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Daddy`s Dungeon

Daddy`s Dungeon
Raging Stallion
  • Anal Sex
  • Blindfold
  • Bondage
  • Flogging
  • Kissing
  • Oral Sex
  • Rimming
  • Spanking
112 min

Tom Moore

    all models over 18    
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Alex Killian

Sherman Maus

Silver Steele

Tyler Rush

Tyler Rush is bound and locked in his daddy Silver Steele`s cage. Tyler is horned up and can hardly take the physical teasing that Silver is doling out. Silver taps Tyler on the ass with a riding crop, and cups the hunk`s dick that`s locked securely behind a cock cage. Silver can`t get enough of the precum oozing from the tip of Tyler`s bound cock and takes a taste before moving around to let Tyler out of his cages. Silver takes his time and is fully aware that every move he makes keeps Tyler leaking and ready for Silver to use his body however the daddy sees fit. When Tyler is finally released, Silver bends his son over and eats his hungry ass to prepare it for the punishment coming. Silver knows that Tyler needs more than a tongue in his hole and stands up to shove his thick cock inside. Silver pounds hard, keeping Tyler`s ass filled with dick until he`s ready to blow. Silver pulls his dick out and pushes Tyler to his knees who is so cum-thirsty that he blows his own load all over the floor. Silver doesn`t even get the chance to cum and locks his sub Tyler back in the cage as punishment for the mess he made on the floor.
31  minutes
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Daddy Silver Steele is bound by the wrists in a leather mask with his blonde, furry ass stuck high in the air. He`s horny and in need of some service when Tyler Rush comes to his aid. Tyler helps Silver out by teasing his pink hole with his fingers and tongue. The taunting drives Silver wild but Tyler isn`t going to let his daddy cum just yet. Tyler grabs his favorite toy and flogs Silver`s back and ass as the daddy yells out for more. Tyler is just getting started and grabs a blade to follow up the flog by teasing every inch of Silver`s writhing body. Just when Silver thinks he can`t take any more, Tyler rolls him onto his back and gets to work sucking his dick. When Silver is rock hard, Tyler hops on and rides daddy`s dick to completion. Tyler`s cock is locked in a cage and dripping with pre-cum as he bounces balls deep on Silver`s throbbing dick. Tyler can tell that Silver can`t hold off any longer and frees his wrists to let him jack his cock to the end. Silver erupts with a gush of cum that slathers his heaving stomach with pure white and extra thick jizz.
28  minutes
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Alex Killian and Sherman Maus are eagerly waiting for their daddy to arrive in the dungeon when Alex gets a text that daddy is going to be late. With nothing else to do, and both hunks already in their gear, Sherman grabs his flog and gets to work whipping Alex. He flogs the horny stud`s back and spanks his ass until his cheeks are rosy red. Sherman is relentless with the spanking and continues on as he eats Alex`s tight hole. When Sherman senses that Alex is ready for more, he stands up and slides his massive dick deep into Alex`s hole. He drills his ass until Alex decides to roll over to get a view of the fucking. Sherman pounds away as Alex watches the giant dick sliding in and out of his own hole. That`s enough to make Alex cum and with Sherman still pounding his hole he blows a thick load up into the air and over his head. The two aren`t finished just yet because now Alex is hungry for cock and Sherman is ready to bust his nut.
29  minutes
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After fucking Alex Killian, Sherman Maus is ready to get off. Alex gets down on his knees and takes the hung stud all the way down his throat. Alex isn`t gentle either and knocks Sherman`s cock around as he continues sucking. He brings Sherman to the brink of cumming and then abruptly stops to grab a cane. Alex taps Sherman`s ass repeatedly until Sherman`s cheeks are raw and red. Sherman can barely take another whack when Alex trades the cane for a flog. The hung stud flogs Sherman`s back and ass until Sherman begs for a dick up his ass. Alex grabs Sherman`s harness and fucks his bright red ass from behind, pounding it hard and deep as Sherman grunts and groans. Alex wants to see the look on Sherman`s face as his giant dick rams his hole and flips the horny stud onto his back. Alex keeps up the pace until Sherman blows his sticky load all over his thick pubes. The sight of all that jizz makes Alex bust too and just as he`s finishing up, daddy comes home early to catch them in the act. Daddy`s mad and the guys know they`re in for a punishment to teach them a hard-learned lesson.
25  minutes
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`Daddy`s Dungeon` has seen its share of extreme fun and today is no different when four kinky hunks in gear head for the depths of the dark lair. It`s going to be a long one with director Tom Moore, with plenty of flogging, caning, spanking, bondage, blindfolds, sucking, fucking, and endless cum to go around. Tyler Rush is bound, gagged and blindfolded in daddy Silver Steele`s dungeon cage. After a round of teasing Tyler, Silver unties him and bends him over to fuck his willing hole. The experience is so intense for Tyler that he drops his load on the floor and gets locked back in his cage as punishment for making a mess. Later on, it`s Tyler`s turn to take control. With Silver bound at the wrists in a leather mask, Tyler teases the daddy`s fuzzy hole with his tongue before giving him a flog. Tyler hops on Silver`s cock and rides it all the way to the end until Silver lets loose and covers his stomach with a hefty load. Alex Killian and Sherman Maus are waiting in gear for their daddy down in the dungeon. When daddy texts that he`s going to be late, the two hunks get started without him. After Sherman flogs Alex and spanks his tight ass, he slides his cock deep inside and fucks the cum out of Alex`s big long cock. Now it`s Sherman`s turn to get pounded, but not before Alex grabs a cane and goes to work tapping Sherman`s bubble-butt. After the caning, Alex flogs the panting stud until his back and ass are raw and red. Sherman needs dick bad and Alex helps him out by plunging into his hole until both studs blow their loads on Sherman`s thick pubes. Oops, daddy`s home early. The boys are in trouble now. What punishment does he have planned for them down in `Daddy`s Dungeon`?

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