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Link: The Evolution

Link: The Evolution
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348 min

Chi Chi LaRue

    all models over 18    
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Blake Nolan

Blake Riley

Bobby Williams

Brendan Davies

Chad Hunt

Cole Ryder

Derrick Hanson

Eddie Diaz

Joe Strong

Johnny Hazzard

Josh Weston

Lex Sabre

Manuel Torres

Matt Majors

Nick Marino

Park Wiley

Steve Carlisle

Tyler Riggz

Tyler Saint

Bo Matthews
Cole Ryan
Dean Tucker
Ken Browning
Ken Mack
Kevin Miles

Nick Moretti
Robert Thorn
Scott Spears
Scott Tanner
Steve Cruz
Tim Towers

Bo Matthews is naked, alone and filthy in a deserted hallway. Nick Moretti and Tyler Saint find him and douse him with a bucket of water. Tyler grabs a hose and sprays Bo mercilessly to clean the dirt and grime off him. Bo repays them in sex, sucking off both Nick and Tyler. After getting his ass rimmed Bo spreads his cheeks and lets the two muscle studs take turns on his hole.
48  minutes
Content & Stars...
In a massive chandelier lit room, Rascal Exclusive Blake Riley with Scott Tanner and Kevin Miles are dressed in fine suits and drinking brandy from snifters. The three men cruise one another and begin pouring brandy in each others mouths and drinking from each others lips. The action heats up when Scott Tanner lets his glass fall from his hand and shatter on the floor. The suits are torn away to reveal leather harnesses and jocks underneath. The three let their wild sides loose sucking and rimming one another. Kevin gets both of his partners worked up by sucking himself off. Kevin rides Scotts big dick and then the two take turns fucking Blake’s talented ass.
41  minutes
Content & Stars...
Wrapped head to toe in black plastic Steve Carlisle and Josh Weston hang in a freezer like pieces of meat just waiting to be used. Manuel Torres enters wearing a leather butcher’s apron and carrying a meat cleaver. He slowly cuts away the plastic and unwraps his two pieces of muscle meat. He teases their asses and forces them to service him. After he fucks both of them Manuel gets into some heavy ass play, working over Josh and Steve with monstrous dildos and his fists.
62  minutes
Content & Stars...
Nick Moreno, Bobby Williams, Chad Hunt, Time Towers, Ken Mac, Dean Tucker and Rascal Exclusive Eddie Diaz are cruising one another in a large open room with a metal scaffolding set up in it. The guys pair off, making out and running their hands over each other`s leather clad bodies. Dicks are sucked and asses are rimmed. In the end Bobby, Tim, Dean and Eddie all surrender their asses for a fucking

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53  minutes
Content & Stars...
In a deserted corner Lex Sabre is laying naked in a pile of leather boots. Covered in footprints from the boots and with a tin of boot black resting on his abs, he is stroking his cock. Turned on by the smell of leather and polish Lex works his cock until he blows his load on a boot. Still turned on, Lex lets his cum drip off the boot and into his eager mouth. While laying, their exhausted he is discovered.
10  minutes
Content & Stars...
Officer Ken Browning ties Lex to a chair. Naked and frightened Lex isn’t sure what’s coming next. Ken orders him to get hard and begins seductively kissing his neck. Lex can’t help but get a raging hardon. Ken turns him into a human fuck toy for his use and pleasure. Ken rides Lex’s cock, fucking his ass up and down on the hard shaft. When he decides Lex has served his purpose Ken fucks himself with his nightstick and shows Lex how a real man does it.
31  minutes
Content & Stars...
Rascal Exclusive Tyler Riggz, Cole Ryan and Blake Nolan are cruising one another amongst a labyrinth of machinery. The three are drinking cold beers and sizing one another up. They begin to guzzle their beer and pour it over their hairy chests. Before long their jeans are soaked and they are pouring and spitting beer on each other. They peel out of their wet clothes and a hot three-way erupts. Cole is the bottom boy, letting the muscle daddies take turns fucking his face and ass. Just when he thinks they are finished with him, Tyler and Blake flip him upside down and fuck his ass with the bottles and fill his ass with beer.
44  minutes
Content & Stars...
A lone fire hydrant proves too tempting for dog boy Steve Cruz to resist. He crawls to it on his hands and knees, sniffing at it and leaving his mark. Joe Strong catches Steve in the act and slaps a leash on his collar. One by one Matt Majors, Brendan Davies and Johnny Hazzard join Joe with the newly leashed dog boy. Steve is eager to please each of his masters and they feed him their cocks. Soaking wet and eager for more Steve lets all four men fuck his furry ass until they shoot on him.
59  minutes
Content & Stars...
Link has evolved. Chi Chi LaRue is back in the underground world of Link where men explore their darkest filthiest sexual fantasies. Winner of 2008 X-Biz "Movie Of The Year" award!

With 8 hardcore, unedited scenes, this movie is sure to leave you soaked in your own man juice. Be sure to check out scene 4...CREATED EXCLUSIVELY FOR OUR NETWORK!!


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