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Dream Team

Dream Team
NS Originals
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108 min

Mr. Pam

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Christian Wilde

Colby Keller

Connor Maguire

Duncan Black

Tate Ryder

Tommy Defendi

Tyler Alexander

Tohper Dimaggio

There are porn stars and then there`s the Dream Team. Tommy Defendi and Colby Keller are two of the biggest names in porn - with cocks to match but you`ve never seen them like this before! In the debut episode of NakedSword Original`s Dream Team, director mr. Pam and a team of professional stylists set out to give the men a new look: brash, polished, and refined. As good as they look, it`s what`s under the clothes that really makes these men! The lights stay on as these guys go down and Tommy slides his massive cock into Colby where it fits like a glove. Just like a good sport coat, these guys are very versatile and soon enough Tommy takes it like a man and rides Colby`s thick cock for all its worth. With heat and flash and cameras rolling, it`s NakedSword, of course, that gets the perfect shot.
35  minutes
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Putting Tate Ryder in a room with Topher DiMaggio is like introducing caviar to champagne: delicious and deluxe. In the second scene from NakedSword`s Dream Team, we get Tate with his firm, gorgeous ass paired with Topher, the irresistible jackhammer top. These are porn superstars, and when NakedSword Originals dresses them up - Topher in sophisticated Alexander McQueen and Tate sheathed in Versace - you see the men behind the muscle. But keeping guys this hot apart is futile, and it doesn`t take long for Topher to grab Tate and dive in. This is heart-throbbing, ass-pounding sex at it`s finest, the kind that makes your mouth water" and your cock pop.
19  minutes
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Lou Reed wasn`t the only one who liked to walk on the wild side. In the sleek third installment of NakedSword Original`s fashion-focused Dream Team series, boy-next-door Duncan Black gets paired for a shoot with down-and-dirty Christian Wilde. It`s prep meets punk, uptown goes downtown, hipster hits the Hamptons. Opposites, as they say, attract - and Christian rotates around Duncan like he`s got gravitational pull. He`s got that raw sex appeal, and Christian pounds his alabaster ass in every position he can think of. You can`t wipe the grin from Duncan`s face and why the hell would you want to aren`t you supposed to smile for the camera?
26  minutes
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In the climax of NakedSword Original`s dapper Dream Team, Connor Maguire and Tyler Alexander prove that what you wear on your body isn`t nearly as important as what`s covering your head. Like foreskin. Luckily, neither Connor nor Tyler are fully intact! And after the boys finish their editorial fashion shoots (Tyler looking chic in steampunk, Connor pressed in plaid) , they move on to something a little more primal. Like sucking and fucking. First, Tyler and Connor dock each other with their abundant foreskin, than trade passionate and chewy blow jobs. And while Tyler`s got a huge dick himself, this time he`s got a ticket to ride. He lets Connor push it into him deep, and takes a hard fucking until he explodes. An incredible ending to one of the most talked about series this year!
28  minutes
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There are porn stars and then there are superstars. NakedSword takes eight of the hottest men in porn and spit-shines them to a high-gloss! NakedSword`s Dream Team brings together porn`s biggest cover models for a fashion-forward centerfold of style and sex. And while they may look sharp in runway couture, these guys are way too horny to keep their clothes on for very long. In the heat of the photographer`s flash, the guys show that they`re more than pretty faces and that true beauty runs balls deep. So shut down that blurry video of skid-row amateurs and give it up for some real sex stars - NakedSword`s Dream Team!

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