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Custodian Of The Hole

Custodian Of The Hole
Raging Stallion
  • Anal Sex
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88 min

Tom Moore

    all models over 18    
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Ashley Ryder

Brian Bonds

Derek Cline

Luka Sage

Custodian Ashley Ryder is busy mopping when executive Derek Cline walks in with complete disregard for the work Ashley has just done. When Derek tries to laugh off Ashley’s frustrations, Ashley decides he’s going to teach the young professional a lesson. Ashley sits down Derek and starts to undress him aggressively. Ashley gets down on his knees and pulls Derek’s jock to the side to suck on his thick cock. Ashley deepthroats and devours Derek’s meaty cock before turning him around to lick out his smooth hole. Since Derek wants to laugh at Ashley’s work, Ashley reaches for his mop and shoves it deep into Derek’s asshole. When Ashley feels like Derek needs more, he shelves the mop and works his fist deep into the horny stud. Gloved up and lubed, Ashley opens up Derek’s ass with his girthy hands. Switching positions, Derek gets on his back as instructed by Ashley to receive his hands at deeper depths. Derek’s hole swallows Ashley’s fist with ease. Derek holds his legs back and up while Ashley handballs his hole faster with each punch. When Derek wants the reins, get stands up and squats down on Ashley’s fist, taking it past the wrist. With Ashley’s fist planted firmly in his hole, Derek lays back and unleashes a fountain of cum that blasts all over his sweaty abs.
25  minutes
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When it’s the custodian’s turn for a little extra attention, Derek Cline bends over Ashley Ryder and wastes no time digging his tongue deep into Ashley’s crack. It doesn’t take long for Ashley to demand, “Fist my hole already!” Derek fulfills Ashley’s request and fills Ashley’s tight ass with his fat fist. Ashley lets out a loud moan as Derek’s fist breaks thru his threshold and deep inside of him. Testing the limits of Ashley’s ass, Derek reaches farther and farther into Ashley’s gaping crack until he’s elbow-deep. Both satisfied with the depths of Ashley’s hole, Ashley bounces back and rides Derek’s arm as deep as he can. Still buried down to his elbow inside Ashley’s ass, Derek twists and turns his arm inside of the custodian’s talented hole. Ashley flips on his back with Derek’s fist inside him and gives over full control of his crack. The fist pigs decide to play a little game of 100 punches in Ashley’s ass. While Derek fists his ass, Ashley counts out 100 continuous punches in and out of his hole before letting up. Testing his limits even further, Ashley gets up and shits down on Derek’s hand, once again taking it elbow deep. Headed towards the finish line, Ashley lays back one last time to receive Derek’s fist until his load spills out from the tip of his cock and onto his thigh.
19  minutes
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Brian Bonds is painting an office space for the new director when Luka Sage barges in and realizes his new office still isn’t done. Brian has seniority over the newly promoted stud and isn’t going to take his smart mouth lightly. When Luka gets agitated with Brian, he quickly learns who’s really in charge. Asserting dominance, Brian bends Luka over a desk and rims his tight hole out. After Brian has had his taste of Luka’s ass, he puts Luka down on his knees and whips out his hard cock. Luka knows what Brian wants and he wraps his lips around Brian’s swollen member. When Luka gets Brian as hard as he can, he bends over his desk to take the painters thick cock in his tight hole. Luka takes Brian’s meat with pleasure, but Brian can sense Luka desires something a little bigger. As a surprise to Luka, Brian bends down and glides his fist deep into the executives pre-stretched hole. The hunky painter keeps plunging his hands deep into Luka’s hole, stretching to more and more with every punch. Switching positions, the young exec lays back on his desk and takes Brian’s hefty fist up his sore hole. After taking Brian’s fist on his back, Luka sits up and rides Brian’s hand until the feeling of Brian fisting him while sucking his cock is too much and Luka blows a thick load all over Brian’s gloved hand.
25  minutes
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After painter Brian Bonds is finished fisting young exec Luka Sage, it’s Brian’s turn to get busted out and show Luka how he got his job. Brian is eager to prove his worth, so he bends over to let Luka bury his tongue deep in Brian’s crack. Luka loves the taste of Brian’s hole on his tongue, but he wants to get in a little deeper. With Brian on all fours on top of his desk, Luka starts to work his thick fist deep into Brian’s smooth crack. Brian bounces back and forth on Luka’s fist, taking it as deep as it can go. It’s not long before Brian spins around and rides Luka’s fist while Luka sinks his mouth down onto Brian’s cock. While riding Luka’s fist, Brian’s legs shake and give out leaving him on his back with his legs in the air letting Luka handball his hole. While Luka keeps a steady pace on fisting Brian’s ass, Brian twists on his knob until his shoots a fat load onto his furry abs. Will Brian be able to keep his job now that Luka has busted out his hole?
19  minutes
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At this office, the ‘Custodian of the Hole’ is the real one in charge when it comes to bossy executives not respecting their boundaries and talking down to the blue-collar studs who clean up after them. Join award-winning fetish director Tom Moore and his cast of hard-working pigs on an epic ride thru hole-busting office life. When Derek Cline disrespects all of Ashley Ryder’s hard work, Ashley teaches him a lesson by fist-fucking the unruly boss’s hole. Making sure Derek now knows his place, Ashley gets what he wants taking Derek’s arm up to the elbow in return. When painter Brian Bonds isn’t finished painting new exec Luka Sage’s office, Luka is not happy. He mouths off to Brian and the painter shows him who’s really boss by stretching the young exec to his limits. When it’s time for Brian to prove his worth, he rides Luka’s fist down to the wrist until he’s left a sweaty, cumdrenched mess on the desk. Next time you decide to mouth off at this office, make sure it’s not to the ‘Custodian of the Hole’ unless you’re prepared to be left gaping and sore.

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