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Cock Hunter

Cock Hunter
Raging Stallion
  • 3-Way
  • Anal Sex
  • Bareback
  • Glory Holes
  • Kissing
  • Oral Sex
  • Rimming
118 min

Tony Dimarco

    all models over 18    
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Brian Bonds

Dev Tyler

Donnie Argento

Drew Sebastian

Jake Nicola

Logan Stevens

Sean Harding

Wade Wolfgar

Anonymous studs at the bathhouse carry on with their fun. Bearded stud Logan Stevens stumbles on Donnie Argento, face-down-ass-up in his room wearing nothing but a jock. Enticed by Donnie’s hot hole, Logan steps up and dives straight in to eat his furry ass. After eating out Donnie’s hole, Logan spins his new anon friend around to feed him his uncut cock. Logan returns the favor deepthroating Donnie’s cock all the way down to the base. When they’ve both had their fill of cock in their mouths, Donnie gets on all fours to receive Logan’s raw cock. After drilling Donnie’s hole, Logan gets on top to feed Donnie his cock once again for a scorching 69 sesh. Now Logan’s ass is primed and ready to be flip-fucked bareback, so Donnie mounts the uncut stud and hits rapid fire with his cock in Logan’s hole. When Logan has had enough, he mounts back up on Donnie, filling his hole with uncut meat until he paints Donnie’s crack with a fresh load. After Logan finishes, Donnie rides Logan until thick ropes shoot out of Donnie’s member and onto Logan’s abs.
21  minutes
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As tatted hottie Jake Nicola is cruising the bathhouse for some cock to suck, he discovers daddy Drew Sebastian sitting around waiting for a hungry mouth. Jake quickly whips out Drew’s cock and falls to his knees to fill his mouth with Drew’s massive dick. Eager to showcase his cock sucking skills, Jake slurps and gags on Drew’s girthy cock before bending over to let Drew eat and finger his hairy ass. When Drew has Jake’s hole lubed up with spit, he goes in deep with his long rod, slamming his cock on Jake’s prostate doggy-style and bareback. After slipping through a couple different positions, Jake settles on top of Drew, riding his meat up and down to maximum depth until Jake unleashes a thick load that coats Drew’s hairy stomach. Covered in his buddy’s cum, Drew stands up and delivers a powerful facial directly on Jake.
23  minutes
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Piggy stud Brian Bonds is servicing two fat cocks at the glory hole. When he finishes, he wanders to the steam room and finds Dev Tyler stroking his cock. Intrigued at the sight of Dev, Brian shoves his cock into his new friends’ mouth. After sitting back and getting a sopping wet hummer from Dev, Dev cuts to the chase and climbs on top of Brian to ride his meaty cock. Bouncing up and down bareback, Dev moans out as Brian stretches his hole. Switching positions, Dev lays back in the sauna to give Brian new depths in his ass until Brian lets loose and cums deep inside Dev’s warm hole, making Dev erupt his load all over his own cock.
26  minutes
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Wade Wolfgar is alone in his private bathhouse room jerking off when Sean Harding lets himself in and wraps his lips around Wade’s girthy, uncut cock. Sean makes extra sure not to abandon Wade’s heavy balls as he gags on his pole. When Wade has had enough of Sean’s mouth, he bends the jockstrap-wearing cocksucker over and slams his cock in Sean’s hole. Bent over and taking ever inch, Sean can’t get enough of Wade drilling and smacking his ass. After taking it raw on all fours, Sean spins around and sucks the cock that was just deep inside his insatiable hole. Sean wants more so Wade lays back, so Sean can receive his cock from up top. Flipping on his back one last time, Wade strips off Sean’s jock and breeds his hole one last time before Sean busts his nut all over his hairy chest.
15  minutes
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As moans echo out through every corner of the bathhouse, Wade Wolfgar and Logan Stevens are already spit-roasting Brian Bonds in the main room. With Brian’s mouth filled with Wade’s cock, and his ass bred by Logan’s pole, Brian loves every inch given to him. While the trio is getting down and dirty, Dev Tyler steps in to join in on the fun. Dev takes his place with Wade and gets to work sucking his thick cock while Logan keeps fucking Brian raw. Switching it up, Brian moves to get plowed by Wade while Dev gets his hole stretched bareback by Logan. Switching it up, Wade gets deep into Dev as Logan feeds Dev his meat, and Brian fucks Logan’s ass from behind. Everyone takes turns at sucking and fucking until all their balls are drained all over Dev.
34  minutes
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Enter the dark and steamy bathhouse where hot and hairy men are ready for anonymous, energized encounters. Seven all-natural studs are on the prowl in ‘Cock Hunter’, Raging Stallion’s latest intense, bareback feature shot by award-winning director Tony Dimarco. The studs are hairy, horny and beefy, and they’re on the hunt, cruising through the dark halls of the club, to find the hottest cocks to suck and ride raw. When Logan finds Donnie face down ass up, the two flip-fuck until they both explode all over each other. Jake Nicola finds Drew Sebastian wrapped in nothing but a towel, and offers up his hairy hole for Drew to empty his cock in. After finishing up at the glory hole, Brian Bonds is lead to the steam room to top Dev Tyler’s hot, eager hole with his thick bare cock. Sean Harding is wandering the halls looking for the next big dick to breed him when he chooses Wade Wolfgar to give him a warm, wet creampie. After all these hot studs are done, they connect in the main room of the bathhouse for an over-the-top orgy, switching up and sharing holes, leaving everyone’s balls drained. Next time you’re craving anonymous loads, be a ‘Cock Hunter’, head to the bathhouse and leave all of your sexual inhibitions at the door.

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