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Daddy`s Bitch Boys

Daddy`s Bitch Boys
Lucas Entertainment
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157 min

Michael Lucas

    all models over 18    
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Dante Lauro

Manuel Skye

Max Arion

Oliver Hunt

Rafael Carreras

Sergeant Miles

Sir Peter

Tomas Brand

Valentin Amour

Louis Ricaute

Oliver Hunt is young, handsome, and has one of the cutest faces among the Lucas Men. He also has a weakness for men older than him, and if they have a patriarchal vibe to them, he’s totally on board for taking on a new daddy. While staying with Sergeant Miles in Mexico, Oliver Hunt finds himself in a submissive scenario with the older—and very macho—military top. While Sergeant Miles is in the bedroom, he calls upon a fully dressed Oliver to come up and join him. Before long, Sergeant Miles pulls down Oliver’s shorts and underwear and paddled his delicious little ass. And this is just the beginning. Soon Sergeant Miles has a throbbing cock ready to be serviced, and it’s time for Oliver to prove what a good bitch boy he is for his daddy!
36  minutes
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There’s no denying that Valentin Amour has a thing for Sir Peter. It’s no wonder why—Sir Peter is the definition of masculinity with his rugged good looks, macho-muscular body, and his enormous uncut cock that makes a Red Bull can look paltry. While staying in Mexico, Sir Peter gets to know the uncut Cuban stud Rafael Carreras. Rafael is always up for fucking a beautiful bottom, and when Sir Peter shows Rafael pictures of Valentin, he’s taken in by Valentin’s perfectly muscled body and dark bedroom eyes. Valentin Amour has no idea how big Rafael Carreras is in the pants, but he’s always up for fun, and the more hung the better. And if their cocks were not enough, they also pull out some anal toys to stretch out Valentin’s bitch hole even more!
41  minutes
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Max Arion is vacationing with his handsome and mature friend and fuck buddy, Tomas Brand, the King of All Muscle Daddies. Both Max and Tomas are always up for some adventure and to spice up their time together, so they invite someone over from Grindr. Louis Ricaute is a sexy butch guy, but he’s also a submissive bitch when the right guy—or guys—come along and want to use him. Max Arion and Tomas Brand show Louis Ricaute what’s up from the beginning, stripping him down and having him work on their meat. And when it’s time for Louis to expose that bottom of his, he’s left happily sore from the anal thrashing delivered from the enormous uncut cocks of Max Arion and Tomas Brand.
36  minutes
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Oliver Hunt and Manuel Skye have had an on-again, off-again kind of a relationship for awhile now. Sometimes Oliver slips away for a fresh experience, like he did with Sergeant Miles. But in the end, Manuel is Oliver’s daddy, and it’s his duty to make sure all of his daddy’s sexual needs are fulfilled. His mouth and ass get one hell of a workout from Manuel Skye on a regular basis, because even though he is a daddy, Manuel has the sexual energy of a young man. But sometimes one guy is not enough, and Manuel Skye dispatches Oliver Hunt to find a new young ass for him to enjoy. Oliver Hunt’s buddy Dante Lauro is always up for some fun, so he invites him over to his home with Manuel. Once he arrives no time is wasted, and Dante drops to his knees and gets to work sucking Manuel Skye and Oliver Hunt before it’s time to get fucked.
44  minutes
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Sometimes the Lucas Men behave themselves as good boys, but other times they loose control and turn into DADDY’S BITCH BOYS! Military top Sergeant Miles fucks Oliver Hunt in his tight little ass. Sir Peter and Rafael Carreras double-penetrate Valentin Amour. Max Arion and Tomas Brand bareback Louis Ricaute. And Oliver returns to service Manuel Skye’s huge uncut dick with Dante Lauro!

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