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Cheat Day

Cheat Day
  • 3-Way
  • Anal Sex
  • Autofellatio
  • Bareback
  • Kissing
  • Oral Sex
  • Outdoor Sex
  • Rimming
164 min

Ben Rush, Steve Cruz

    all models over 18    
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Alexander Muller
Beau Butler
Brock Brodie
Cade Maddox
Chris White

Kane Fox
Sean Xavier
Trevor Brooks
Tristan Hunter

It’s officially ‘Cheat Day’, and that means Trevor Brooks is allowed to slip away from loving boyfriend, Chris White, to get dicked-down by super-hung hunk Cade Maddox. Grabbing his thick rod through his precum-stained sweatpants, Cade eagerly welcomes Trevor in before stripping down the fit bottom to rim and finger his hole, suck him off, and bareback his perfect ass. A glistening Cade puts in the work as he slides his oversized cock between Trevor’s muscular cheeks and pounds him feverishly from behind. Wanting to take full advantage of this special day by fucking Trevor on just about every surface of his home, Cade leads his hot hook-up to the bedroom where Trevor spreads his legs and strokes himself until both men are unloading all over Trevor’s exposed body.
35  minutes
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When ‘Cheat Day’ comes around — and Chris White has permission to break away from his boyfriend to sleep with whomever he wants — he immediately seeks out his favorite secluded desert cabin for a bareback threesome with horned-up couple Brock Brodie and Kane Fox. With the welcoming Palm Springs sun shining over them, all three men take turns blowing and rimming each other before Chris kneels down for Kane to fill his ass with his raw cock. Kane then drops to all fours and becomes the group’s bottom as the other two stuff him at both ends. With Chris pounding Kane, Brock sits his massive bubble butt on Chris’ face until all three of the outdoor fuckers are smothering Kane’s naked body in their fresh nut.
25  minutes
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Alone in their clients` backyard, gardener Beau Butler and pool man Sean Xavier are meeting for the first time. They quickly discover that they’re unable to keep their hands off each other. As soon as the two groundskeepers ditch their clothes, Beau is awestruck by the nearly ten inches of meat hanging between Sean’s legs. The beefy gardener’s amazement continues to grow as he rims the stranger while watching Sean suck his own long cock. After getting a taste of his own dick, Sean gets a turn at eating out and fucking Beau’s tan-lined cheeks. Once Sean nuts inside of Beau’s ass, the hung muscle hunk pulls out to admire and lick up the loose seed that comes spilling out of him. The flip-fucking duo then finishes off their outdoor hook-up with Beau barebacking Sean until he’s pulling out to shoot a creamy load on his ass.
35  minutes
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Overhearing a loud threesome nearby in the middle of the Palm Springs desert has horny hikers Alexander Müller and Tristan Hunter wanting to engage in their own fun in the middle of the open sand. After dropping their bags — and their their shorts — Tristan sucks on his friend’s uncut meat as a handsy Alexander reaches down to play with his smooth asshole. The cock sucker drops to all-fours to get rimmed by Alexander before hopping on his friend to take a ride on his thick, bareback dick. Out in the open for anyone to see, Tristan stays completely hard as Alexander mounts his smooth ass and continuously pumps him full of cock until he’s pulling out to drown Tristan’s used hole in a thick fountain of cum. Alexander follows up his explosive climax by fucking his nut into Tristan’s ass, licking up any remaining seed, and blowing the bottom’s big dick until he’s cumming himself.
34  minutes
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While Trevor Brooks and Chris White always have a blast fucking whomever they want during ‘Cheat Day’, these two boyfriends love nothing more than being able to reunite in their Palm Springs home for something even better – passionate and connected sex that strengthens their true commitment to each other. With sunlight pouring in their room, the two take time swallowing every inch of each other before Trevor throws back his thick thighs so Chris can carefully finger his tight hole. Chris lubes up his stiff ginger cock and inserts himself into Trevor’s muscular ass until the couple turns the intimate session into a bareback flip-fuck with Chris taking a ride on Trevor’s hard dick. The two stay in a state of deep embrace as Trevor thrusts himself passionately into his lover across their crisp sheets. With Trevor taking Chris from behind, the bedding quickly becomes covered in cum as the two finish and then collapse into their pillows, spent, satisfied, and in love.
35  minutes
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Trevor Brooks and Chris White have had a deep bond and a rock-solid relationship for nearly seven years. The secret to their longevity? ‘Cheat Day’. Twice a year, they give each other a free pass to refuel their engines by fucking other guys. So, while Trevor is taking exclusive Cade Maddox’s enormous raw cock in his uniquely accommodating asshole, Chris joins a bareback bro-down with newcomer Brock Brodie and the gorgeous Kane Fox at a secluded desert cabin. It’s not long before horny hikers Alexander Müller and Tristan Hunter overhear Chris’s loud three-way and can’t help but drain their own hard dicks in the middle of the open sand. Meanwhile, with Trevor and Chris otherwise occupied, their pool man, Sean Xavier, and gardener, exclusive Beau Butler, give up on taking care of business so they can take care of each other in their bosses’ backyard. All good things must come to an end, though, and, by dawn, Trevor and Chris reunite in their Palm Springs home for something even better – passionate and connected sex that strengthens their true commitment to each other. So mark your calendars for ‘Cheat Day’ because, after all, who doesn’t love a snack between meals?

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