag team the always vocal JAYSON PARK. TIM Exclusive KEER lets NOAH jam his hard uncut fuckstick into JAYSON, while KEER dives face first into NOAH’s ass. You all just know KEER isn’t waiting around for sloppy seconds. He lubes up and guides his cock into NOAH’s ass, just as NOAH’s pulling back to thrust in and out of JAYSON. It’s a regular fuckmeat sandwich, with NOAH and KEER loading up JAYSON’s ass with more cum than it can carry.
10  minutes
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As you may remember from DRUNK ON CUM 6, nothing gets BEN BAILEY harder than a talented sword swallower. JAKE B. relishes in the task, bringing BEN’s prodigious pole to maximum hardness before climbing onto BEN’s fuckstick and milking out a rewarding internal cumshot.
10  minutes
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Take a look at these, ahem, “boys” and see from whence they came. It’s the early days of porn for these gents and we thought we’d share a blast from porn past! TY ROBERTS doesn’t know how good he has it as BLUE BAILEY hones his world class cock-squeezing skills on TY’s farmboy bone. BLUE quickly and eagerly submits to TY’s everready dick, letting the future all-star topman piledrive his pretty pink boy-hole, and giving us a glimpse of just how much BLUE will come to live for the almighty dick.
11  minutes
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CHEAP THRILLS VOLUME 9 includes five full scenes and features TIM Exclusives JACK ALLEN, KEER, and CORY KOONS giving us their sloppy best. We also give you NOAH FOXX and JAYSON PARK, and one of the final scenes from super-bottom SAGE DANIELS, plus the most nut-swingin` ball-bouncin` ANTONIO BIAGGI scenes ever produced. The final scene -- literally a cumblast from the past that we`ve been saving for a special occasion -- has TIM men TY ROBERTS and BLUE BAILEY honing their fuck-skills in a sweaty down-n-dirty romp that`s one for the history books. Volume 9: destined to be your favorite Cheap Thrills in the series! - - Paul Morris

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