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Dungeon Discipline

Dungeon Discipline
Young Bastards
  • 3-Way
  • Anal Sex
  • Bareback
  • Blindfold
  • Bondage
  • Foot Play
  • Oral Sex
  • Rimming
  • Spanking
95 min

Falk Lux

    all models over 18    
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Alan Davis
Andreas Uriel
Cesar Rose
Felix Harris
Francis Gerard

Giorgio Angelo
Nico Butti
Rick Palmer
Robbie Dane
Tommy Poulain

Francis has been caged for a while when sexy Felix comes to dominate his mouth and tight little puppy boy hole in a hard bareback fucking. The captive is ravenous, sucking on the offered cock through the bars like he`s been starved for too long before being released and positioned on the box for some more face fucking. The dungeon fills with the smell of wet cock and used hole as Felix powers his long prick into his captive. The lean leather boy might be cute but this dom knows how to use a tight warm ass, filling his sub with his raw meat while he tugs on his collar and chain, pounding that puppy until he`s done and spurting his hot cum all over that sweet little damaged hole.
15  minutes
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The new slave Rick has to learn how to please his master, obediently working one socked foot and breathing in the stink of Alan`s sneakers before moving up to gulp down the juicy uncut monstercock his smoking dom has for him. It just takes a taste of the wet dick and the blond boy is begging for more, just how fit Alan likes it. With some fucking of his greedy mouth and a few slaps of his bare twink ass Alan is ready to claim the boy completely, bending the boy over and jabbing his bareback fuckmeat inside. The stocks allow him to take complete control but compliant Rick is soon jacking his raging meat and spilling his own slave cum. Alan loves making his boys spurt their load, he can`t wait to pull out and splash his own hot milk all over Rick`s face in a final humiliating act.
18  minutes
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With his wrists cuffed innocent twink boy Nico has no option but to obey as he`s chained up to the pillar. Felix knows what he wants, wasting no time tugging down those pants and getting to work with the leather paddle. He`s a mean dominator, but although Nico cries out his big cock is rigid with pleasure while Felix slaps his cheeks and spanks his big dick against him. The boy is completely at the mercy of the hung twink master, made to suck that rigid meat and finally take every solid inch of that bareback prong up his hole. Felix just uses a little spit and he`s cramming his cock into that tight little fuckhole, using his boy for his own pleasure. When he releases young Nico it`s only to fuck the cum out of him on his back and make him ride his raw meat, finally showering his captive with his big spewing load.
18  minutes
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Jock boy Tommy likes to teach other sporty young guys a good lesson. He`s captured blond Robbie and brought him to his kinky dungeon lair, blindfolded and bound, unable to fight back as he shoves his pink uncut cock in his face. Robbie might not want to suck a cock but he doesn`t have a choice, he`s soon being face fucked and drinking all the precum leaking from that growing meat in his mouth. There`s no doubt this is all about Tommy getting what he wants as he bends the boy over and shoves his big piece up that hot little hole, jabbing his raw cock in and out of his captive. Robbie knows he needs to comply if he wants to get his freedom back, submitting to a deeper fucking on his back and a drenching of cum.
13  minutes
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Slim little Cesar can struggle all he likes, the ropes and cuffs are right and he won`t regain his freedom until horny boys Giorgio and Felix have had their way with his hot little fuckhole. Giorgio has a big piece of drooling meat for the boy to suck while handsome Felix jabs his bareback length between the boy`s supple cheeks. It`s only right that his doms make full use of him, swapping their posts to get a shot at the other hole. Bent over the speaker the boys take their turns again, using his ass to get themselves off, making Cesar spew his hot cum from his own bulging dick before decorating his hole with their own splashing jizz wads. Felix loves sinking his cock into that cummy hole to get his own load gushing.
15  minutes
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Ethan might be a captive at the mercy of kinky dom Andreas but he`s clearly there to please. With his wrists cuffed, hanging from the rafters, he can`t refuse the attentions of the horny lad when Andreas makes clear that he needs to be serviced. The naked young man soon has the lad`s thick and wet cock in his face, demanding to be sucked. The delicious length slips between his lips and he gets to work, slurping the uncut tool and drinking all the clear juice oozing from it. He might be there against his will but when Andreas turns his attention to that smooth little ass and slides his naked cock between those cheeks our captive boy isn`t complaining. Fucked from behind and used like a little slut he`s finally given just enough freedom to enjoy his own rigid cock, wanking himself off while Andreas continues to pound his hole. As Ethan`s cum spills from his dick to the sound of his moans of bliss Andreas pulls his tool free and jerks his tool to a splashing climax, gushing splooge from his own XL cock all over his slave bottom`s ass, easing his sensitive cock right back in again and leaving some of his load inside his prisoner.
15  minutes
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The dom boys have their dungeon lairs ready and a captive for their cock to enjoy. Watch as wet slurping mouths and tight little holes are stuffed with dom dick in these kinky dungeon fuck sessions, with cum-gushing finishes for all.

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