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Falcon Icons: The 1980s

Falcon Icons: The 1980s
  • 3-Way
  • Anal Sex
  • Bareback
  • Dildo
  • Group Oral
  • Group Sex
  • Oral Sex
  • Outdoor Sex
  • Rimming
205 min

Al Parker, Bill Clayton, Steven Scarborough

    all models over 18    
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Cal Driver
Casey Jordan
Chad Douglas
Chris Williams

Doug Niles
Eric Manchester
Giorgio Canali
Jack Lofton

Jeff Converse
Jim Bentley
Joey Stefano
Kevin Williams
Kris Bjorn
Kurt Marshall

Lee Ryder
Leo Ford
Mark Hunter
O G Johnson
Pete Gable

Rex Chandler
Rod Phillips
Ron Pearson
Ryan Stone
Scott O`Hara

Sean Lawrence
Sky Dawson
Steve Hammond
Steve Kreig
Todd Baron
Tony Bravo

Tony Marino

Art director Cal Driver has dark-and-hungsome Todd Baron and boyish cute blond Ron Pearson stop up at his penthouse pad for a look at the slides from their recent fashion shoot. Dissolve to a give `n take three way with tight-toresoed Ron taking Cal and Todd for all they`ve got - and that`s a lot!
11  minutes
Content & Stars...
Sky Dawson is lying on his bed naked with a boot fantasizing about how nice it would be find a man to fill the boot. His dreams come true in a big way when Kris Bjorn appears and gives him more than he could possibly dream.
15  minutes
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A group of bikers - Dick Fisk, Lee Ryder, Leo Ford, Rod Phillips and Mark Hunter - travel to a secluded barn for one member`s initiation. Mark Hunter is ordered to strip and bend over for the first hard on: Lee Ryder. Lee shoves his extremely large fat cock inside the initiate starting a train of fuckers into Mark`s ass. Unbeknownst to the club a voyeur (Pete Gable in a non-sexual role) spies on the action from behind a haybale. Rod Philips takes over for Lee Ryder until Dick Fisk takes over and the gang shoots their thick hot loads all over Mark`s ass.
13  minutes
Content & Stars...
O.G. Johnson has returned to his seat but flight attendant Melchor is there to take as much of that cock in his mouth as he can. Buster is in the next row up and invites them up. So, it has now become a hot three way.
10  minutes
Content & Stars...
Night falls and the party beings. Kurt Marshall and the mystery skier are joined by newcomers Jeff Converse, Giorgio Canali, Tony Bravo, Chris Lance, and S.F.`s biggest dick - Scott O`Hara. "What a good looking group; how do we get the action started?" Scott asks, Kurt replies, "You are a gutsy cocksucker, why don`t you give us your famous J.O. show?" Scott complies willingly. We see him stripped naked with a hard-on on top of the coffee table in front of the glaring eyes of his ski buddies. Everyone is so turned on that soon we find seven hot naked bodies intertwined inside the cabin in front of the blazing fire. Everything imaginable happens, plus some more unimaginable treats. Scott puts the turned-on Tony`s foot in his mouth, as if it`s not enough, he puts it into his other oriface. With the help of his other buddies, we can see Scott`s ass open up to swallow Tony`s foot. When the sexual excitement builds up to its climax, we see all these hot skiers duping their aching loads onto our host`s heaving chest. Not since the first "The Other Side of Aspen" has Falcon brought you so much sexual energy to your screen!
14  minutes
Content & Stars...
Kevin Williams has hired dark chiseled stud Chad Douglas as personal trainer. Chad has Kevin on the rowing machine and the cadences is "row, suck, row, suck, row...suck it ALL!" "Oh! Come on coach, two fingers, oh yeah, more, m-o-r-e!" "Oh, fuck me over here, this is my favorite machine!" "Get over here and sit on my big cock, yeah, all the way down." The moans and groans intensify as chad piledrives Kevin`s tight ass until they both blow their loads.
47  minutes
