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Falcon Icons: The 1970s

Falcon Icons: The 1970s
  • 3-Way
  • Anal Sex
  • Bareback
  • Dildo
  • Group Oral
  • Group Sex
  • Oral Sex
  • Outdoor Sex
  • Rimming
135 min

Bill Clayton, Colin Myer

    all models over 18    
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Al Parker
Big Ben
Bill Adams
Bob Bishop
Casey Donovan
Chad Benson

Dick Fisk
Dustin Model
Ed Wiley
Eric Nolte
Gordon Grant

Hal Drake
Jeff Turk
Mac Turner
Mike Cole

Sky Dawson
Tom Manley
Will Seagers

The testosterone is off the charts when Jeff Turk finally jumps into the fray eagerly matching Al Parker, Casey Donovan, Dick Fisk, and Chad Benson in their intense man-on-man hijinks.
9  minutes
Content & Stars...
Exclusive Falcon superstar discoveries Dick Fisk and Sky Dawson meet dockside and go spinning off in Dawson`s speedboat. Alone on the lake, they give way to their mutual desires in a classic fuck-suck encounter of hunky stud swimmer.
11  minutes
Content & Stars...
When a street-wise "rough trade" type named Tony comes job hunting, handsome, hung exec Will Seagers hires the young applicant the business` in one of the most thorough interviews on record!
10  minutes
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Al Parker takes a back road drive to relieve himself with a much needed roadside piss. Upon discovering the hard stroking law breaker Officer Roy pulls over to arrest Parker for indecent exposure. Parker`s long, fat, veiny cock is hard to miss but easy to incarcerate as he is hauled away and placed in a cold jail cell by two guards who take Parker`s clothes and dignity. Parker is awoken after Officer Will Seagers finds his morning wood and investigates. The two are eventually joined by hairy partner Roy and the threesome is quickly underway. Parker sucks fucks and gives up his butt in this sex in jail in which fantasies are made of.
20  minutes
Content & Stars...
Driving home after a day of hard-on work at the office, the gargantuan Gordon Grant spots a willing Polk Street pickup, tight-bodied, blond Chris. Back at his apartment, the swarthy giant proceeds to fulfill the young man`s needs fore n` aft in a pounding sexual encounter with double climaxes.
12  minutes
Content & Stars...
The incredible Big Ben lures clean-cut collegiate hunk Tom Manley to his pad with the promise of a super score. What`s even more super than his Columbian is Ben`s 13" clubcock, which the dope-dazed undergrad finally manages to take up his virgin-tight white ass. Ben unloads nearly a lid of his "really good stuff" and has himself another steady customer.
11  minutes
Content & Stars...
Mike Cole`s been charged with indecent exposure and thrown into jail for the weekend. To make matters worse, one of his guards, ripped musclestud Hal Drake, catches him beating his meat in frustration over his predicament! While Drake stares with curious indifference, Cole`s mind races with fantasies of making it with this mean-looking big-dicked stud. Nightstick and cop-cock up his hot, twitching asshole, that massive prick club choking his throat, welts on his beautiful ass cheeks, their muscular bodies gobbed in torrents of cum. When Fantasies become reality, it`s a weekend lockup to remember!
18  minutes
Content & Stars...
Mac Turner and Eric Nolte find their coach Josh Kincaid chopping wood. The coach invites the students in to warm up near the fire and before long they`re getting down to the business of cock! Mac shares tales of the coach`s large blond cock with Eric just before an invitation to get more comfortable. The two schoolmates shed their clothes and take turns sucking on the Josh`s massive prick. However, it`s blond newcomer Eric Nolte who gets broken in and fucked nice, long and hard by both Coach Kincaid and buddy Mac Turner.
20  minutes
Content & Stars...
Bad-tempered businessman Bill Adams pulls a willing Johnny Dawes over to suck on his hard-on before plunging into his anal depths. After heaving him out the door with his clothes following him, he picks out Dustin and rewards oral prowess with hot jism on his face, and then tosses him out for getting cum on his briefcase!
9  minutes
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After hours on the road in the big Peterbilt, Ed Wiley looks forward to the fast, free spirit of his Ramcharger. Taking the smaller truck into the open country in sear of some new adventure is Ed`s way of unwinding after a long trip. When he meets muscular Bob Bishop at a truck stop, Ed feels the ache of desire fill him. He challenges Bob to a race throughh the desert. Amid the dunes, Ed grabs Bob`s tight round ass. He eases Bob`s face down to his huge pounding cock, feeling it fill bob`s mouth and throat. Bob instinctively senses Ed`s lust...and feels Ed spreads Bob`s ass and eats his hole...warming it for the the fucking to follow...resuting in both men releasing the gushing pressure of their heavy loads.
15  minutes
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Falcon Studios celebrates the iconic men of its legendary history with a specially curated collection of scenes featuring the finest fan-favorite models from each decade. In the 70s, Falcon burst on the gay porn scene with a stable of stars who broke barriers to put it all on the line and put Falcon on the map! These free-spirited, scorching-hot, bareback videos transport you back to the roots of Falcon and showcase the stunning men who were destined to become icons. Featuring Superstars: Al Parker, Dick Fisk, Jeff Turk, Josh Kinkaid, Sky Dawson, Bill Adams, Will Seagers, Gordon Grant, Hal Drake, Jim Hughes & More

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