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Gentlemen 3: Executives

Gentlemen 3: Executives
Sex In Suits
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178 min

Michael Lucas, Mr. Pam

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Avi Dar

Aaron Blake
Dirk Caber
Kyle King
Logan Stevens
Marc Dylan

Mitch Branson
Rafael Alencar
Robert Van Damme
Valentin Petrov

Young businessman Marc Dylan checks his mailbox when his high-class neighbor, Avi Dar, returns home from an exhausting and aggravating day at the office. The two eye each other up in the hallway and begin their walk up the stairwell. Keeping their public and professional lives separate from their hot, intense private lives, they stop each other on their walk up and begin kissing, hoping that no one will notice them. For security, they both take refuge in Avi`s apartment: the Israeli executive slams Marc against the wall, undoes his pants, and slides his dick down his throat. Avi`s pursed lips and bearded cheeks suck on Marc`s hard cock eagerly, and Marc can`t get enough of him; Avi even flips him around to lick the tight hole between Marc`s hairy ass cheeks. ... More
33  minutes
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Dirk Caber is a powerful executive running his own business, but in his private life he`s only happy if he`s getting slapped around and fucked by someone more powerful than him. The answer to his needs is the suited hunk Rafael Alencar, who visits Dirk`s office and smacks the bearded stud, showing him who the true boss is. Rafael treats the hot guy like a bitch before unzipping his pants and releasing his thick, uncut Latin dick. Dirk drops to his knees and slurps up the meat, making it wet as he swallows it. Rafael`s cock was built for fucking, so he spins Dirk around and licks his ass before slipping on a condom and sliding his cock inside the bottom. Dirk is bent over his office sofa as Rafael slams him without mercy. There`s nothing Dirk can do but hold his ass high up and take each thrust. The heavy fucking culminates in Rafael cumming in Dirk`s begging mouth.
51  minutes
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Beefcake executive Robert Van Damme and slender, blond wunderkind Logan Stevens seal a business deal and celebrate the only way two hot guys should: with hard, intense gay sex! There`s some kissing, but it`s mouth-to-cock contact these to hunks are truly after. It`s Robert`s turn first. He pulls his pants down and reveals the thick, uncut cock hanging between his legs, which Logan gobbles right up. He swallows all of Robert`s dick, going right down to his balls. Robert even holds Logan`s head to force his bottom`s throat. The pair flips and Robert dives onto Logan`s cock, which stands erect and tall. But it`s not oral sex that`s going to totally seal this deal: Robert is a power top, and he demands further payment from Logan. The blond cutie bends over and offers his hole to Robert, who doesn`t hesitate in taking it. Logan is on his stomach, his knees, and his back as he submits to Robert`s girth and gets fucked. All he can do is take it, moaning and wincing with each thrust.
29  minutes
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Youthful, fresh-faced executives Aaron Blake and Valentin Petrov sneak away from their offices and meet in a park. They act casual, but the suited pair is actually doing everything they can to hide how horny they are for each other. Valentin is visiting on business from overseas, and because he won`t be in the United States for long, he and Aaron find a place to be together as quickly as possible. Hiding out in Aaron`s apartment, they start with some heavy kissing, but Valentin grows bored and takes a seat in a small armchair. Feeling relaxed, he lets Aaron get to work on his package: he strokes Valentin`s hard, uncut cock through his trousers before unzipping and pulling it out.... More
34  minutes
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CEO Mitch Branson enjoys abusing his power, which he uses to great effect against business newcomer Kyle King. Calling Kyle into his office, Mitch talks business, but he`s staring at Kyle`s cock underneath his pants the entire time. Mitch seduces Kyle into bending over his desk, where he begins with a long and heavy session of ass worship. Mitch can`t get enough of slapping the round cheeks of Kyle`s amazing butt, nor can he stop from fingering his tight, innocent hole. Kyle is turned on by the power dynamic, so he doesn`t stop Mitch from using his power to take control of his hot body.... More
31  minutes
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Executives are powerful men who know how to get what they want. These aggressive men-in-charge know how to give orders and to dominate any situation. Watch suited-stud Valentin Petrov fuck twink Aaron Blake. Top boss Rafael Alencar pounds deep into Dirk Caber`s eager ass. Logan Stevens rides businessman Robert Van Damme`s thick cock. Boardroom chief Mitch Branson pushes his subordinate Kyle King into a flip-fuck. Muscled businessmen Avi Dar and Marc Dylan release work stress in an intense sex session. The powerful command of the suited Executives: Gentlemen Vol. 3 has never been so hot.

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