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Cruised Raw

Cruised Raw
Back Alley Videos
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93 min

Sean Hardy

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Dante Lucas

Dave London

Drew Dixon

Guillaume Wayne

Korar Darver

Sam Wallis

Wolf Rayet

Lean young and hairy, fit Drew Dixon is one sleazy fucker who wants in on the action down the Back Alley. He`s heard of the hung daddy types that frequent the sordid area and feels the urge to get his hole fucked raw by a hot horny stranger. No-one can blame him, and as he loiters by the bins and garbage, he`s turned on just by the thought of getting rammed in such a disgusting place. Tanned daddy Dave is soon on the scene, sniffing out the next hungry bottom to use his dick on. With plenty of cock sucking and ball sucking, it`s a match here tonight, and the lean abs and tight torso of Drew turns Dave on even more, his dick visibly pulsing as it`s slapped against that ripe hole and we`re given a verbal fuck with close up action of Dave`s thick dick slamming the vocal Drew who lifts his legs high to get the stranger balls deep inside and spurting his hot load over his ass before fucking it in even deeper.
23  minutes
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Inked Guillaume doesn`t have to wait long in the sleazy pit he`s cruising in - tall skinny twink Dante makes a beeline for the lean rough fucker and Guillaume is only too happy to take full advantage of the horniness this youth is exuding. Quickly dropping to his knees and lapping at his tight abs whilst fumbling with the zipper, Dante is soon faced with a stiff uncut cock, and swallows it down his young throat, helped to deep-throat by a tough hand on the back of his head. Dante`s smooth hole is soon spread open and fucked deep and wide, effortlessly sliding up and down over the rough French fucker`s dick, working it balls deep and up to the tip, over and over as we see it all is sordid closeup action. The filthy action in the Back Alley continues even after Guillaume sprays his cum all over Dante`s puckering hole as he fucks it deeper into him, scooping it up with his cock and feeding it balls deep again, letting Dante get bred deep and hard!
22  minutes
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Skulking for dick in the depths of the back alley, twinky bottom boy Korar Darver loves the idea of a hot stranger walking up to him, not a word spoken, but pushing himself up against his young body, already feeling the hard bulge that he knows will soon be penetrating his ass bareback. Turning himself on with such a thought, it quickly become reality when bearded hunk Wolf Rayet does exactly that and is soon on his knees, his handsome face full of twink dick. Turning the boy over and rubbing his hairy face deep into that pink hole of his, it’s an ass slap or two before his juicy dick is sliding inside, his balls slapping against him as he holds onto anything nearby to him upright and hole open! As his top daddy pulls out and unleashes his hot load, Korar gets cum fucked deep!
23  minutes
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There’s no one hornier than Dave London, who is back in the Back Alley for more sordid activities with the local clientele. Always on the hunt for a new ass to fuck, he hangs around a while but soon the toned muscular Sam Wallis appears from around the corner. Walking up to the chilled out guy, Sam makes his intentions clear and if that was missed, then dropping to his knees will surely do the job. Sharing each other’s stiff dicks in their mouths, the two hot men get really down and dirty, Sam literally face down in the garbage as his ass is ploughed hard and deep, with Dave picking up the pace as he nears a creamy climax and then pushes it all back inside the horned up young stud before letting him give his load all over his face and mouth like the hungry cum pig he is.
25  minutes
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The sleazy men and boys are back loitering in the Back Alley, on the hunt for daddy dick and twink ass and everything in between as their precum slick dicks ache in the anticipation of the raw ass fucking they are looking for. Lean young bodies and hung men are around each and every corner, bin, and pile of garbage in this public space of sexual depravity, where only the stench of sweat and spunk mix to a heady scent of sleaze and anonymous bareback fucking.

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