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Coming in Hot

Coming in Hot
NS Originals
  • Anal Sex
  • Bareback
  • Kissing
  • Oral Sex
  • Rimming
115 min

Marc MacNamara

    all models over 18    
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Andre Donovan

Andy Adler

Beau Butler

Danny Starr

Jake Apton

Jordan Starr

Liam Hunt

Ricky Roman

Trent Marx

Troye Jacobs

Beau Butler’s hard cock is poking out of his jeans as an eager-to-suck Liam Hunt drops down to get a taste of the muscle fucker’s raw meat. Pleased with Liam’s oral performance, Beau leans back and pumps himself into his partner’s mouth before fingering, rimming and toying with Liam’s hole. The two then start to 69, with Liam later climbing on top of Beau’s hairy body to take his bareback dick for a ride. Now craving the chance to get drilled, Beau turns the hookup into a flip-fuck as he sucks off Liam, rides his face and drops to all fours to be pounded from behind. Once Beau’s tan-lined cakes have been properly serviced, Beau hops back on top, filling Liam’s ass and even taking the time to tongue his toes. Soon, Beau is scooping up Liam’s nut and feeding it to the bottom right before he delivers his final thrusts and pulls out to cum on Liam’s used-up hole.
25  minutes
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Ricky Roman and Andy Adler are alone after-hours in the denim factory they co-own when they decide to shed their own blue jeans for some steamy stockroom sex. Andy immediately covers the heartthrob’s big dick with his watery saliva and turns himself upside down for Ricky to eat out his perfectly shaved asshole. With Ricky now lying in a pile of loose fabric, Andy goes for a ride on Ricky’s raw rod with Ricky then taking Andy from behind to deliver a bareback denim dicking his ass will never forget. The tattooed top then pulls out to sample the flavor of Andy’s hot cock before reinserting his hog into the twunk’s ass, eating up Andy’s loose load and moving up to bust onto the bottom’s tongue.
22  minutes
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All Troye Jacobs wants to do is fall to his knees and fill his mouth with Andre Donovan’s 9.5 inches. While Troye is getting his wish, Andre palms his head and guides the young cocksucker up and down his shaft until the hung top is ready to get a taste of Troye’s smooth hole. Aching to be fucked and filled,Troye gets on top of Andre to ride his big dick before heading to the bed to suck Andre off some more and then continue getting pounded hard. Now on his back with his legs spread for Andre’s bareback cock, the twink begs Andre to fuck the cum out of him before busting all over himself. Finally, Andre covers Troye’s face in handfuls of Troye’s own nut and then delivers a creamy facial straight from his own oversized dick.
25  minutes
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All throughout their photoshoot, models Trent Marx and Jake Apton have been ogling each other’s bodies, and now they’re finally getting the chance to express their admiration. Trent, mouth open and on his knees, works his way to the base of Jake’s meat before sitting down for Jake to suck him off and take a ride on his bareback dick. The photo studio is soon overtaken by the sounds of Trent thrusting himself into his bearded buddy until the dick hungry duo takes a break to suck cock and 69 each other. With Trent back inside Jake’s ass, the two continue to fuck raw until Jake’s happy trail is covered in cum and Trent is pulling out to bust ropes on the model’s exposed body.
20  minutes
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Danny Starr Muscle hunk Danny Starr is taking his time with Jordan Starr’s dick while making sure to savor and appreciate every last inch of the impressive cock. After having his curious hands explore Danny’s muscular cheeks, Jordan continues his fascination with the tattooed hunk’s cakes as he lies down for Danny to take a ride on his open mouth. Next, with his ass hanging off the side of the bed, Danny throws his head back and moans as Jordan’s big dick throbs inside him. The ripped fucker then takes a ride on Jordan’s raw rod before going down to exchange a few passionate kisses and hopping off to 69. Now being taken from behind, Danny’s jaw stays dropped until Jordan is pulling out to splatter his cheeks in cum as Danny is turning over to nut on his own pubes.
23  minutes
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Dicks? Out. Mouths? Open. Holes? Spread. Your favorite porn stars are ‘Coming in Hot’ and aching to pound each other out in this latest collection of sizzling hot hookups from NakedSword Originals and award-winning director Marc MacNamara. Falcon | NakedSword Exclusive Beau Butler is up first as he visits a remote cabin to 69 and flip-fuck with Liam Hunt. On the other side of the country, Ricky Roman is delivering a hard dicking to Andy Adler as the two sneak off for some steamy sex in the stock room of a denim factory. Then, Andre Donovan and his big dick join in on the fun as ambitious twink Troye Jacobs takes on those famed nine-and-a-half inches in hopes of getting soaked with a creamy facial. Over in a nearby photo studio, model Trent Marx decides to relieve some sexual tension with bearded hunk Jake Apton by pulling out his rod and fucking him bareback on set. Finally, Jordan Starr is ‘Coming in Hot’ by using his fat cock to fuck and fill the muscular cheeks of tattooed bodybuilder Danny Starr until they’re both drained and Danny’s pubes are covered in nut.

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