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Cumming Home For Christmas

Cumming Home For Christmas
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167 min

Ben Rush, Steve Cruz

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Cade Maddox

Cole Connor

Dakota Payne

Dan Saxon

DeAngelo Jackson

Isaiah Taye

Taylor Reign

Trevor Brooks

With Christmas only a few days away, Trevor Brooks isn’t looking forward to telling his older brother that his small family bakery is struggling to keep its doors open. To take his mind off the possible closure of their beloved cake shop, Trevor’s partner Dakota Payne decides to break the formula of the traditional made-for-TV Christmas movie and jump straight into anal with his man. With Trevor’s underwear pulled down just enough to expose his hole, Dakota buries his face between his boyfriend’s smooth, muscular cheeks and eats him out like it’s his own personal Christmas feast. The two fill their mouths with cock before the horny bakers flip-fuck and shimmy down each other’s chimneys all over the master bedroom. Now with Dakota on his back and Trevor thrusting himself inside of his hole, the men turn the holiday into a true white Christmas as they drain their balls and lay a thick blanket of jizz across Dakota’s naked body.
31  minutes
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While on a jog in his hometown of Calistoga, Dan Saxon has a run-in with his high school boyfriend, DeAngelo Jackson. Instead of reminiscing over old feelings with his former love, Dan literally runs away until he’s back at his brother`s place and scrolling through a dating app in an attempt to find a serious dickstraction. Lucky enough, neighborhood hunk Cole Connor is just a couple hundred feet away and ready to come over to suck Dan off. In return, Dan rims the stranger’s hairy hole and stuffs him with his uncut member. Only steps away from the family Christmas tree, Cole turns the anonymous hookup into a flip-fuck as he barebacks and mounts Dan’s thick cheeks. Dan then gets a taste for his own holiday hole as he goes down to blow Cole and lick up his fresh cum right before climbing on top of Cole to unload himself all over the hookup’s face.
38  minutes
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Taylor Reign is determined to do whatever it takes to save his boss’ struggling family-owned bakery from going out of business – even if that means bottoming for Cade Maddox, the twisted owner of a confectionery conglomerate that’s attempting to acquire the cake shop only days before Christmas. Bent over an industrial kitchen counter, Taylor is suddenly filled with the spirit of Christmas as Cade inserts a monstrous candy cane into his raw hole. Having satisfied his sweet tooth, Cade trades the oversized candy for his oversized cock as he dominates and pumps Taylor full of his incredibly thick dick. Riding Cade atop the kitchen counter has Taylor blowing his load with Cade then standing up to continue pounding the baker’s hole until he’s ready to ice the bottom like a Christmas cake and feed Taylor a taste of his Noel nut.
27  minutes
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Dakota Payne knows that if he’s going to stop his bakery from going out of business, he needs to book a massive dessert order from restauranter Isaiah Taye by Christmas Eve. To seal the deal on this new business relationship, Dakota gently pulls down his pants to give Isaiah a chance to taste his cakes right in the middle of his empty restaurant. Enjoying the sampling of Dakota’s hole, Isaiah goes to taste Dakota’s stiff dick before getting on his back for the baker to turn his silent night into a holy night. Dakota uses all of his energy to bareback Isaiah across the spacious restaurant until the bottom’s ass is coated in cum and Dakota is soaked in Isaiah’s fresh load, but will this be enough to save the family bakery or will Dakota have to close its doors by Christmas?
32  minutes
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With only hours to spare before Christmas Eve, these holiday hunks have officially saved the family bakery and are looking to make the yuletide gay. Alone in the kitchen with some scattered baking supplies and high school fling DeAngelo Jackson, Dan Saxon drops to his knees to suck some sugary icing off of DeAngelo’s delicious dick. DeAngelo reciprocates the food play by turning Dan around and taking a nearby stick of butter to his cheeks, rimming his buttery hole, and barebacking his slick ass. With his naked body covering the kitchen counter, Dan breathes deeply as the former love of his life pumps him full of dick until he’s glistening in a layer of shimmery sweat. Ready to bust, DeAngelo pulls out to frost Dan’s cakes in a thick layer of icing right before going down to get a creamy facial from Dan’s uncut cock.
39  minutes
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Burned out with the frenetic grind of the big city, attorney Dan Saxon is ‘Cumming Home For Christmas’ to enjoy the winter holiday in his family’s rural California home and spend some time with his brother, Trevor Brooks. Unfortunately, his brother and his partner, Dakota Payne, don’t have the most festive news this year. It seems that the small family bakery they run is struggling to keep its doors open and the only way to stay in business is by securing an oversized dessert order by Christmas Eve. Directed by the acclaimed Steve Cruz and Ben Rush, this heartwarming feature follows these determined holiday hunks as they set out to save the venerable family business – even if it means landing on top – and bottom – of Santa’s naughty list. To take his boyfriend’s mind off the possible closure of their beloved cake shop, Dakota Payne pulls down Trevor Brooks’ briefs and eats out his hole like it’s his own personal Christmas feast. Later, Dan Saxon is out on a jog around his hometown when he runs into his old high school boyfriend DeAngelo Jackson. Instead of dealing with his hidden feelings for his former love, the visiting attorney runs away to distract himself by hooking up with neighborhood stud Cole Connor. Bakery employee Taylor Reign is willing to do whatever it takes to help save the family business, even if that means letting Cade Maddox, the twisted owner of a confectionery conglomerate that’s attempting to acquire the cake shop, slide an oversized candy cane in his hole. On his own mission to save the bakery, Dakota Payne sets his sights on restauranter Isaiah Taye in hopes that he’ll taste his cakes and place a sizable order by Christmas Eve. Back at the family home, Dan Saxon and DeAngelo Jackson are officially reuniting for the first time in years as the New York lawyer gets filled with the bareback spirit of Christmas across his brother’s kitchen countertop. So, cum, all ye faithful, for a hometown yuletide yank where the cakes are moist, the cookies are frosted and everyone you know is ‘Cumming Home For Christmas’!

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