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In the darkness of the night, tight and toned motorcycle men meet up at their private club to work their cocks and blow off steam. Chad Douglas stands before a lattice while a smooth and hungry Jack Lofton kneels before Chad - deepthroating his cock while Ryan Stone jacks his cock and enjoys the view. Ripped musclestud Race Jensen drops to his knees before Ryan, sucking his cock deep and hard while Ryan enjoys Race`s hard form. Soon Chad has his cock buried deep in Jack`s ass....fucking him hard as Jack tongues Race`s tight hole. Inspired by lust, the men change partners and positions...anything to get more hard cock into a tight grip. Chad Pumps Race hard from behind as Jack savors the taste of Ryan`s cock deep in his throat. More men merge into the scene. Race slams leatherboy Sean Lawrence`s ass and Eric Manchester shows up for a good suck and fuck...and ever hungry Jack Lofton is eager to take it. Chad and Race jerk off over a mirrored table and Tony Marinos joins them...a trio of hot horny men working their cocks and pumping out their thick loads one by one. Dildos come out and the men lose themselves in the desire for a fat cock and a full fill. Jim Bentley, Chris Williams and Casey Jordan finally arrive as the orgy is deep in session. Jack tells them to strip and sit down...the boys prove their oral skills by taking on the club members before surrendering their assess to Chad, Tony and Eric`s cocks. As the evening winds to a clothes all nine hard and horny studs circle around gagged Chris Williams while Eric works a fat dildo in and out of Chris`s ass. One by one the men unload over Chris and the room resounds with their gasps and moans of satisfaction.
40  minutes
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Jack Lofton is Pledge Walker...a rebellious recruit who`s been sent to President Martin (Steve Hammond) in hopes that he can turn resistance into eager service. An over-the-knee spanking with the fraternity paddle has Walker`s ass on fire. Martin orders Walker to strip and lick his boots. Soon Martin has a dildo buried deep in Walker`s ass...he orders Walker to squat on the dildo and suck his hard cock. Martin makes sure Walker takes it all and buries the dildo deep as well. When frat President Martin`s been properly serviced orally, he clamps Walker`s tits and makes Walker tongue his hole. Relocating to the bed, Martin watches Walker take the dildo again before slamming his cock deep in Walker`s eager ass. As Martin pounds Walker`s ass and both studs shoot their loads, he knows Walker will stay in line from now on...eager to serve his frat brothers with humility and devotion.
16  minutes
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Smooth blond musclestud Rex Chandler picks up darkly handsome hitch-hiker Domino. As they drive, Rex is taken in by Domino`s good looks and smooth talk. Rex brings Domino home and the hitch-hiker demonstrates his gratitude by lovingly throating Rex`s thick cock, rimming his hot hole, and opening up for a smooth stiff fuck. As Rex dreams of his luck in stumbling upon such a catch, Domino steals Rex`s cash and high-tails it back out onto the open road.
17  minutes
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Joey Stefano is in the poolside hot tub while Doug Niles and Steve Kreig are soaking up some sun on the lounge chairs. Joey successfully coaxes Steve into the hot tub while Doug looks on with interest. Sun, water and big dicks are the key ingredients for this hot three way.
23  minutes
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Falcon Studios celebrates the iconic men of its legendary history with a specially curated collection of scenes featuring the finest fan-favorite models from each decade. In the 80s, the legendary studio became synonymous with gay sex. All-American, preppy, handsome and hung, the Men of Falcon rivaled Hollywood`s leading men and gained legions of fans around the globe. These groundbreaking gay videos explored gay sexual freedom in a whole new way that continued to build on the foundation of the brand. Featuring Superstars: Chad Douglas, Joey Stefano, Kris Bjorn, Lee Ryder, Kevin Williams, Steve Hammond, Ron Pearson, Jim Bentley, Casey Jordan, Kurt Marshall, Jeff Converse & More

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