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Dave London Amateurs

Dave London Amateurs
Dave London Amateurs
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121 min

Sean Hardy

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Dave London


Starting the show with blond 18 year old dance student Kristian, he’s one lithe youngster from the big city, and has the whole package – definitely Dave’s type, and definitely ours too! Getting this boy naked was top priority for Dave, and once his feet were up on the table facing the camera Dave couldn`t help himself but start there, toe sucking, sole stroking, moving further up towards his groin, his smooth balls and boyishly stiff dick willing to get all the attention it deserves... delicious!
20  minutes
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Tall toned stud Johny sits himself down on the casting couch and Dave is quick to get the ball rolling! Getting the muscular man topless, and untying his trainers and pulling his socks off, the tanned daddy can’t wait to rub his hands over the smooth body and feet of his latest visitor. Stroking his big size 9 feet as they rest directly in front of the camera, Johny stands and Dave’s hand automatically goes towards his bulging crotch, eager to unzip and get a face full of nervous but rock hard dick! Johny sits back watching some straight porn, getting his dick even harder as Dave takes the opportunity to devour it, making it slick with spit and gently jerking it off until Johny takes control and shoots his load, lapped up gratefully by Daddy Dave!!
19  minutes
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Nervously walking in, handsome Asian guy Rhys sits down on the sofa in front of Daddy Dave and admits he’s a bit unsure about what to expect. Given a quick interview by the man himself, Rhys is slowly directed to strip off, showing his smooth body, hiding behind his arms a bit as it’s his first time on camera. Having been with a few guys before, Rhys is up for it and wants to impress, and Dave is quickly getting him naked to enjoy the tasty young lad! Slurping on his dick, Dave massages the growing shaft with his lips and mouth and jerks the hairless young man until he shoots, lapping up the white stuff and cleaning his now relaxed latest casting couch conquest!
18  minutes
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Horny Daddy Dave London continues his quest to get as many boys and men on his couch as possible, to strip them naked and end up playing with their lithe young bodies... Sexy young Irish boy Dan is next to enter the casting couch under the control of sexy daddy Dave London! Bi guy Dan sports a huge dick, and when he pulls it out, Dave has a new idea for how to put this boy through his paces…
23  minutes
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Beefy hunk of a man Jonas comes in and spices things up on Dave’s couch! It’s not just smooth twinks that get a go with Daddy Dave London, the muscle men are also welcome! Playing around with Dave, Jonas soon strips and shows off the goods, his huge muscles, furry chest and stomach, and his proud dick is soon bouncing around too! Dave gets his lips around that in no time, and Dave even gets himself some blow job action from the willing Jonas! This really is a turn up for Dave who usually just plays with the boys, but of course would never pass up the opportunity from such a handsome man! Soon blowing his load over the hirsute amateur, Dave is left drained and satisfied, the roles have definitely flipped on this one!
20  minutes
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Slim, toned and with a cute scally boy face, Oska is a London lad through and through. His hot six-pack and small chest has a smatter of blond chest hair and Daddy Dave gets him to pose for the camera before getting up close and personal as he stands for him. Undoing his dark jeans, Dave can’t wait to get to Oska’s already bulging package hiding beneath some hot white briefs. Pulling them down and exposing a fuzzy peachy ass and a proud delicious looking dick that literally oozes pre-cum like a tap and Dave of course leans in to lap it up – who wouldn’t?! Sitting him back down, Dave gets him butt naked, pulls his pants off and sniffs the sweaty crotch and sucks the 24 year old’s toes, tasting every inch of this gorgeous young man. Moving upwards and massing his big dick with his hands and mouth, Oska sits back and enjoys the sensation of the hot older guy worshipping his lean body, his hips naturally thrusting upwards into Dave`s mouth. Asking Dave to suck his toes as he wanks off more, the scally boy loves the feeling and his youthful face is a picture of innocent horniness!! Probing his tongue into the boy, Dave rims and fingers Oska, shooting his load as Dave works it out of his shaft before cleaning up almost every drop from his dick, shaft and firm young abs!
19  minutes
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Horny Daddy Dave London takes over the Eurocreme Casting Couch and brings in a new hottie every week to get to know! Inevitably he slowly encourages them to strip naked, and play with themselves before he slowly takes over and his own wandering hands and mouth are allowed to pleasure them until they climax, and Dave doesn’t want to waste a drop!

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