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Falcon Icons: The 1990s

Falcon Icons: The 1990s
  • 3-Way
  • Anal Sex
  • Bareback
  • Dildo
  • Glory Holes
  • Group Oral
  • Group Sex
  • Kissing
  • Masturbation
  • No Sex
  • Oral Sex
  • Outdoor Sex
  • Rimming
201 min

John Rutherford, Steven Scarborough

    all models over 18    
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Aiden Shaw
Anthony Shaw
Brad Hunt
Brad Mitchell
Brad Stone
Brandon West

Bryan Williams
Chad Donovan
Christopher Scott
Danny Somers
David Logan
David Montana

Dean Spencer
Doug Perry
Eric Hanson
Eric Stone
Hunter Scott

Jake Andrews
Jeff Palmer
Jeremy Penn
Jordan West
Ken Ryker

Kris Lord
Kristian Brooks
Kyle Becker
Matthew Anders
Mike Branson
Nick Ford

Rod Barry
Scott Baldwin
Scott Russell
Scott Wilder
Steve Gibson

Todd Gibbs
Tom Chase
Travis Wade

As Danny Somers does laps in the pool, he eyes the god-like form of Kris Lord sunning himself by the pool in a speedo so tight it`s painted on. Drawn magnetically to Lord`s beautiful bulge, Danny approaches and frees it from the clinging fabric, sucking it deep into his throat. Kris fucks Danny`s mouth and Danny eagerly takes it before working his way around and rimming Kris`s hole. Unable to hold back, Kris slides his cock deep in Danny`s hole. Thrust after thrust bring the two studs closer and closer to the inevitable outpouring of hot thick cum and a moment of satiation in the hot summer sun.
16  minutes
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David Montana joins uncut megastar Aiden Shaw and bulky Steve Gibson in and around a group of glory holes. Gibson gets the best of both worlds as he slaves over both cut and uncut cocks to his eager surprise.
10  minutes
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Woken by the phone, lovers played by Brad Stone and Brad Mitchell have a hot morning romp, in which Mitchell slurps on Stone`s ample cock before taking it up his butt. But Stone`s cock isn`t something one can take without preparation: Mitchell is first opened up by a lot of fingering then a huge dildo.
18  minutes
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Scott Russell, David Logan, Doug Perry, Brandon West, Hunter Scott, Chad Donovan, Brad Hunt and Scott Wilder join for an eight-man-megaorgy, which climaxes in everyone lining up to fuck Scott Wilder. Each guy fucks him and blows his load on Scott`s back. By the end, Scott`s entire back and butt is covered in cum.
26  minutes
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"Cards aren`t what I had in mind," says hitchhiker Brad Hunt smiling suggestively at Scott Baldwin. Brad pulls Scott`s head towards it. Horny for cock, Scott swallows all nine inches and gets face-fucked. Brad flips him over the backseat and shoves his thick cock into Scott`s ass and begins pumping without mercy. He arches his back and feels the hithiker churn deep into his as. The walls of his ass burn with desire, his tits are on fier! Scott sits back and Brad pumps his dick for him while Brad fucks the load out of him before delivering his own all over Scott`s back.
12  minutes
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Next to the campfire, the sexual tension between Ken Ryker and biker buddy Hal Rockland crackes electrically. Hal is the first to reach out and say with a touch what cannot be said with words. Tentatively at first, Ken`s trembling hands pull Hal to him...their lips meet in a searing tongue-tangling kiss that bonds these two hot men together in a way they never dared to believe. Passion flares and gives way to raw energy as the two men suck and squeeze each other`s rock-hard cocks. Soon Hal and Ken are entangled in a winner-takes-all sixty-nine, each one trying to stuff as much of the other`s cocks down their throat as possible. Grunts and moans of desire echo in the still night air as the two horsehung young men revel in each other`s virile bodies, each one satisfying the other; each one satisfying himself. After an eternity of frenzied man-to-man sex, Hal and Ken bring each other off, spraying the inside of their tent with gushers of cum.
15  minutes
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Day 8: Dean Spencer is dragged into another interrogation room and forced to witness two other guards - Jeff Palmer and Jake Taylor - punishing detainee Todd Gibbs from both ends with their massive cocks
21  minutes
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Buds Jordan West and Bryan Williams arrange for all of their repairmen to arrive at the same time, and the poolside work soon turns into a five-man orgy that has the two servicing their help. Jeff Palmer`s cock explodes across the screen, while Jeremy Penn-in his Falcon debut-and Eric Stone join him in topping their bosses. Also features a hot rim chain with all five men, and memorable squirts.
26  minutes
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Back at the house, Matthew Anders meets Jeremy`s buddies lounging poolside-Jake Andrews, Christopher Scott, Travis Wade, Kristian Brooks, Rod Barry, Anthony Shaw, and Kyle Becker-enjoying the sun. Christopher Scott takes on Jake Andrews and Kyle Becker; Kristian tangles with Travis, while Anthony devotes himself to servicing Rod Barry`s stiff prick. The scene becomes a frenzied orchestra of male satiation. Jake feeds Christopher a dildo, which he eagerly accepts. Travis stretches Kristian`s hole with a buttplug while Rod inches a set of latex balls into Anthony`s ass. Anthony groans ecstatically as Rod pulls the toy out...one segment after another. Rod zeroes in on Anthony`s ass, pounding it with abandon. Christopher sucks Jake as Kyle fucks him from behind while Travis buries his tool deep in Kristian`s hole. The seven studs continue fucking, sucking, stroking and pleasuring themselves until each man-urged on by his lusty mates-forcefully ejects his load, soaking in all the masculine energy.
23  minutes
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********** BAREBACK SCENE****** Tom Chase and his virgin ass have never been fucked, but Mike Branson knows Tom wants it; Tom knows he wants it; so he finally gives in and for the first time, big-dicked stud Tom Chase gets fucked up the ass.
19  minutes
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While on his way to pay for the car, Travis Wade (in a non-sexual role) spots a heated threesome by the pool. Falcon standout Eric Hanson has his cock at full mast, shoving it into the mouth of Nick Ford, who also fits in handsome Noel Hardwick`s piece. Ford then takes turns getting fucked by his friends.
15  minutes
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Falcon Studios celebrates the iconic men of its legendary history with a specially curated collection of scenes featuring the finest fan-favorite models from each decade. In the 90s, the legendary studio had cemented its position as the #1 brand in gay porn and became a major influence on gay culture. The 90s Men of Falcon redefined the term "porn star," becoming gay sex symbols and celebrities who made public appearances at conventions and Pride celebrations all over the country. Their intense sexual appetites and exceptional performances are some of the finest ever in gay porn. Featuring Superstars: Mike Branson, Ken Ryker, Tom Chase, Aiden Shaw, Brad Stone, Brad Mitchell, Jeff Palmer, Kris Lord, Cliff Parker, Hal Rockland & More

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