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Domination Diner

Domination Diner
Raging Stallion
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103 min

Tom Moore

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Eli Hunter

Jaxton Wheeler

Lance Hart

Seamus O`Reilly

Sebastian Keys

Seamus O`Reilly works in a diner with Sebastian Keys. Seamus is trying to mind his own business as he scrubs down the display case, but he can`t help noticing Sebastian rubbing his crotch and watching him work from across the room. Sebastian wants what he sees and approaches to grab Seamus by the ass. Seamus wants to finish his work and protests for Sebastian to leave him alone. “We have the whole place to ourselves,” Sebastian pleads, as he grabs his coworker by the neck and covers his mouth saying he doesn`t want to hear any complaints. Sebastian is very convincing with all the ass slapping and rough foreplay and Seamus finally caves to his desires, letting Sebastian have his way. Sebastian wants to show his dominance over the newbie and smashes his face in a piece of chocolate cake. The move makes Seamus twitch in his pants and with his face still covered in cake, he bends over and offers up his ass. After a nice long rimming and spanking session, Seamus is ready to suck some dick. Once Sebastian is as hard as he can be, he bends Seamus over a table and slides his boner deep inside. Sebastian wants his new coworker to feel all the pleasure he can and pumps away until Seamus blows his steamy load all over himself. “Clean up your mess,” Sebastian demands, and then locks Seamus in the cooler naked.
31  minutes
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Sebastian Keys comes back into the diner after fucking Seamus to find the new employee right where he left him in the pie cooler. With Sebastian outside, Seamus got bored and started jacking his big stiff rod. Sebastian isn`t done with Seamus just yet and pulls him out of the cooler, bends him over his lap, and spanks his hairy ass. Sebastian knows he wants a second round with Seamus and makes his subordinate get on his knees to get his dick hard with his mouth. Seamus does his duty and chokes on Sebastian`s growing cock. When Sebastian is hard and ready, he bends Seamus over and makes him sit on his throbbing dick. Sebastian goes balls deep inside the tight ass for a second time in one day, and this time he`s not going to relent until he blasts a load and gets his own satisfaction. Sebastian knows that he can get a little deeper inside the ginger hunk and bends him over the restaurant chairs to plow him from behind. After fucking him hard and slapping his ass, Sebastian pulls out and slathers Seamus` face with thick white cum. When Sebastian has had his way, he locks Seamus and his cum covered face back in the pie cooler and leaves him alone once again.
21  minutes
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Eli Hunter is new at Domination Diner and when he tries to serve pie to some customers he drops it all over the floor in front of his boss, Jaxton Wheeler. To teach Eli a lesson to never drop his mother`s pies again, Jaxton smashes a slice in Eli`s face. Eli`s fellow co-worker, Lance Hart, wants to help train Eli and joins in on the punishment. Mr. Wheeler doesn`t think that Eli is getting the full picture, so he grabs a paddle off the wall and starts spanking Eli`s round ass. There`s no reprieve for the new employee as the two diner veterans whip out their cocks to take Eli`s hard lesson to the next level. Jaxton shoves his big hairy cock down Eli`s open throat and fucks his face as Lance looks on, ready to do the same. “Go ahead and give his a try,” Jaxton commands, as Eli does as he`s told and takes Lance`s throbbing dick in his mouth. The guys like the look of Eli`s bubble butt and as Eli continues sucking Lance off, the boss peels off Eli`s pants and lubes up his asshole with whipped cream. Jaxton slips his massive dick deep inside the new employee and pounds away as Eli`s massive sack flops between his legs and drips desert all over the floor. “Get in this ass, Mr. Hart,” the boss tells Lance. Lance takes the order to heart and pounds away as Eli sucks on Jaxton`s cock and makes his boss shoot a load of cream all over his already messy face. It`s a good day for Eli because not only did he get two nice dicks, he got to save his job.
28  minutes
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Lance Hart and Jaxton Wheeler lead Eli Hunter onto the main floor of the diner. All three are naked and Eli immediately gets pushed down onto the floor. He`s cock hungry and the other two studs are already hard and ready for Eli to suck their dicks. Jaxton wants to teach Eli a lesson for fucking up an order of pies earlier in the day, and as Lance slides his cock deep into Eli`s ass, Jaxton grabs pies and makes Eli identify each one. After a proper identification, Jaxton smashes each of the pies over Eli`s head. He`s covered in crust, cream, and filling as Lance continues pounding away from behind. “Say `I love pie!`,” Jaxton commands to Eli as he rubs all the different flavors into his mouth and continues smashing them on his face. “I love pie!,” Eli responds. By the end of the ass pounding from Lance and the face smearing from Jaxton, Eli is a complete mess. Lance has worked himself up to a frenzied finish and sprays his jizz over Eli`s hungry face. The taste of Lance`s creamy filling gets Eli ready to blow. After a couple more pies to the face, he dumps his load all over the floor to mix it in with the shrapnel from all the destroyed deserts. “Clean this shit up by yourself,” Jaxton commands, as he and Lance leave Eli to deal with the aftermath of all the sugary fun.
24  minutes
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Order up! Head on down to `Domination Diner` for a heaping serving of food, domination, and restaurant worker fetish. New guys get passed around by the restaurant veterans and mistakes are severely punishable with cleaning assignments, hard cocks, and submission. Scott Brent directs this fetish feast, where the food isn`t the only thing on the menu and the employees have a taste for anything goes. Seamus O`Reilly is cleaning the diner when he spots Sebastian Keys watching him from a distance. Sebastian doesn`t let Seamus finish his work and instead bends him over a table, smears cake in his face, and slides his cock inside the diner newbie until Seamus sprays his load all over his own ripped abs. Jaxton Wheeler doesn`t let Eli Hunter forget he`s the boss when he catches Eli dropping pies. Mr. Wheeler and employee Lance Hart teach Eli a lesson when they take turns on his whipped cream filled asshole and Jaxton sprays another type of cream on Eli`s hungry face. After leaving Seamus in the pie cooler, Sebastian finds him jacking off right where he left the new employee. Sebastian wants a second go at Seamus and this time he fucks the ginger`s hairy ass until he blasts a load of cum all over Seamus to give him a giant facial. Jaxton Wheeler teaches Eli Hunter a lesson for fucking up an order of pies. Lance sticks his throbbing cock inside Eli as Jaxton smashes pie after pie in his face. Eli is covered in pie shrapnel as Lance drains his balls in Eli`s mouth. Whether you have a taste for hardcore role playing, food fetish or humiliation sex, ‘Domination Diner’ is the place for you, and this feature serves it all up hot and ready to eat!

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