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Deep In The Club

Deep In The Club
Club Inferno
  • 3-Way
  • Anal Sex
  • Fisting
  • Kissing
  • No Sex
  • Oral Sex
  • Rimming
119 min

Tom Moore

    all models over 18    
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Alex Killian

Brian Bonds

Dean Rogers

Derek Cline

Josh Mikael

Mike Monroe

Alex Killian is rubbing his bulge in his leather jock when he notices Brian Bonds and Mike Monroe going at it. Brian motions for Alex to join them and Alex goes straight for Mike’s open hole with his tongue, while Mike throats Brian’s cock. Mike gets his fill of both studs’ cocks in his mouth before Brian mounts up and sticks his cock in Mike’s hole. Moving on to bigger things, Brian glides his thick fist deep into Mike’s crack all while sucking down Alex’s cock. Brian and Alex take turns busting Mike’s hole out and feeding him cock until Mike spills a thick load onto his abs that Brian licks up
24  minutes
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Brian Bonds is up first on the leather sawhorse with Mike Monroe working his hand deep into Brian’s hole while Alex Killian fucks Brian’s throat. When Brian’s hole needs a break, he switches with Alex to get both of his ends stretched out. It’s time for Mike to step up as both Brian and Alex bend over to receive Mike’s thick fists deep in their assholes. Simultaneously, Brian and Alex push back on Mike’s forearm. Like good little pigs, Brian and Alex take relentless punching from Mike’s fists until Alex blows his load all over. Brian wipes some cum up to have a taste, before he shoots his own wad all over his abs with Mike’s fist planted firmly in his hole.
22  minutes
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Josh Mikael is alone in his room at the “Club” when Derek Cline wanders in and starts showing Josh his ass. On the bed, Derek gets on all fours, and Josh plants his face between Derek’s cheeks for a tongue bath. It doesn’t take long for Josh to slide his gloved fist into Derek, who takes the punches with ease. When Derek wants to feel Josh’s hand at new depths, he squats down to ride Josh’s fist to the wrist. Josh is ready to make Derek pop so he lays the stud back, punches him as his rosebud blooms. Josh proceeds to handball the ripped stud until he erupts with a thick load all over himself.
18  minutes
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Josh Mikael needs a good hole stretching, so he tells Derek Cline to prep him by tongue-fucking his hairy hole. Josh tells Derek, “bust me open”, and Derek happily gloves and lubes up and works each of his fists in and out of Josh’s eager hole. Derek tests how much Josh’s hole can take when he power punches the stud rapidly, working his way down his forearm. To no surprise, Josh wants even more and squats down to ride Derek’s arm as deep as he can. When Josh’s is ready to bust, he gets on his back to take an all-out drilling from Derek’s fists until Josh cums all over his hairy torso.
15  minutes
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In a secluded room of the ‘Club’, Dean Rogers is jacking his pierced cock with clamps on his nipples when Alex Killian chances upon him. After rubbing Dean’s cock thru his jock, Alex gets invited over to wrap his lips around Dean’s fat cock. With his moist tongue, Alex makes his way from Dean’s cock all the way to his nipples, and then to his ass, preparing it for the intense stretching it’s about to endure. When Dean is ready for more, Alex takes his time working his thick fist into Dean’s tight hole. It’s a tight fit, but Dean bears down and opens up to get Alex’s hand completely inside him. Once it’s in, Dean shows what his hole can do, riding Alex’s hand while he jerks his cock. Ending up on his back, Dean faps his pierced cock while getting his hole fist-fucked until thick ropes of warm cum cover Dean’s stomach.
22  minutes
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Alex Killian wants his ass turned inside out, and he’s in a room at the bathhouse with Dean Rogers. Dean starts at Alex’s nipples, biting and teasing them before making his way down to bury his face in Alex’s ass. After a quick rimming sesh, Dean gloves up and shoves his fist up into Alex’s smooth hole. Taking it like a pro, Alex receive Dean’s relentless powerful punches. Switching positions, Alex spins around to ride Dean’s hand while his thick cock dangles in Dean’s face. It’s time to let Dean take him to the edge so Alex lays back and spreads his legs. Dean dives in fist first and busts out Alex’s ass until he shoots his load all over himself, shaking from the intensity of his orgasm.
17  minutes
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‘Deep In the Club’, horny studs are cruising around in leather just waiting for an eager hunk to open up their holes with a hefty fist. Join award-winning kink director Tom Moore, and eight piggy men who are wandering the club in search of busted holes and thick fists. Alex Killian finds Mike Monroe and Brian Bonds going at it when they invite him in, making sure they keep going until all three have had their holes stretched. Derek Cline finds Josh Mikael alone in his room and offers up his hole to fist. After Josh gets in, Derek takes charge and busts out Josh’s hairy, sloppy ass. When Alex Killian stumbles upon Dean Rogers stroking, he handballs the hairy stud before getting his own shaking orgasm with Dean’s fist planted up his ass. Next time you want to get ‘Deep In the Club’, make sure your holes are ready, your fist is gloved and you’re not leaving until your balls are drained.

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