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156 min

Doug Jeffries

    all models over 18    
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Benjamin Bradley

Jan Fischer

Johnny Hazzard

Matt Cole

Nick Mazzaro

Scott Swann

Tommy Blade

Tyler Riggz

Billy Cochran

While at a local bar, delinquents Jan Fisher and Scott Swann conspire with the cooperative bartender to drug innocent Matt Cole`s drink. With every sip, Matt finds himself more disoriented, and more open to the increasing advances of his aggressors. Once he`s drugged beyond rational thought, Scott and Jan throw him against a pool table and go down on him in a steamy two-way blowjob.

With Matt becoming more responsive, Jan continues the oral service as Scott plows his ass doggy style before switching places to get blown, then fucked by Matt. With Jan having snuck off with the contents of their wallets, the remaining two climax, Scott squirting over his torso as Matt cums all over Scott`s balls.

37  minutes
Cops Tyler Riggz and Nick Mazzaro are enjoying their uneventful shift when they discover Jan Fisher and Tommy Blade smoking a suspicious substance. It turns out not all cops are good guys, as the two officers decide to teach Jan and Tommy a lesson they won’t forget.

Still in uniform, Nick feeds his meat to Jan while Tommy goes down on Tyler’s thick pole. Having gotten their captives undressed and sprawled over the hood of the cruiser, Tyler tongues Tommy’s ass as Tommy does the same to Jan. Meanwhile, Nick continues to fuck Jan’s mouth with his cock and nightstick, finally squeezing them both into the eager mouth at once.

After being stretched with Tyler’s nightstick, Tommy takes a pounding from his officer, while watching Jan being rammed by Officer Nick. After being the first to release his load, Tommy is tied to a tree, his cock still at attention while the other three men cum all over his tanned legs. Given the choice, Jan chooses to be taken into the station rather than be stranded in the wilderness like Tommy.

22  minutes
A true delinquent at heart, Jan refuses to cooperate at the police station. He’s treated to a lesson about Detective Johnny Hazzard’s proven success reforming criminals.

In a graphic flashback, deviant Benjamin Bradley is as bad as can be, defiant and uncooperative with a frustrated Johnny. But the defiance begins to fade when Johnny devours Benjamin’s rigid cock with expert skill. Brandishing his handy nightstick, Johnny feeds it to Benjamin’s mouth before plunging it into his accepting ass. Benjamin takes the nightstick deep, his moans proving he doesn’t really mind it at all. With his suspect writing in ecstasy, Johnny injects Benjamin with a mysterious substance that turns the delinquent into an enthusiastic partner.

Benjamin sucks Johnny’s cock before bending the detective over a table and fucking him hard. They change places, with Benjamin ending up on the table and Detective Johnny riding his dick.

Benjamin delivers an eruption of cum before Johnny sprays over his back and ass, completing the process and transforming him from common criminal to a perfect blond-haired country club specimen.

39  minutes
Unfazed by the story, Jan continues to be uncooperative and he too is injected with a mysterious fluid. When we next see him, he is naked and calm as his head is shaved, stripping him of his rebellious mane.

In his altered state of consciousness, Jan is forced to confront his personal demons by a surprise visitor who subjects him to a range of treatments, from a string of pool ball sized anal beads, to a massive, larger than life – and belief – dildo.

Does the unconventional therapy work? Who is the mysterious demon that Jan must face, and is his reformation a success? You’ll have to see it to believe it.

28  minutes
Go behind the scenes of Doug Jeffries` Delinquents. On set and off, watch the stars of Delinquents as they work hard and play harder.
30  minutes
Rascal Exclusive Jan Fischer is a delinquent and if he knows something is bad, he does it! Scott Swann, a career hoodlum, is working a con on an unsuspecting victim, played by Matt Cole, with just a look and a nod from Scott, Jan is in on the fun. The boys drag Cole to the back of the bar to have sex with him on a pool table and while Scott distracts Matt, Jan steals his wallet.

Jan take off to meet up with Tommy Blade, another one of his buddies, show off his score for the day. A couple of corrupt police officers, played by Rascal Video exclusive Tyler Riggz and Nick Mazzaro, chase the boys down and bend them over the police car to have their way with them. The cops tie Tommy to a tree and blow their loads on him, leaving him to rot in the woods. As for Jan, they haul his ass down to the station for some heavy interrogation.

Sergeant Ross Cannon and his partner Rascal exclusive Johnny Hazzard question Jan, thinking they know the secret of reforming a career criminal. They claim to know what it takes to reform a delinquent and present a Rascal Video exclusive Benjamin Bradley who has been transformed from a common thug to a perfect Ken doll specimen!

The question remains, can they reform Jan as well? In the end Jan is forced to confront his own worst demon, himself, in a finale that will have to be seen to believe.


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