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The Dick Down

The Dick Down
Hot House
  • Anal Sex
  • Bareback
  • Kissing
  • Oral Sex
  • Rimming
  • Showering
116 min

Ryan Brian

    all models over 18    
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Cyrus Stark

DeAngelo Jackson

Jackson Bell

Joel Hart

Kane Fox

Kyle Fletcher

Trevor Brooks

Vincent O`Reilly

Joel Hart’s muscles glisten with a deliciously salty layer of sweat as he delivers the final hit to his punching bag and instructs Vincent O`Reilly to suck the fat cock that’s escaping his bright red jockstrap. Never one to pass up servicing a stranger’s uncut pole, Vincent immediately drops down to have his mouth pumped with Joel’s junk. The ripped athlete throws the cocksucker around until Vincent is clinging to the punching bag for support while he’s being eaten out and barebacked by the boxing bro. With their moans filling the empty gym, Joel pounds Vincent from behind with his big dick before moving to a nearby bench so Vincent can ride him raw. Vincent, still wearing his workout gloves, strokes out a wet, explosive load all over himself and lies there in pleasure as Joel pulls out to bust on his meaty cock.
23  minutes
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Muscle stud Joel Hart always prefers to go to the gym late at night when no one is around to catch him fucking random men in the locker room. Tonight’s conquest is Kane Fox. Freshly showered, Kane begins the anonymous public hookup by climbing on top of Joel and making out with him before dropping down and letting the tattooed athlete spend some time rimming his inviting hole. With his big dick throbbing hard, a sweaty Joel begins thrusting himself into Kane’s open throat and wet hole. Sounds of the two jocks’ skin slapping together flood the vacant changing room until Joel delivers his final bareback pumps. He pulls out to unload his uncut wood on Kane’s smooth cheeks right after Kane covers the floor in his own creamy nut
19  minutes
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Cyrus Stark wants to help jock DeAngelo Jackson unwind with a deep tissue massage, but selfishly, he really hopes to rub his hands all over the jock’s bulging muscles. With DeAngelo lying naked on his bed, Cyrus gets to servicing every inch of his body – even his stiff dick. Eager to relax DeAngelo even more, Cyrus amps up the massage by wrapping his lips around DeAngelo’s cock and sitting on his face. After riding DeAngelo’s tongue, the curious bottom goes for a ride on his rod. DeAngelo then takes control of his own happy ending as he sits up to clap his masseur’s cheeks before getting Cyrus on his back. Then, with Cyrus’ legs spread wide open, both bareback fuckers unload onto Cryus’ body and leave him covered in cum.
23  minutes
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Vincent O`Reilly is working out in nothing but his sweaty jockstrap when Trevor Brooks approaches him in the gym and dives tongue-first into his exposed slit. Trevor swaps places with Vincent and climbs on top of a machine for his workout buddy to have better access to the hard rod that’s popping out of his strap. With the help of a small trampoline, Vincent’s cock begins pumping its way into Trevor’s mouth before getting a feel for his tight hole as Trevor bends over for him. The gym hookup turns into a flip-fuck as Trevor grabs onto Vincent’s tattooed shoulders and barebacks his glistening hole from behind. Back to taking Vincent’s big dick, Trevor begins busting all over Vincent before going down to rim his ass and eat up the excess jizz that’s leaking from his tip.
30  minutes
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Jackson Bell’s dick is at full attention as the showerhead pours cold water onto his and Kyle Fletcher’s chiseled bodies. Unable to keep their hands to themselves, the two men explore every inch of each other until Jackson goes to get a mouthful of his muscular partner’s hard cock. He swallows it entirely and even pays extra attention to Kyle’s bulging balls until he’s ready to be rimmed and barebacked by some girthy dick. With icy water pouring down all over his cheeks, Jackson extends his left leg upwards until Kyle’s cock slides easily into his soaked hole. The two continue their fuck outside the shower with Jackson’s back covering the bathroom counter and his legs completely spread. Kyle thrusts himself in and out of Jackson’s hole while Jackson squirts out a creamy load. Kyle then pulls out to cover Jackson in his own pool of cum.
21  minutes
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Got bulging muscles? An open hole? Is your cock throbbing? Then you’re primed and pumped for ‘The Dick Down’. Director Ryan Brian returns to Hot House with a pack of eight bareback jocks who are always ready to dominate their gym mates at a moment’s notice. Joel Hart is the perfect example as he finishes his workout and instructs stranger Vincent O`Reilly to service his uncut rod in the vacant gym. The tattooed Adonis furthers his quest to ‘Dick Down’ everyone in sight as he heads to the locker room and creams the smooth cheeks of a freshly showered Kane Fox. In the private residence of DeAngelo Jackson, cute twink Cyrus Stark is helping the bodybuilder unwind with a deep massage, but selfishly, he’s really looking for a chance to rub down DeAngelo’s oversized muscles and ride his hard cock. The action continues back at the gym where Vincent O`Reilly and Trevor Brooks, wearing nothing but their musky jockstraps, break a sweat by flip fucking and using nearby gym equipment as their own personal fuck machines. Meanwhile, icy water pours over Jackson Bell as he busts open his soaked hole for muscle god Kyle Fletcher in the shower.

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