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HHSN: Exposed

HHSN: Exposed
Hot House
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113 min

Trenton Ducati

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Aston Springs

Dante Colle

Devin Franco

Jackson Traynor

Justin Matthews

Michael Delray

Roman Todd

Brandon Evans
Manuel Skye

Michael Delray and Jackson Traynor are on set doing a photo shoot for the Hot House Sports Network. When the photographer asks for their best poses, the guys mutually suggest they fuck. The photographer agrees, and Michael gets down between Jackson`s legs to suck on his thick, curved, hairy cock. It slides down Michael’s throat with ease to get Jackson revved up and ready to go. Michael then offers up his own cock, to which Jackson happily swallows down. Michael can`t resist his urge to munch on Jackson`s hairy hole and he bends his photo buddy over to stick his tongue deep inside. As Jackson is getting tongue-fucked, he says that he`s going to fuck Michael hard and takes over to get behind the hunky stud. Jackson slips inside, filling Michael up with his thick, raw cock as his massive balls swing back and forth. Michael is ready to feel Jackson even deeper inside him and rolls over on his back. Jackson pumps away until Michael gets the cum fucked out of him. He squirts up onto his chest and almost hits his own face. When Jackson sees Michael`s toned, writhing body covered in jizz, he pulls out and slathers Michael`s fuzzy crotch with cum.
23  minutes
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Roman Todd and Aston Springs are on the HHSN set when Aston gets a peek at Roman`s massive cock just begging to be sucked. Aston quickly takes the swollen member deep into his mouth until Roman is throbbing hard. With a stiff cock, Roman bends Aston over to eat his ass. Roman probes the stud up with his fingers and tongue before he stands up to fuck his smooth, tight hole. Roman plows away, going balls deep as Aston moans out with every thrust from Roman`s raw meat. Roman keeps pumping in and out of Aston`s ass until Aston wants a chance at riding Roman`s big pole. Aston hops on and bounces up and down as the studs get are dripping with sweat working towards their final goal. Roman is ready to blow but wants complete control one last time. He flips Aston onto his back and shoves his cock back into the stud`s hole for one last push to the finish line. Roman fucks Aston hard until he pulls out and drops his thick load all over Aston`s tight stomach. Roman shoves his bare cock back into Aston`s used hole and fucks the leftover cum deep into his ass. Knowing that Roman is fucking his cum back into him, Aston lets go and covers himself with jizz.
20  minutes
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Devin Franco is waiting patiently in Manuel Skye`s office for his photo shoot with Hot House Sports Network. It`s taking way too long and Devin is bored so he starts jacking his hard dick. It doesn`t go unnoticed by Manuel who decides to help Devin alleviate his boredom by giving him something to suck on. Manuel sticks his stiff cock deep into Devin`s face and pumps away until he`s ready to take a taste of Devin`s hard meat. Manuel slowly works his way around to Devin`s bubble butt and slips his tongue and fingers deep into the horny hunk. He works Devin`s ass, opening him up and getting him ready for the massive, raw, uncut cock that he`s about to receive. When Devin`s hole is open and ready for entry, Manuel stands up and slams his bare cock and balls deep inside. Manuel immediately slams the young stud hard, giving Devin exactly what he wants and needs. After switching positions a few times, Manuel is ready to blow. He pulls out and slathers Devin`s junk with a seemingly never-ending flow of cum that he scoops up with his dick and fucks back into Devin. Manuel`s warm cum getting fucked deep into his ass is the trigger for Devin to blow. With Manuel pumping deep in his ass, Devin lets loose and shoots his load all over his own tight body.
25  minutes
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After Devin Franco and Dante Colle finish their HHSN interview, they find themselves with nothing to do as they wait for production to continue. They quickly figure out a way to pass the time and after Dante discovers what`s beneath the giant bulge in Devin`s undies, he gets to work sucking the hung stud. Devin notices that Dante has gotten hard from sucking his stiff cock and decides he needs a taste himself. Dante offers up his warm mouth and open throat to suck Devin`s cock. As he sucks, Devin realizes he needs Dante inside him and turns around to give Dante his hole. Dante eats Devin`s tight hairy ass until he`s sure the horny stud can take his beefy cock. Dante lubes up his raw dick with a little bit of spit and shoves it deep into Devin`s open hole, bareback. Dante drills the hell out of Devin in a few ass-pounding positions before finally getting him on the floor where he picks up the pace to bring them both over the edge. Devin is the first to nut, shooting his huge load all over his own tight body. With Devin`s cock still erupting, Dante pulls out and blasts his load on Devin`s hairy taint. Dante gathers the cum up with the tip of his still-throbbing cock and fucks it deep into Devin`s used hole
23  minutes
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Brandon Evans pops a boner during a boxing photo shoot with fellow athlete Justin Matthews. The photographer realizes what`s going on, and has Justin suck on Brandon`s bulging cock. Both studs have raging hard-ons now and Brandon wants to try Justin`s dick. Justin`s dick tastes amazing and Brandon savors every inch from the balls to the tip before he bends the horny stud over and slides his dick inside. As he`s getting railed, Justin decides to switch it up and bends Brandon over to flip-fuck the toned boxer. Brandon`s hole is extra tight and it takes a little effort to get Justin`s big cock crammed inside. Once he`s in, he can`t quit commenting about how amazing Brandon`s ass feels around his cock. Justin quickens his rhythm with his raw pole until he`s ready to look Brandon in the eyes as they fuck. Brandon gets on his back and opens his legs to allow Justin to continue the bareback, ass-stretching marathon. With Justin still pounding his ass, Brandon`s cock erupts like a fountain and sprays up onto his chiseled chest and over his shoulder. When Justin sees the mess on Brandon`s hot body, he pulls out and sprays the hunky stud`s spent cock and balls before fucking his cum deep into Brandon`s formerly tight hole.
23  minutes
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Hot House presents its first condom free feature, `HHSN: Exposed`. The Hot House Sports Network is delivering down and dirty bareback sex starring nine hung sports jocks who get involved in intense, raw action after their interviews and photo shoots for the network. It`s an exciting time for HHSN as they pull out the stops to showcase their athletes bulging muscles, tight asses and raw-k hard cocks. Michael Delray and Jackson Traynor start messing around during a photo shoot for, HHSN. After swapping spit-filled hummers, Michael bends over to take Jackson`s thick curved cock up his tight ass. Michael gets his ass stretched and ends the photo session with his body covered in cum. Roman Todd has a massive cock that`s just begging to be sucked. Aston Springs takes the bait and goes down on the big dick before he offers up his tight asshole for a hard, raw fuck that ends with Aston getting his own load fucked out of him. When Devin Franco`s photo shoot is delayed, he gets bored in Manuel Skye`s office and starts jacking off. Manuel notices the action and helps alleviate the boredom by sliding his massive cock deep into Devin`s bare hole. He pumps Devin’s crack hard until both hung studs blow their loads. Dante Colle and Devin Franco need to pass some time, so Dante gets to sucking Devin`s thick cock. After swapping head, Dante slides his raw cock deep into Devin`s hairy hole and pounds away until both studs drain their balls all over Devin`s panting body. When Brandon Evans gets hard during a boxing photo shoot, Justin Matthews doesn`t waste a second getting the big dick down his throat. The two studs suck each other off and then flip-fuck until Brandon is dripping with cum. The Hot House Sports Network always has hard jocks and cock-hungry studs ready to get `Exposed` and always competing for the next raw cock.

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