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Craig Reynolds Collection

Craig Reynolds Collection
Hot House
  • 3-Way
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  • Domination
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  • Rimming
146 min

Steven Scarborough

    all models over 18    
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Arpad Miklos
Craig Reynolds
Hogan Wade
Josh West

Kyle King
Paul Wagner
Ross Hurston
Tyler Saint

Busy Craig Reynolds can’t keep his eyes off beefy Doctor Hogan Wade. When a flustered Reynolds drops a box of latex gloves the good Doctor can’t keep his hands off the nurse’s huge round bubble-butt. Hogan eats Reynolds’ ass right there in the hallway, then bends him over a fucks him hard. Hunky Dr. Hogan pulls out a double headed dildo and finishes Reynolds off with a prostate massage that drains the cum right out of him.
26  minutes
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Craig Reynolds and Ross Hurston come around the corner of the warehouse to find horndog Josh West naked and stroking his huge cock. Hurston pulls out his perfect big dick, turning Reynolds into a total cock-pig. After deep-throating both giants Reynolds climbs up on a table and rolls over allowing West to tongue-fuck his pumpkin ass. Hurston joins Reynolds on the table and West feasts on both puckered holes. Submissive Reynolds assumes the middle position, sucking off West while Hurston fucks him from behind. The aggressive tops switch places and continue to use Reynolds hot wet holes to their satisfaction. Determined to get a load out of West, Reynolds mounts him and bounces on his fat cock until all three of them blow hot cum!
29  minutes
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Newcomer Craig Reynolds looks like he just parked his Big Rig and wandered into the warehouse ready for sex. Kyle King looks like he’s hungry for a truck driver when he sees Reynolds and goes to work on his cock and big round ass. King stands up and fucks the hell out of Reynolds’ face then turns him around and pounds his hole. After making Reynolds rim him, King gets back to work fucking down the burly truck driver!
24  minutes
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Hot Doctor Paul Wagner’s routine exam of chiseled hunk Craig Reynolds turns physical when Craig puts his huge round ass up in the air. Dr. Paul decides to test Craig’s erectile function by inserting a huge speculum in his hole. Paul probes deeper, this time with his hard cock. Don’t miss the ultimate doctor/patient fantasy come to life.
15  minutes
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Services begin in the Sanctuary when Craig Reynolds finds Tyler Saint standing guard at the altar, stroking his long, fat cock. Reynolds senses his Master needs assistance and worships Saint’s huge cock before taking his place, on all fours, on the dungeon table. Saint relentlessly fucks Reynolds’ hole until both men can’t take it any longer. Straddling each other on a Sanctuary bench the muscle-men jack off until they shower each other with loads of cum.
29  minutes
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An after-hours delivery turns into a muscle-man fuck fest when Arpad Miklos and Craig Reynolds meet in an alley. Miklos opens his jeans and shoves Reynolds’ face down on his long hard cock. Reynolds teases the foreskin and gives Miklos excellent deep throat service before stripping down and offering up his enormous bubble butt. Miklos licks and lubes Reynolds’ tight hole then rams him with his fat cock inside. Once on his back Reynolds milks his own cock while Miklos fucks him hard then blows his load.
23  minutes
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Hot House Exclusive Craig Reynolds shares his favorite scenes with you in this must-have collector`s edition! Features 6 scorching-hot scenes with Hot House Exclusives Ross Hurston, Kyle King, and Paul Wagner, plus Hogan Wade, Josh West, Tyler Saint, and Arpad Miklos.

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