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116 min

Brian Mills, Harold Creg

    all models over 18    
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Alex Leon

Chris Brady

Dred Scott

Gil Cortez

Josh O`Hara

Patrick Knight

Ray Stone

Trent Cougar

First off, we see the tale of The Artist in His Studio. Fans of Trent Cougar will be mesmerized by his encounter with handsome Gil Cortez. You’ve seen Trent before as leatherman and as trailer trash. Now, without affectation or overlay, here he is as Trent--a superbly built guy with a masculine face, meaty body and meatier cock, who’s a master at making out. Fervent and manly kisses yield slowly to deep cocksucking and an endless session of sweet hole-sucking so exciting it launches a double round of wrenching orgasms. And then Cougar gets it like never before, bottoming so forcefully for the lusty Cortez that a quartet of loads are unleashed. And then he gets fucked some more!
41  minutes
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A second photograph depicts a unique industrialized dungeon, where dark-hued Alex Leon is taunting the blindfolded Chris Brady in a scene of sensual S&M play. With the polar dazzle of his well-packed body, Chris Brady is perhaps the most wondrous hunk of prime beef in porn today. And has ever a husky lad filled out a jock strap so bulgingly? When he’s sweat-drenched and shiny, after his face is smeared with spit and both their cocks are slopped with saliva, Brady grabs a heavy gauge chain, hoists himself above Leon’s stiff and swollen ramrod, and plunges down for a fucking that neither he, nor you, will soon forget.
21  minutes
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A third photograph depicts lovers Patrick Knight and Josh O’Hara, whose playful romp turns plenty serious as Knight slides an ice cube up O’Hara’s tight and pristine young asshole. Then he makes the boyish strawberry blond yowl with the deep and slow thrusts of his magnificent cock.
22  minutes
Content & Stars...
The movie’s finale is that inevitable scene--the part where the gallery owner and his patron have become so aroused by the photographs that they just have to tear into each other. It’s a bruising tangle between two rough n’ rugged, hairy-chested Titan men, Dred Scott and Ray Stone. When Ray’s tongue probes deeply into Dred’s ass after the star sits on his face, Dred shoots his fiery hot load a couple of yards over Ray’s body. And then Dred shoves his steely cock into the humongous, hairy globes of Stone’s hard ass with a pent up fury that wrests a pair of hurtling loads from both slick and sweaty men.
32  minutes
Content & Stars...
Exhibition just happens to have eight of the most beautiful cocks you’re going to see in one movie for a long time. The movie also answers the burning question, Is Dred Scott really the sex-crazed character he’s been playing? You better believe it. Though dressed up for a gallery opening at the start, he’s as forceful as ever once naked. And no wonder. He’s paired up with that thick-bodied, meaty-dicked, warmly furred daddy, Ray Stone. They’re two bruisers grappling in a strong and sweaty stud fuck. Following a much requested and spicy Titan tradition, two scenes pair dark on light, wrapping smoldering Latino hunks around fair-skinned buddies. Exotically tattooed Gil Cortez throws a scorching fuck into husky Trent Cougar, and Alex Leon punishes sturdy, blond, Chris Brady. Then golden boy Josh O’Hara has some masterful lovin’ slammed into him by golden man, Patrick Knight.

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