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Chi Chi LaRue`s Late Night Drive-In

Chi Chi LaRue`s Late Night Drive-In
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  • Glory Holes
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  • Oral Sex
  • Rimming
  • Showering
110 min

Chi Chi LaRue

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Aaron Perez

Alexander Garrett

Amone Bane

Andy Adler

Harvey Bridgestone

Jordan James

Luka Phoenix

Marco Lorenzo

Mike Russo

Scott DeMarco

Luka Phoenix just got done watching Mike Russo dance the night away on stage, and now all he wants is a whiff of the stripper’s sweaty pits and musty ass. With Mike bent over, Luka’s nose and tongue go deep between the muscle hunk’s hairy cheeks before Mike turns around to ram his girthy cock down Luka’s throat. Then, after Luka’s mouth has been stuffed with Mike’s used jockstrap, the two take each other’s bareback pipes and flip-fuck in the middle of the empty strip club. Ready to bust, Luka’s massively big dick goes straight from Mike’s ass to his face with Mike then eating his own oversized load straight off Luka’s worn hole.
31  minutes
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Horny twunk Aaron Perez is spending his Friday night the same way he spends every Friday – by sitting in his favorite stall and waiting for a fat hog to make its way through the glory hole. Scott Demarco is the first John of the night to pop in his big dick with Aaron immediately accepting and swallowing the unfamiliar rod. Craving more, Scott signals for Aaron to come out of his stall and bend over the sink to get eaten out and pounded. The bareback fucking between the two perverts quickly takes over the grimy public restroom as Aaron lays on the room’s questionably wet floor and Scott goes deep inside him until both horny strangers have unleashed their loads.
16  minutes
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Marco Lorenzo is just wrapping up at the gym when he sees hung pervert Alexander Garrett touching himself in the locker room shower. Before long, Marco is getting in on the sopping wet action as he sucks off the stranger’s big dick and gets a mouthful of his soaked and musky jockstrap. Alexander then moves down to stretch out Marco’s foreskin and inhale the post-workout smell coming from his pungent uncut cock. Satisfied by the stench and with no one else around, Alexander goes to flip-fuck his bareback gym buddy with each of them obliterating the other’s fuck-ready hole. After being thoroughly pounded, Alexander lets out a torrent of nut all over the locker room floor with Marco then dropping down to eat his own cum off of Alexander’s freshly fucked cheeks.
18  minutes
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Shy student Andy Adler is trying to follow orders and keep quiet in detention, but bad boy Amone Bane would rather spend his time breaking rules and breaking out his big dick for the nerd to suck off. Hesitant at first, Andy goes in for his first taste of another man’s cock with Amone then spitting into his open mouth and having Andy lick his boots. Impressed by how well Andy can follow orders and be his little teacher’s pet, Amone bends him over, sniffs his inexperienced hole, and slides in his bareback rod. Andy’s moans bounce off the walls of the classroom as Amone stuffs and fucks him until each is unloading and eating up their own cum.
16  minutes
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After cruising and following each other all over town, burly muscle fuckers Jordan James and Harvey Bridgestone have found their way into the backroom of a nearby sex shop. Almost immediately, Jordan begins to worship Harvey’s hairy pits as Harvey gets a strong whiff of the musk clinging to Jordan’s tank top. With Jordan now gobbling down his meat, Harvey is quick to cum and deliver a creamy facial to the cocksucking stranger. Drained but never finished, Harvey uses his still-hard pipe to fuck up and bareback Jordan’s ass all over the dim stockroom. Once he’s unleashed his second load and bred Jordan’s ass, the muscle bottom squats over Harvey and pushes the dripping seed into the bodybuilder’s open mouth. Then, with Harvey on his knees, the fully drained top gets his own cummy prize as Jordan jerks his big dick and busts on Harvey’s furry beard.
29  minutes
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You smell that? That’s the overpowering stench of the unwashed cocks, day-old loads, and musky jockstraps that take a star-turn in the raunchy and unfiltered hookups of ‘Chi Chi LaRue`s Late Night Drive-In’. Get ready as director Chi Chi LaRue showcases a rowdy pack of cum-hungry perverts as they escape to the darkest and dirtiest fuck spots to worship each other’s ripe pits, filthy foreskins, and musty holes. Bodybuilding stripper Mike Russo is the first man to break out his hairy ass as Luka Phoenix buries his nose, tongue, and big dick between his cheeks. Just down the road, Aaron Perez occupies his favorite glory hole and services the girthy meat of Scott Demarco. Next, Alexander Garrett is in the locker room shower and on a mission to inhale the post-workout funk coming from Marco Lorenzo’s uncut piece. After that bareback gym flip-fuck, we head over to a nearby classroom where bad boy Amone Bane is giving nerd Andy Adler his first taste of another man’s cock and fucking his tight virgin hole over a desk. Jordan James and Harvey Bridgestone then come in for an explosive finale that has the muscular duo sneaking into the back of a sex shop where Jordan sets to empty out his freshly bred hole into Harvey’s open mouth.

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