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Dark Matter

Dark Matter
Hot House
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107 min

Nick Foxx

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Beaux Banks

Chris Bines

Johnny V

Josh Conners

Sean Zevran

Tyler Roberts

Skyy Knox
Tony Shore

Sexual creation takes a new twist as Skyy Knox brings his fantasy hunk, Tyler Roberts, to reality from under a black blanket amid a scurry of smoke and fury. Skyy`s new creation mimics everything he does in mirror image from waving to kissing to removing their masks. It soon becomes clear, though, that Skyy can`t control the horny hunk when he shows that he has a mind of his own with satisfying his sexual urges. Skyy wants to push the boundaries for what Tyler can do for him so he pulls out his raging hard-on and slips it down Tyler`s throat. The muscle hunk services his new master as he slurps and gags all over his throbbing cock. Skyy wants to see what Tyler is sporting under his leather jock and unleashes his beast so he can have a turn at sucking. Skyy gets his face completely reamed before Tyler decides he wants a piece of Skyy`s ass. Tyler wets his fingers and bends Skyy over before plunging almost his entire fist inside. “Oh yeah, stretch my fucking hole!” Skyy begs. Tyler does as he`s told and gets Skyy`s asshole gaping wide with his fingers, spit, and tongue. When Tyler can see that Skyy is nice and open, he shoves his big thick cock deep inside his master`s smooth hole. Skyy wants it as deep as possible and gets his ass smashed every way he can until he finally sits on Tyler`s face. That does the trick for both hung studs and Skyy is the first to blow. He blasts his jizz all over Tyler`s writhing body. The taste of Skyy`s broken hole on his face and the feel of his warm cum dripping down his torso makes him blow his massive load. Skyy won`t let a drop go to waste and he cleans Tyler`s mess with his tongue before covering him back up and walking away to leave his fantasy man for a different time.
39  minutes
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Pure and innocent Johnny V is mystical as he stands in his white jock in the darkness when hedonistic Chris Bines comes up behind him and starts turning the stud on with lots of licking and kissing all over his body. As the corruption story continues, Chris works his way around to the front where the two muscle hunks start a session of heavy petting. Johnny is the first to give into his desires and unleashes Chris` big cock before wrapping his full pink lips around the shaft. Johnny works every inch of the hairy dick and balls knowing that his mouth is providing the ultimate pleasure for Chris. The more Johnny sucks dick, the harder his own grows. When Chris sees Johnny`s dick straining against the fabric of his jock strap, he wants to lend a helping hand. Chris returns the sucking favor and drops to his knees to suck Johnny off. Chris needs to take it to the next level and bends the blonde stud over to lick his throbbing hole. Johnny loves every flick of Chris` tongue and soon he`s begging for more than just a face buried in his ass. Chris hears Johnny loud and clear and slides his thick pole all the way into Johnny`s tight asshole. Chris pounds the muscle stud hard, making Johnny moan out in ecstasy. Johnny begs for Chris to go harder and deeper and just when Chris hits the right spot, Johnny sprays a massive load all over the floor. When Chris sees that he`s done his job with pleasing the hunk, he pulls out and slathers Johnny`s back with a heavy load of cream.
22  minutes
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Entranced with animalistic instincts, Sean Zevran and Beaux Banks crawl towards each other on the floor of a dimly-lit room. Both hunks are ready for fun and Sean is already hard as a rock, knowing that he`s going to get a piece of Beaux. Beaux can see that Sean is ready and he doesn`t waste a second before he reaches down and takes Sean`s massive piece of meat into his mouth. Sean likes the look and feel of Beaux servicing his cock and slips a finger or two into Beaux`s smooth, tight ass. It`s not long before Sean bends the muscle stud over to lick his bubble butt, getting it ready for his big dick. Beaux begs for Sean to fuck him and then offers up his ass for Sean to slip inside. Sean knows an invitation when he sees one and sticks his big cock into Beaux`s asshole. He pumps the young hung stud, going as deep as he can, moaning out and enjoining every inch of hole his cock can bore. The guys mix up the positions for maximum pleasure until Sean pulls out and lets his cock explode all over Beaux`s hot ass and tight muscled up back. When Beaux feels the warm drops of semen hit his back, he rolls over to pump his own swollen cock and oozes a massive load of white jizz all over his thick, black pubes.
23  minutes
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Exhibitionists Josh Conners and Tony Shore enter a dark, smoky room in leather harnesses and jockstraps. These performers are primed to show it all off. Their mutual instincts take over while their lips lock and their crotches grind. After feeling every inch of each other`s bodies, their hands reach to feel the goods in the pouches of their jocks. Josh lets Tony`s big cock out for some air and then promptly gets it into his mouth to let Tony fuck his face. Tony is getting harder and anticipates tapping into Josh`s smooth, tight asshole. He spreads Josh`s cheeks and bends him over to rim his hole, slurping and spitting with every lick he takes. After a long and satisfying rim session, Josh is ready to get fucked. Sensing what his buddy wants, Tony stands up and sticks his cock inside Josh`s loosened up hole. Tony plows away on Josh, giving the stud exactly what he wants and needs. With every thrust from the hung muscle hunk, Josh`s big, low-hanging balls dangle and swing between his legs. Josh wants to feel Tony deeper inside him and rolls over on his back to experience the power of Tony`s ultimate manhood pumping him in and out. After the deep and hardcore pounding, Josh needs to bust and he sprays so intensely that he hits his own chest. Tony is ready for release as well and pulls out to mix his cream with the pool that Josh just made. Josh is a sticky mess but Tony lies on top of him anyway as the two spent studs finish their intense encounter by making out one last time.
23  minutes
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The worlds of gay sex and art collide to create ‘Dark Matter’. Witness these powerful and stunning male forms drawn together by mysterious forces, deep fantasies and carnal desires. Watch their journey to sexual enlightenment in four artistic and hardcore vignettes. This is `Dark Matter`, and Director Nick Foxx has created a journey of the senses that will intrigue you, horn you up and satisfy your cravings. Sit back and let Foxx take you on a creative, stimulating and hedonistic journey with eight hung and horny muscle studs that share each other in ways you have never seen before. Skyy Knox brings his fantasy hunk Tyler Roberts to life amid a scurry of smoke and fury. When Skyy sees that he can`t control his creation, he lets the stud plow his hole and gets all the satisfaction he could ever dream about. Johnny V is almost mystical as he stands in his pristine white jockstrap against a black background with Chris Bines kissing him from behind. Johnny works Chris` dick with his mouth before bending over to let Chris ream his hole with his massive cock. Sean Zevran and Beaux Banks crawl on the floor towards each other before meeting in the middle. Beaux gets his smooth, tight ass eaten out before Sean slides his dick deep inside and pumps the hunky stud until he drops his load all over the floor. Josh Conners and Tony Shore enter a dark and smoky room in leather harnesses and jockstraps. They feel every inch of each other`s bodies before Josh bends over and gets fucked by Tony`s thick dick. The fucking is so intense that Josh lets loose and sprays his own chest with cum. `Dark Matter` will tap into your ultimate masculine fantasies of muscles, darkness, leather and jocks, and satisfy every step of the way.

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