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Cross Fuck

Cross Fuck
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91 min

Trenton Ducati

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Austin Wolf

Dane Stewart

Dante Colle

Jack Hunter

Johnny V

Leo Luckett

Pierce Paris

Roman Todd

Woody Fox

Johnny V is training Roman Todd at the cross fit gym. Roman is pushing himself to the limit but Johnny keeps urging him to do more. To keep Roman moving, Johnny pulls out his dick and Roman gets to suck it with each sit-up he does. It`s not long before the workout takes a backseat so the studs can work on a different kind of routine. Both hunks peel off their gym gear and Roman bends over to let Johnny rim his smooth hole. Roman`s ass tastes so good that Johnny gets a raging boner the more he licks. When Johnny is convinced that Roman is ready for his cock, he slides it all the way into the hunky stud and drills his hole hard. After a deep pounding, Roman is ready to return the favor to Johnny, and slams his cock into his trainer`s asshole and pounds him until he`s ready to blow. Both hung studs finally get their releases when they blast their loads all over Johnny`s chiseled, heaving muscles.
17  minutes
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Dante Colle is doing some squats at the gym as Dane Stewart gives him some much-needed positive reinforcement. As Dante finishes up his workout, he nervously asks if Dane can teach him how to fuck better. Dane happily agrees and tells Dante to start with his mouth as he whips out his stiff cock and big, low-hanging balls. Dante gets on his knees and services his fellow athlete as Dane goes deep and fucks the eager jock`s open throat. After teaching Dante the ways of fucking a face, Dane decides that his student is ready to learn the secrets of pounding an ass. Dante is eager to learn all he can and bends over to offer up his hairy hole. Dane slides deep into Dante`s open crack and goes balls deep to continue plowing the young muscle stud. After a nice, long pounding, Dane decides that it`s time for the student to get some practical experience. Dante agrees and after opening Dane`s hole with his tongue, gets behind his coach and sticks his cock deep inside his ass. Dante discovers that he`s a natural as he lets his instincts take over. He fucks Dane hard until he pulls out and sprays his big hairy cock all over his coach`s sack. Dane follows along and finishes up on his own ripped abs.
18  minutes
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Johnny V and Pierce Paris are having a competitive workout in the back yard and finish up with a quick dip in the pool. To cap off their day, Johnny cools Pierce off with the garden hose before they hit the coach`s couch. Both studs are horny but when Johnny comes onto Pierce, he hesitates to get involved with a teammate. Eventually, Pierce gives in and stuffs his massive throbbing cock down Johnny`s tight throat. It barely fits in Johnny`s mouth but he`s not a quitter and keeps up the pace as he chokes and gags on Pierce`s thick monster. Pierce wants to taste what Johnny has to offer and gets down between his buddy`s legs to work his veiny cock. That`s all it takes for Pierce to get rock hard and after lubing up Johnny`s hole with his lips and tongue, slams his thick pole deep into the throbbing ass in front of him. The studs switch it up a few times and eventually end up with Johnny getting pummeled on his back with his legs in the air. Pierce hits all the right spots inside Johnny`s ass and makes him spray as he continues to fuck the moaning stud. The sight of all of Johnny`s load oozing out makes Pierce lose control and he pulls out to finish off on Johnny`s abs. Pierce scoops up the cum and feeds it to his buddy, who eagerly laps it up.
17  minutes
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Woody Fox is hazing his new teammate, Leo Luckett, with a bit of puppy play in the backyard when he pulls out his big, thick cock for Leo to suck on. Both studs keep up the puppy play as they get naked and Leo goes in to sniff Woody`s hairy crotch. Leo wants to suck Woody`s dick and opens wide as Woody keeps up a relentless face pounding. The horny hunks move the action to the garage where Woody continues to ream Leo`s open throat. Woody is rock-hard and needs to sample Leo`s succulent ass to open it up for what`s to come. He rims Leo`s bubble butt until it`s dripping with spit and then slides his giant cock deep inside. Leo takes every thrust like a champ as Woody rails him over the washing machine. Leo wants it a little deeper in his ass and switches it up by sitting on Woody`s uncut cock. He rides it up and down until Woody once again takes control and rolls Leo onto his back. They`re nearing the finish line as Woody keeps pounding a steady rhythm to Leo`s sore hole. After all the hardcore fucking, Woody stands above Leo as the puppy licks his balls and then blasts a big creamy load all over Leo`s face. With the taste of Woody still on his lips, Leo slathers the floor with his own giant load of cum.
22  minutes
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Jack Hunter is lifting weights in the gym when Coach Austin Wolf stops by to check on him and offer a little bit of workout advice. The testosterone from the heavy lifting gives Jack a throbbing hard-on and Austin steps in to help relieve Jack of his dilemma. His cock is absolutely massive, but Austin manages to get it down his throat with ease. Austin sucks away as he rubs his own dick until he’s equally hard. Jack wants to return the favor and gets on his knees to pleasure his ripped coach. When Austin is at full mast, he tells Jack that he has one more thing to show him and bends him over the weight bench. Jack has never been fucked before but wants to do everything it takes to please the coach. Austin slides his fat, hard cock deep into Jack`s tight hole and immediately picks up the pace to slam him harder. Jack loves the new sensation of having a cock up his ass and wants it to go even deeper. He rolls over onto his back as Austin mounts up and plunges him deep and fast until he fucks the cum out of Jack`s big cock. The sight of Jack`s dick and chest glistening with cum is all that Austin needs to pull out and cover Jack with even more cum. Jack opens his mouth wide and lets his coach shovel their milky mix onto his hungry tongue.
17  minutes
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Cross Fit training is grueling, but when the studs around you start whipping out their thick cocks and showing their perfect asses, your gym time becomes `Cross Fuck`. Then all you can do is sit back and enjoy all the sucking and fucking you can handle. When Roman Todd gets tired at the gym, cross-coach Johnny V whips out his cock as an incentive for Roman to do a few more sit-ups. Soon the workout gets scrapped in favor of some hardcore flip-fucking that leaves Johnny covered in jizz. After finishing a workout, Dante Colle asks Dane Stewart to teach him how to perfect his form in fucking. Dane is happy to oblige and demonstrates how to fuck both face and ass before he hands the reins to his eager athlete. Dante demonstrates his quick learning abilities by fucking his coach up the ass until both hung studs blow their wads. Johnny V and Pierce Paris hit the coach`s couch after a competitive workout in the backyard. Johnny gets Pierce hard as a rock with a nice long blowjob and then bends over to take every inch of Pierce`s massive monster. Woody Fox is hazing his new teammate, Leo Luckett, with a bit of puppy play before Woody pulls out his giant, uncut cock and has his pup lick it. It`s not long before Leo is bending over to take every inch that Woody can stuff into his asshole before he gets to lap up Woody`s big load. Jack Wolf is working out alone when coach Austin Wolf comes in to check on him. Austin notices that Jack has a boner and offers to help him relieve some tension. The two studs swap blowjobs before Jack ends up with his legs in the air getting the cum fucked out of him. A workout at the gym is always a good thing, but things will always be a bit better when the WOD includes a `Cross Fuck`.

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