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Down Low

Down Low
Bulldog XXX
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81 min

Sean Hardy

    all models over 18    
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Alex Roman

Drew Dixon

Felipe Capuco

Korar Darver

Max Duro

Ray Diesel
Rus Greene

Opening his hot pink hole in anticipation for the BBC that he knows is en route, sleazy twink Alex Roman gives us one damn hot show of him warming his hole up, and that`s even before muscle jock Rus Greene enters, hooded and completely downlow, preferring the anonymous sex he`s about to enjoy. Cock hungry Alex definitely won`t be saying no to this hunk. his hairy chest, delicious dick and massive muscles make him the perfect power top to get to grips with the pure bottom Alex. After some sloppy dick sucking from them both, Rus turns his full attention to that peachy perfect ass we feasted our eyes on earlier and sliding his dark meat into the ripe white butt, both young men are enjoying the best a man can offer, and it`s not long before the sweating top gets his load ready for Alex to have sprayed over his face and shoulders, lapping a cheeky drop off the still dripping dick of his power top black dude.
23  minutes
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Hard and dominant, big dicked twink Felipe has one thing on his mind, and that`s to fuck a hot white ass into the ground. Fortunately, or unfortunately for Drew Dixon, it`s his ass the latino is after and he`s gonna get pushed and punished hard fast and deep in this ass-workout like no other he`s had before. Felipe may be slim, tight and young, but his attitude is way high and he`s taking no prisoners today! Ensurting Drew knows who`s boss, the tattooed twink rams his thick long cock down Drew`s wet and dripping throat, and then up his ass all the way to the balls and out again, time after time until Drew is close to losing all feeling down there! He may want it downlow, but Felipe will leave a lasting memory on Drew as he clears his cum soaked body up off the floor, truly used and spent.
18  minutes
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Sneaking into the stock room after hours, Korar brings his horny muscle man out back to a hot anon fuck. After waiting for a big black man to come and fuck his pretty white face, he gets his wish! Rus, hidden behind his mask and cap takes full control oer the pale skinned twink, letting him get his dick nice and wet before turning him over and getting to grips with that hungry ass of his. Pulling it open and pushing his fingers deep inside, readying it for his rock solid dick, slapping against his butt impatiently. Fucking Korar into the floor, he lets the boy shoot first, feeling the contractions around his dick as he does, and then joins his load, covering his softening dick and balls!
19  minutes
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Huge dicked Ray Diesel leans back in his seedy sex den, massaging his huge cock whilst he waits for his horny white ass to turn up. As he hears him coming, he puts on his balaclava, keeping his face anon, for now! Feeding the hungry skin headed Max Duro his massive dick, Max does his best to take it all but doesn’t even reach halfway! The thickness of his meat is something else, and the mix of spit and pre-cum doesn’t really help in sliding it down his throat either! Pushing the hairy cub over onto his knees, Ray gets ready to show the man how to take it balls deep, and sliding into that furry ass, it does the trick! Flipping the man this way and that to get the right angle, they find it as Max is head down and soon spurts a huge white load over himself – full of delicious black dick. Ray adds to this with a load as big as his dick all over Max’s furry chest and beard!
20  minutes
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There’s something incredibly hot about an anonymous fuck, and when the top is sporting a BBC, then it’s hands down going to be one of the best times ever. These Down Low tops may not want to show their faces too much, but they live to show off everything else, and it’s not hard to see why! Muscled young stud Rus keeps coming back for more hot white ass to plough, whilst super dicked Felipe and Ray destroy the holes they come into contact with, it’s a dark meat speciality from Bulldog which gives you some of the hottest action in seediest of places, and lovers of big black men fucking hungry white ass can indulge their DL fantasies over and over again.

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