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Young Bastards #39 Dripping Boy Holes

Young Bastards #39 Dripping Boy Holes
Young Bastards
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99 min

Falk Lux

    all models over 18    
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Agustin Herman
Andreas Uriel
Ashton Bradley
Cesar Rose
Chase Wolf
Jason Rinaldi

Kamyk Walker
Mateo Acuña
Nathan Gear
Riley Tess
Sly Conan

Cute Jason catches the attention of dom top Mateo and the boy can`t say no to the prospect of getting some good hard cock. Little does he know this bad boy loves to go in raw and deep, finishing with a sticky breeding of a hot young hole. After showing he can take it with some proper servicing of that hard cock Jason gets his pucker eaten out and filled, fucked hard and mean by Mateo until that juicy raw load is ready to be rammed inside. With a wad of warm cream in his chute Jason wanks out his own hot mess for the approval of his new buddy.
17  minutes
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Sly is minding his own business wanking his raging cock when Cesar spies him. Needless to say the boy wants a taste of the big dick, but he gets more than that. Sly is far too horny to say no to the offer of some easy company, especially when Cesar gags on his fuckmeat and shows how greedy he is for it. Sly might be new to using a guy but after frotting their rigid lengths he`s ready to slam that cock deep in his new friend`s hot gay hole. Cesar is so tight, Sly can`t believe how good his meat feels inside him while he jabs at the boy`s insides, his warm flesh getting him close real quick. The sight of Cesar`s load splashing is his trigger, he pulls out to start spewing too but soon rams his cumming cock right back into the greedy fuck hole.
15  minutes
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It`s the first time Chase and his blond buddy Andreas have visited the club but when they find some appropriate kinky toys to use they don`t hesitate. Andreas quickly asserts his dominance, handcuffing his friend and roping him up, feeding his boy his rigid wet tool. With just a few swipes of the painful flogger against his boy`s bare ass he`s ready to fill that twink hole, jabbing his raw meat between the cheeks and filling the boy up. Giving his bottom some freedom lets him properly pound that pucker over the chair, using Chase until he`s ready to breed that hole with his fresh goo, fucking his cream into him. Chase can feel the semen dripping out of him while he jacks out his own warm mess.
17  minutes
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Jason`s got a big load of cum in his thick cock and he needs somewhere to put it. It`s a good thing there are so many boys around town who want it, boys like Agustin. The handsome lad is soon following Jason back to his place and within moments he`s gagging on that juicy cock, sucking on the swollen head and slurping as much precum as he can get. With his meat raging and desperate Jason takes aim at his new pal`s fuck hole, licking and fingering the tight hole before ramming his raw meat deep inside and owning his buddy. Agustin is a real slutty bottom and he loves the feel of a big cock inside him, he can`t stop his cum from spewing out over himself. That`s all Jason needs, his dick is quickly gushing his own juices ready to be fucked right back into his cum dump. Like any good bareback bottom Agustin obediently cleans the cummy cock of his friend, guaranteeing a second helping when the time comes.
13  minutes
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Nathan and Riley have packed out their toys: dildos and butt plugs of all sizes are all prepared for the ass-stretching session. They take turns opening and drilling their holes with real and rubber cocks. When Ashton Bradley unexpectedly interrupts, the XXL monstercock dildo also gets some use. Master Ashton makes good use of the open assholes and pounds in with his bare fucktool. After a sandwich the lads are finally allowed to cum, and Ashton and Nathan spray their spooge into Riley’s wide-open gape.
24  minutes
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Cute little Kamyk Walker never has to wait too long when he`s cruising for some rock hard daddy dick at the Querell club. He`s been playing with his boner in his pants for just a few minutes when a big meaty length of fuckmuscle appears through the nearby gloryhole. He`s quickly on it, wondering who is behind the wall but happy to gobble that cock and beverage a load from it. Jock daddy Yah-Jil is impressed with the boy`s mouth, revealing his handsome self and properly going at that greedy gob, making Kamyk worship it like the slutty little lad he is. Happy to give the boy the full experience and eager to cram that tight little butt Yah-Jil shoves the twink up against the wall, parting the boy`s cheeks for a thorough tongue-lashing, licking out that tasty pucker and getting it wet enough for his rigid daddy dong. Kamyk whimpers as the head of his meat slips in, thrusting past the youthful resistance and driving up deep inside. Yah-Jil’s big bare dick drools precum inside the boy, his balls swinging and bouncing, slapping around while he power-fucks the near-virginal hole. Picking up the twink to rail him from beneath he brings them both closer and closer to cumming, finally letting the boy suckle on his bare shaft once more before spewing his jock daddy load all over Kamyk`s hot little face. That`s all the boy needs to be squirting his own powerful jets of cream over Yah`s sneaks.
13  minutes
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Bad boys love to go in raw and deep, finishing their rough bareback fucking with a sticky breeding of a hot young hole. Juicy loads are ready to be taken by the cutest willing sluts in town!

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