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Young Bastards #42 Dom Boys Take Charge

Young Bastards #42 Dom Boys Take Charge
Young Bastards
  • 3-Way
  • Anal Sex
  • Bareback
  • Bondage
  • CBT
  • Dildo
  • Flogging
  • Oral Sex
  • Spanking
105 min

Falk Lux

    all models over 18    
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Casper Ellis
Claude Nikotine
Curtis Cameron
Fabrice Rossi
Felix Harris
Giorgio Angelo

Kaleb Cross
Sergei Alec
Sly Conan
Sonny Davon
Tommy Ameal

When sweet young Curtis is found gagged and bound against the cross by horny big-dicked lad Kaleb the dom twink knows exactly how to make proper use of his sexy discovery. The boy is likely happy to be released from his restraints but it`s for a purpose. In moments Kaleb is stuffing his perfect pink fuckmeat in the boy`s mouth and making him suck it. The cute boy can`t hide the fact that he likes it, especially when that big bareback cock is jammed up his naked hole and he`s fucked to a cum splashing finish with his smooth body soaked in semen.
19  minutes
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The discovery of a cross with kinky restraints and the tools to enjoy each other properly friends Tommy and Sergei can`t resist the temptation to make use of the play area. Tommy`s cries of anguish can`t be heard beyond the walls as Sergei whips his bare ass but although soon red and sore he`s soothed by the taste of his friend`s cock when he`s release. The boy`s ass has been tenderized enough for Sergei to slide in with ease, filling his friend with his hard meat while Tommy rides his naked length obediently, savoring the messy cum pumping over his cute face while he spurts his own cream over the dirty floor.
15  minutes
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Tanned boy Giorgio is so vulnerable cuffed and bent over, it`s no wonder kinky dom boy Sly wants to take advantage and use that sexy mouth and tight ass for his big juicy cock to fill. He gets the boy naked, playing with his sweet little hole and prepping him just enough before his big cock is out for sucking, letting the twink taste it before he rams it up inside his chute and claims him for his own enjoyment. Releasing the boy and flipping him over he jabs young Giorgio some more before plastering him with his hot white cream, the boy can`t help but wank his own load out, too.
15  minutes
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Sonny can`t defend himself when rough lads Felix and Fabrice arrive to find him chained up and hanging like a piece of meat. After inspecting the goods and playing with his plump ass the boys are getting their hard uncut cocks out, taking turns to use their new boy toy between them. Sonny might have been reluctant at first but with one wet dick dribbling tasty pre in his mouth and the other fucking his perfect little ass he`s soon compliant enough to be released for some good riding, the dom boys spit-roasting him between them until they`re splashing his ass and mouth with cum and making him spew his own hot mess.
16  minutes
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Casper Ellis should have known better than to follow punk Claude Nikotine into the shadows. The weak boy is soon captured, restrained out of sight of anyone who might save him, a toy for the inked blonde dom to make full use of in the dungeon. The zapping is painful against his bare skin, the flogging stings with every lashing, but things only go from bad to worse when he`s up against the cold wall with nipple clamps pinching tight and metal weights tugging on his sensitive nuts. He can`t stop his aching cock from throbbing and dripping precum while his wet helmet is sucked and licked, but there`s more punishment in store for this bareback slave and his torment is nowhere near over. He`s not allowed to cum unless his new master lets him, and there`s a lot more the devious dom boy wants to do before then. Casper Ellis has been worked over well, his body flogged and his balls stretched, but captor Claude Nikotine is nowhere near done with him. Bent over and secured in place the boy is finally fed that long uncut cock, fucked in the face and made to gag on his new owner`s leaking dick. If he thought he could make his master cum and end this quickly he has another thing coming. His ass is there for the taking, but not before being explored with various tools and toys. His pucker takes a stretching with a cold metal speculum, a baton fucks his delicate hole and makes him cry out, big anal beads are shoved up him, and that`s all before his captor considers fucking his ass with his raw cock! Perhaps it`s a good thing he got such a good stretching, it`s a big raw dick eventually being used to fuck the cum out of him before splashing a hot load of master jizz up his chute.
41  minutes
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Leather and chains are all you need to take advantage of a hot piece of twink ass, but once these captives have tasted cock or felt the pleasure of hard raw fuckmeat in their ass they`re far more compliant.

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