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Cum To Your Senses

Cum To Your Senses
Raging Stallion
  • 3-Way
  • Anal Sex
  • Bareback
  • Kissing
  • Oral Sex
  • Rimming
161 min

Steve Cruz

    all models over 18    
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Adam Ramzi

Alex Ink

Alpha Wolfe

Cole Connor

Drew Valentino

Liam Hunt

Lobo Carreira

Timothy Chance

The overwhelming smell of expired sweat and week-old musk coming from Alpha Wolfe’s gym bag is too tempting for Drew Valentino. While doing laundry, Drew grabs one of his roommate’s used jockstraps to inhale its tangy fumes as he begins to touch himself. Before long, Alpha walks in and catches Drew stroking off his big dick while sniffing his used gym gear. He doesn’t seem to mind Drew’s olfactory interests, though, and quickly joins his roomie to exchange afternoon blowjobs and flip-fuck in the middle of their shared living room. Then, once both men have successfully pounded out each other’s holes with their hairy bareback cocks, Drew pulls out to cover Alpha’s beard in his creamy ropes.
41  minutes
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A long afternoon of lifting weights has Liam Hunt covered in sweat and in desperate need of a good shower. Before he rinses off, though, buddy Adam Ramzi makes sure to get a strong whiff of the smelly stud’s ripe pits. Hungry for more of Liam’s musk, Adam kneels down on the bathroom floor to taste the sweat that’s been gathering around Liam’s cock and inside his crack. The rimming continues in the bedroom, where Adam begins stuffing the fit fucker’s hole with his bareback dick. Liam shows off his freshly pumped muscles while riding Adam’s big rod and soon, both men are blowing their wads – with Adam’s tongue even going in to get a sampling of the fresh nut!
43  minutes
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While applying some tanning oil to Lobo Carreira’s hairy muscles, Timothy Chance can’t help but go in for a deep whiff of the swimmer’s exposed armpit. Intoxicated by Lobo’s natural scent, Timothy decides to spend the rest of his afternoon worshiping the bare feet, uncut cock, and sweaty hole of his new fuck buddy. After more poolside rimming and a quick dip in the water, the two move inside where the big dick daddy finally gets the chance to bareback his summertime crush and fill Lobo’s hole. Lobo soon returns the favor by flip-fucking Timothy and pounding him from behind until he’s aching to pull out and bust ropes all over the versatile bottom’s hair-lined crack.
33  minutes
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Boyfriends Cole Connor and Alex Ink are already rocking hard-ons and ready to fuck when neighbor Alpha Wolfe knocks on their front door. Lucky for Alpha, this bareback duo is always in the mood for a spontaneous threeway, and it isn’t long before Alex is burying his nose deep in Alpha’s hairy armpit and Cole is sucking off Alpha from the back. Once Alpha is on all fours, the couple begins spit-roasting him with Cole filling his mouth and Alex fucking his hole. Cole is the next man to be taken at both ends as Alpha’s raw cock fully fills his thick cheeks all over the couch. Then, once Alex’s big dick is back inside Alpha’s ass, the bearded neighbor strokes out a fat load for Cole’s eager tongue to lap up with Alex then pulling out to release his own nut onto Alpha.
28  minutes
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Horny boyfriends Cole Connor and Alex Ink have been doing nothing but barebacking and flip-fucking each other all day long. In the middle of their living room, Alex grabs a handful of his perpetually hard cock as Cole pumps his tan-lined cheeks full of his big dick. In the mood to switch it up and fill his boyfriend’s hairy hole, Alex gets up and takes Cole from behind. The tattooed fucker grips Cole’s shoulders as he slams himself into his boyfriend until he’s pulling out to unload directly into Cole’s mouth. Now on the ground with a throat flooded with cum, Cole takes hold of the throbbing cock between his legs and lets out a loud moan as he fully releases himself.
16  minutes
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Looking for Raging Stallion Studios’ sexiest and most rugged men? They’re right under your nose in ‘Cum To Your Senses’, the newest all-sex feature from award-winning filmmaker Steve Cruz. When handsome stud Alpha Wolfe catches his roommate, Falcon | NakedSword Exclusive Drew Valentino, secretly sniffing his used jockstrap, he knows the hirsute hottie will be open to a flip-fuck right in the middle of their living room. So begins a series of hookups that is certain to stimulate the “holefactory” senses, including Adam Ramzi getting a good long whiff of a sweaty, worked-out Liam Hunt before fucking him with his big dick. Then, the always rough-and-ready Timothy Chance and horny reality star Lobo Carreira can’t get enough of each other’s scents — inhaling the musk of feet, armpits, and assholes — during a scorching hot pool day, ultimately moving the versatile action indoors to their plush bedroom. Next, when Alpha Wolfe drops by the home of Falcon | NakedSword Exclusive Cole Connor and Alex Ink, he finds the two boyfriends to be extremely welcoming — wide open, you might say, to an unexpected bareback threeway. After Alpha cums and runs, Cole Connor and Alex Ink connect with only each other in a down-and-dirty flip-fuck that leaves the room heavy with the glorious redolence of sex. Raging Stallion Studios invites you to ‘Cum To Your Senses’ and sniff out the hottest hairy guys; they smell good enough to eat!

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