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Falcon Edge
  • Anal Sex
  • Kissing
  • Oral Sex
  • Rimming
112 min

Nick Foxx

    all models over 18    
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Boomer Banks

Brian Bonds

Brock Avery

David Benjamin

Paul Wagner

Sean Zevran

Shawn Wolfe

Boomer Banks and Brock Avery, brutes of muscle and ink, are locked at the lips. The pouches of their jock straps bulge with anticipation. Brock kneels to release Boomer`s enormous cock and balls and tests the limits of his gag reflex with a deep blow job. Boomer`s hips thrust, challenging Brock to go deeper. The saliva from Brock`s mouth serves double duty as lube for his cock. Brock hops on a table and Boomer takes over sucking. The tingling in his cock makes Brock rake his fingernails down his furry thighs. Boomer`s heating up, and the heat is contagious. He plunges his tongue into Brock`s ass crack, getting it slick and pulsing for the penetration that`s about to come. Then, Slam! All the way in. Brock cries out as he grabs the table that`s inching across the floor with the forceful pounding. He pulls his ass cheeks apart, hoping Boomer`s cock could go any deeper. He explodes in cum and opens his mouth for Boomer`s giant blast.
27  minutes
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Young, hung and hot for each other, Shawn Wolfe and Sean Zevran explore each other`s bodies with kisses, hair pulling and nipple twisting. Both are muscled and scruffy. Their erections are too much for the mesh pouches of their jock straps to contain; whey they pop out, the guys engage each other in mutual masturbation. Zevran`s chest heaves and his hips thrust reflexively when Wolfe stoops to swallow his cock. Zevran reciprocates by way of a deep rimming that leaves Wolfe twitching and ready to get fucked. The release that`s gathering in their balls rages forth in dual blasts that drench Zevran`s thighs and Wolfe`s face. Wolfe laps it all up: this is what he was craving.
24  minutes
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Sweat and spit. They`re the dominant lubricants when Brian Bonds hooks up with David Benjamin for a bootstrapped ass-fucking. The fur on Brian`s torso is a roadmap to his cock, and David`s mouth follows the treasure trail. Brian responds with a blow job of deep swallowing and nut-sucking. David orders Brian to get his ass wet and fuck him - and he gets his wish. Cries of "Gimme that dick!" intersperse with grunts, groans and the sounds of flesh slamming against flesh. Brian hits David`s sweet spot: he wants Brian to fuck it hard, right there. Just when you think David`s prostate will explode, he turns the scenario on end and becomes the top. Brian`s eyes bulge like he`s trying to figure out what just happened as David pile-drives his hole. David waits for Brian`s load and captures it in his mouth, then feeds Brian his own.
31  minutes
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Sean Zevran and Paul Wagner stand in the center of the room, licking and groping each other`s muscled bodies. Paul buries his face in Sean`s armpit; Sean accommodates, giving Paul access to that musky scent. Paul works his way south, through the landscape of ridged muscle and furry skin of Sean`s torso, stopping at cock level, where he squeezes and sniffs obsessively over Sean`s massive, throbbing, uncut meat. Paul can`t stand to wait any longer: he inhales Sean`s cock. Sean grabs Paul`s head and fucks his face. Then it`s Sean who`s craving Paul`s cock: Sean`s cheeks massage Paul`s cock as it advances more deeply down Sean`s throat. Sean can`t resist Paul`s hairy ass, and he advances his agenda tongue-first. Grabbing the waistband of Paul`s jock strap like reins, Sean drives his cock home. Paul groans and bucks, thrusting back against Sean`s lunges. After a hard ride, Paul flips onto his back as Sean scatters his seed across Paul`s hairy torso. Paul takes aim at Sean`s face and lets loose with repeated streams of thick, hot cum across Sean`s face.
30  minutes
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It`s instant: the sexual energy between two men who `Crave` each other. From the first moment of every scene, director Nick Foxx delivers supercharged sexual encounters in his fourth film for Falcon Edge. Boomer Banks puts his imposing endowment to work on Brock Avery, but only after increasing the anticipation with intense foreplay. Sean Zevran relieves the longing of hairy bottom Shawn Wolfe. Brian Bonds yearns to tangle with David Benjamin, and may get more than he bargained for. Paul Wagner needs-NEEDS-to have his ass pounded by Sean Zevran. Muscles pump, bodies sweat, tongues lick, holes pucker, and cocks erupt-these men will do anything to get what they `Crave.`

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