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Cuckolds & Alpha Cocks

Cuckolds & Alpha Cocks
Lucas Entertainment
  • 3-Way
  • Anal Sex
  • Bareback
  • Kissing
  • Oral Sex
  • Rimming
  • Voyeurism
123 min

Michael Lucas

    all models over 18    
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Alfonso Osnaya

Andrey Vic

Charlie Cherry

Igor Lucios

Isaac X

Joaquin Santana

Kosta Viking

Ricky Hard

Sir Peter

Tayler Tash

Valentin Amour

Viktor Rom

Tayler Tash knew a guy as hot and horny as Kosta Viking was going to be a handful to be in a relationship with when he started dating him. But the heart wants what it wants, and Tayler fell hard and fast for Kosta and his model good looks when they first met. They started out by having a passionate love affair with one another, but eventually Kosta’s attention started to wander and he wanted to experience new men in the bedroom. Tayler’s head and heart said NO… but the stirring in his pants say YES. Tayler Tash did not want to admit that he was turned on by not only Kosta Viking cheating on him, but by turning him into a cuckold while he sits idly by and witnesses the infidelity taking place. Kosta Viking doesn’t start slow, and he finds a guy just as hot as him to act as the bull and pop the cuckolding cherry of this couple. No one is more suited (or appropriately named) for that duty than Charlie Cherry, and while Tayler sits by fully clothes and not allowed to pleasure himself, he watches his boyfriend Kosta Viking suck on Charlie’s cock and take it deep in his ass. Kosta even lays on Tayler’s lap and has his boyfriend hold him while Charlie Cherry knocks him up with his seed.
27  minutes
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Valentin Amour and Joaquin Santana as a couple is a love story that started when they were both young men deeply in love. But like with many gay relationships, there’s a strong emotional connection wrestling with the big pitfall of sexual incompatibility that develops over time. Eventually they both had to admit they’re both bottoms. But Valentin also has a devious side that plays off of Joaquin’s submissive side. Valentin Amour has long fantasized about including Joaquin in sexual forays where he’s turned into a cuckold. Not only is Joaquin Santana not allowed to answer his own urges of sucking cock and getting fucked up the ass, but he’s only allowed to experience them by watching Valentin enjoy such pleasures. Valentin doesn’t give Joaquin much say, and he invites another couple over. Both of these guys are alpha men and top bulls — Sir Peter and Isaac X. Valentin Amour presents his boy pussy to them while Joaquin Santana sits idly by, partially underdressed. But he is not allowed to play with himself. Sir Peter and Isaac X take turns slamming their big hard cocks down Valentin’s throat and up his ass while Joaquin sits on watching, half wishing he could join in, but also half enjoying his subjugation.
32  minutes
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Charlie Cherry is making a name for himself as an alpha bull, and this time he invites his buddy Andrey Vic along. He’s on his way to teach another couple a thing or two about how a real top performs in the bedroom. And Andrey is the perfect addition. The couple in question is Ricky Hard and Alfonso Osnaya, and they too have a good relationship… except in the bedroom. Alfonso is always coming up short with giving Ricky what he needs and deserves in bed. Ricky Hard discovers that this actually turns Alfonso on, and he asks him if he’d be willing to give up having sex with him, and instead take on the role of a cuckold in the bedroom? He’d only be able to enjoy sex by seeing Ricky take dick up his ass and down his throat. The hard-on Alfonso got from the idea answered the question and settled the issue fast. Charlie Cherry and Andrey Vic make quick work of setting the tone. Alfonso is to sit quietly by and see what a real man can do to pleasure another guy. Charlie and Andrey rough up Ricky and turn him into a human fuck doll. They leave his holes used and slick with cum, and Alfonso can’t get enough of the show.
33  minutes
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Isaac X hasn’t exactly been honest and faithful with his boyfriend, Igor Lucios. Igor is young, hot, and has a high sex drive (not to mention his incredible cock), but Isaac has this compulsion to fuck as many guys as possible. Igor is suspicious of this, but he lets it go… because it excites him. Isaac X is also suspicious of this, and he puts it to the test. He invites none other than Viktor Rom over to smash his throat and destroy his ass, and he times it so Igor Lucios catches them. Initially upset, Igor quickly submits into the role of a cuckold while Isaac carries on and pleasures the cock of Viktor Rom the Alpha Bull!
31  minutes
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Some men are destined to be powerful, and others are meant to submit. That’s the difference between CUCKOLDS AND ALPHA COCKS! Kosta Viking and Charlie Cherry cuckold Tayler Tash. Valentin Amour betrays Joaquin Santana and openly cheats with Sir Peter and Isaac X. Ricky Hard selects Charlie Cherry and Andrey Vic as his bulls while neglecting Alfonso Osnaya. And Isaac X chooses sex with Viktor Rom over his boyfriend, Igor Lucios.

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