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Dominated + Degraded

Dominated + Degraded
  • 3-Way
  • Anal Sex
  • Bareback
  • Bondage
  • Dildo
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79 min

Fynn Overlord

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Alan Caine
Cesar Rose
Chase Wolf
David Swanson
Dimitri Vega
Evan Ryker

Fabrice Rose
Gavin Becerra
Greg Centuri
Skylar Blu
Sly Conan

Fabrice gets what he wants, and his big drooling uncut cock wants a sucking mouth and a tight butt hole to slam. His hot little buddy Chase innocently follows him into the dun-geon where he`s soon collared and roped up, a big juicy cock in his face for servicing before he`s bent over and licked out. With his pucker wet Chase moans as his friend eases his naked meat into him, fucking him hard from behind and flipping him for some deep probing before pumping his gooey mess right in his face. Chase can`t help but splash his own like a good bottom.
14  minutes
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Gavin is a good cock sucker, but he needs to be for the big uncut piece of fuckmeat Di-mitri has for him. The devious dom boy cuffs his bottom and soon has him sucking the pre from his delicious meat. He likes to take full control, something he achieves when he`s got his boy hanging from the rafters, his ass being flogged while Gavin cries out for mercy. The hard length of warm meat up his naked hole makes it all better, fucked stand-ing and bent over, a big splashing mess of cum spewing over his crack. The feel of fresh warm goo trickling between his cheeks makes his own cock blast jizz in a messy finish.
12  minutes
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Cesar is in the wrong place at the right time for horny top boy Sly. Once caught the boy gets a hard length of dripping cock in his face and he doesn`t have a choice, he has to suck that meat. With his fuckstick rigid and that hot hole under his control Sly doesn`t hold back, jabbing his length up that butt and ramming his captive, grabbing him by the hair and using him. Cesar`s given up struggling by the time Sly is shooting his cum load between those cheeks and fucking his load into the boy, his own boner is desperate to shoot off too, splashing his stomach with cream.
12  minutes
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You can find all kinds of things when you`re out exploring with a buddy, but kinky boys Evan and Alain weren`t expecting to discover twink David tied up and struggling to break free. Good guys would let him loose, but these two soon realize they have an opportunity to get their cocks out and feed him their dripping meat. He might have been merely hop-ing for release, but the release he gets from their raw young cocks in his ass and mouth is better than expected. With his smooth body and cite face splashed with fresh cum he can finally shoot his own load and escape whoever his captor may be.
18  minutes
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Young inmate Skylar hid a dildo in his cell. As the sex toy gets found, ensues the harsh-est of treatments: shackles, anal stretching, gagging, submission, vacuum pumping, forced blowjobs, boot-licking and more abusive punishment.
23  minutes
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Some boys like to take control and get what they want, but their friends are just as eager to submit to their demands and suck that cock or ride that bareback dick.

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