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Down and Dirty

Down and Dirty
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84 min



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Brayden Jaymes
Chris Porter
Giovanni Lovell

Jimmy Roman
Samuel Colt
Scott Adler
Tate Ryder

Taylor Harris
Trenton Ducati
Tyler Preston

There`s nothing like getting Dirty in the Naked City! This summer, NakedSword partners with DirtyBoyVideo to bring you a little Brooklyn realness, some raw enthusiasm, and misspent youth that`s sure to turn up the heat. In the debut scene, two young, hung New Yorkers - Giovanni Lovell and Jimmy Roman - take us deep into the sweltering concrete jungle. Giovanni knows the way to an empty loft and in a New York minute he`s swallowing Jimmy`s near-perfect dick. Jimmy returns the favor by giving up his eager hole and after Jimmy rides Giovanni`s cock, the two finish up by coating Jimmy in cum. Be prepared to get hot and sticky because this summer... we`re getting Down & Dirty.
12  minutes
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Want to go slumming? This week, NakedSword ventures deep into furthest Brooklyn for a Down & Dirty three-way between Scott Adler, Brayden James, and Damian. (Not sure who`s who? Doesn`t matter - real names are soooo 2011.) Damian and Brayden work over Scott`s tight little hole, warming it up for the fat cocks that emerge from their skinny jeans; and boy do those cocks go deep! The second episode in NakedSword`s New York-based series is all hankies and scruff and tattoos - and real sex that`s anything but ironic. Get down. Get dirty. Get lucky.
12  minutes
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When you`ve got a fat cock and a hungry hole, who needs conversation? In the third scene of Down & Dirty two young and hung New Yorkers - Tyler, a Latin who seeks out tight ass like a military drone and Taylor, a big-dicked bottom making his porn debut - can`t get their clothes off fast enough. Tyler throws Taylor down on a leather couch, ripping off his shorts to reveal a cock worthy of some sweet talk. After some athletic sucking, the boys get down to business followed by Taylor riding Tyler like a Coney Island coaster and then giving new meaning to the term fountain of youth!
16  minutes
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There`s nothing like August in New York to make you feel dirty" in a good way. The city is empty, the air is sweltering, and the sidewalks are burning. Nick and Andrew are two sweaty East Village boys, down on their luck but up for anything. In the final episode of NakedSword`s Down & Dirty series, the heat is on, and the boys can barely wait for the camera to start filming. As Andrew starts to say hello to the camera, Nick is already kissing his neck and grinding against him. What happens next - sweaty balls, swapped blowjobs, and pulsating holes - turns the heat up even higher. Big-dicked Nick fucks the cum out of Andrew, then blows his load all over him in a scene that could break an air conditioner...if they could afford one.
14  minutes
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We gave this two real-life porn couples a camcorder - and this is what we got back: sex tapes that are raw, unscripted and hot as fuck!
31  minutes
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There`s nothing like getting Down and Dirty so NakedSword partnered with New York`s DirtyBoyVideo to bring you some downtown Brooklyn realness. This new series features dirty indie boys who taste like whisky, sweat, and bike grease, so roll up your jeans and take a lick.

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