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Double Kross

Double Kross
Falcon Edge
  • Anal Sex
  • Kissing
  • Oral Sex
  • Rimming
  • Underwear
91 min

Nick Foxx

    all models over 18    
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Adrian Hart

Andrew Stark

Chris Bines

Jimmy Durano

Josh Conners

Ryan Rose

Sebastian Kross

Handsome muscle-stud Jimmy Durano is sporting a full, black beard. Handsome Josh Conners erotically slides his torso up against Jimmy. While they rub their jock strap-covered cocks together, Jimmy spits in Josh`s mouth. Using Jimmy`s own spit, Josh wets Jimmy`s nipples and pits with a stimulating tongue bath. The pouch of Jimmy jock looks ready to burst, but Josh doesn`t give it the chance to. He yanks it down and dive-bombs full on to Jimmy`s cock with his wet mouth. Josh`s tan buns beg for attention, showcased in the white elastic of his jock strap, and they look better when Jimmy plants his tongue between them. They both straddle the back of a bench for Jimmy to give Josh the massive shaft. In a change up, Josh lands on his back, displaying his hard cock as he takes Jimmy`s slamming dick. Jimmy keeps thrusting until Josh squirts across the inside of his thigh. Then Jimmy grabs Josh by the scruff of the neck and feeds him his spunky load.
21  minutes
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The intense attraction between Sebastian Kross and Chris Bines is immediately evident as they paw at each other`s chiseled bodies while passionately making out. Sebastian glides his wet tongue across Chris`s smooth skin, exploring Chris`s neck, nipple, and pit. Chris can barely stand up straight as Sebastian eagerly sucks his meaty cock, before Chris gets on his back and gladly lets Sebastian fuck his face. From his sexy moaning, you can tell Sebastian wants to take things further, and soon Chris is lowering his hot bubble butt and taking Sebastian`s cock for a bumpy ride. Chris leans back, supporting his weight on one arm as he searches for the exact position where Sebastian`s cock head hits his sweet spot. Churning out a sticky load while getting rammed by Sebastian doggy style, Chris` eyes roll toward the back of his head in pure ecstasy. Chris then milks the warm cum out of Sebastian`s stiff rod, receiving it in his mouth and on his face as he looks up with his sexy blue eyes.
20  minutes
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Huge in every way, Andrew Stark towers over tight-bodied Adrian Hart, whose satiny chocolate skin contrasts with his brilliant white jock strap. Adrian`s 8 1/2-inch cock juts out like a ramrod from his jock, rubbing hard against Andrew`s equally long but fatter meat. Adrian kneels, using his lips and tongue to work the top of Andrew`s dick and nuzzle his nuts, while his hand strokes the shaft. They swivel into a 69. Andrew spreads Adrian`s buns to probe the soft center with his tongue and fingers. The breaching of Adrian`s tight hole is smooth and easy, accompanied by soft moans. Andrew kneads Adrian`s glutes while he fucks him from behind, clasping Adrian tightly in his arms and running his hands through the scant fur on Adrian`s chest. Adrian`s cries grow louder as Andrew`s thrusts gather speed and intensity. Bouncing Adrian on his cock, Andrew lifts him off the ground. Release leaves Adrian with a mustache of creamy cum on his upper lip and a gooey mass of his own spooge dripping through his fingers.
27  minutes
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When Sebastian Kross undulates his smooth gymnast`s body, he`s a mass of muscle almost too hard to hold. Stud Ryan Rose swiftly grabs the erect cock protruding from Sebastian`s jock strap, and Sebastian gets caught up delivering a wet kiss. Cock to cock, they joust and make out. Sebastian licks the salt off Ryan`s skin and aims his erection at Ryan. Ryan needs no further invitation to swoop down and inhale that cock, squeezing Sebastian`s balls while getting plenty of vocal encouragement. Sebastian can get down orally too, and he puts his sexy lips and wet mouth to work returning the blow job. Moving from the cock to the ass, Sebastian treats Ryan`s hole to a thorough, royal rimming treatment, followed by plowing his cock into Ryan`s tasty crevice. The strap of Ryan`s jock doubles as reins, as Sebastian rides him. Shedding the jock strap, Ryan gets in a shoulder stand for the final stretch of the fuck, opening his mouth to Sebastian just as he opened his hole, and getting a hot cum cocktail as his own nut juices stream across his torso.
23  minutes
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Get at the double and double down on the lube because the intense, hardcore action in Double Kross will have doing double takes. Delivering double-superstar-trouble, mischievous Sebastian Kross will have you seeing double with two scenes of cum-bustible, cock-throbbing action. Double Kross director Nick Foxx gets double the pleasure out of every scene filled with heated man-on-man action that will leave your balls drained. Sebastian`s first conquest is hung bottom Chris Bines, who turns fucking into a full-body workout. With a full beard, Brazilian-Italian stud Jimmy Durano fucks like an animal as he stretches Josh Conners` hungry hole to new dimensions. Tight-bodied Adrian Hart and statuesque Andrew Stark become partners in cream, demonstrating a new interpretation of a milk mustache. Kross returns with Ryan Rose, the all-American heartthrob who`s a bona fide superstar. Their fiery blowjob exchange and Sebastian`s ravishing domination of Ryan`s hole with his lips, fingers and cock bring Double Kross to a double-cum finale. The saliva-soaked skin, salty sweat, and showers of semen will have you doubling back and watching Double Kross again and again.

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