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Young Bastards #25 Dominating Daddy

Young Bastards #25 Dominating Daddy
Young Bastards
  • Anal Sex
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  • Dildo
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87 min

Max Jaeger

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Dan Darkwood
Dany Romero
Dmitri Osten
Dominique Kenique

Gabriel Phoenix
Johannes Lars
Karim Black
Peter Connor

Now he knows a secret, kinky boy Karim Black finally has control, able to get what he wants from his handsome step dad Dany Romeo. Ordering the horny man to worship his feet is just the start for this boy, soon he`s feeding his mom`s boyfriend his big wet uncut dick, loving the attention of a greedy man`s mouth slobbering all over his engorged shaft. Dany gets so hard sucking that young cock and he can`t refuse the chance to have his own tasty tool gobbled by the boy, finally giving in to his secret desires. With precum sliding down his throat young Karim demands more, ordering the man to fill his ass with dick and fuck him like he knows he`s always wanted. When Dany slides into his step son`s tight ass he`s in heaven, pumping the boy deep with his raging erection until both cocks are desperate to shoot masses of cream. After emptying their balls in impressive climaxes Karim makes it clear; from now on his step dad`s cock belongs to him.
23  minutes
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Gabriel Phoenix has total control of naked twink boy Johannes Lars, strapped down and blindfolded, scared of what`s to come. The handsome hunk dominates the bound boy on the table, using that tight little butt for his own entertainment, flogging and spanking the lad, licking out his twitching pucker and fucking him with fingers and his solid baton. With the twink boy`s hole wet and aching the master removes the leather blindfold so the boy can see what he`s sucking, feeding the twink his engorged and dripping man meat, making him gag on his experienced fuckstick. The juicy taste of precum slips down the boys throat while Gabriel returns to the boy`s previously innocent hole, sliding his cock deep inside and fucking the young captive hard, using his twink slave ass for his own pleasure until semen is spewing out of his throbbing boner all over his shamed prisoner.
20  minutes
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Dominique Kenique might be the older man but he can`t pretend to be in control when aggressive and dominant Dmitri Osten demands his slavish attention. After submitting to the gorgeous young man and licking his sneakers he gets his hairy ass out for a spanking, the treads of Dmiti`s shoes beating his cheeks until they`re angry and red. He`s rewarded for his efforts with the taste of the lad`s huge cock, long and rigid, ramming into his mouth and satisfying his hunger for young meat, but that`s only the start of this boy dominating his daddy dude. After working that gorgeous length of fuckmeat Dominique rolls back with his cheeks parted, a little spit to ease the way, with Dmitri thrusting up into his guts and fucking him deep. It`s a huge cock, but the man can take it, pounded on the couch until he`s being fed a big load of cum and wanking out his own heavy splashing load from his boner.
23  minutes
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Young Dan Darkwood needs to get off, so it`s a good thing he has gorgeous prisoner Peter Connor to use for his relief. The handsome black man might be there against his will and bound for sadistic purposes but he can`t help but enjoy the taste of that XL twink cock when it slides into his thirsty mouth. The man knows how to pleasure a pink and hooded cock like this boy`s thick piece, and his own is just as impressive. Dan`s captive is released from his bondage and the length of dark fuckmeat revealed for him to suck on, worshiping the incredible cock while Peter moans appreciatively. With both dicks raging the young man makes his prisoner sit on his length, that tight dark ass sliding down on his meaty pole while Peter rides him and strokes his own dick, then fucked from behind and on his back until Peter is spitting cum from his cock and splashing his abs with his watery juices. The boy`s XL twink cock is ready to deliver hot milky cream too, right into Peter`s eager mouth
21  minutes
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Young dudes dominate their daddies and make full use of them. With slaps and slurps, whips and whacks, orders given and demands met, the youngsters take control of a hard cock, feed a greedy mouth and fuck a tight hole with their big throbbing tools until cum erupts and their needs are satisfied. Beware when daddy steals control and finds that bound tight boy ass to use!

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