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Falcon LIVE: Get 2 It

Falcon LIVE: Get 2 It
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191 min

Jasun Mark

    all models over 18    
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Andre Donovan
Beau Butler
Cade Maddox
Cole Connor

Colton Reece
Devin Franco
Drew Valentino
Luca del Rey
Michael Boston

The live stream is up and running with fans across the world watching as Falcon | NakedSword Exclusives Andre Donovan and Luca del Rey settle into a pre-fuck interview that’s all about Andre entering his slutty versatile era – and the importance of big dick energy. With the tips rolling in, Luca kicks off the live sex show by busting out his muscular bubble butt for Andre to rim. Luca then gets to go down and suck off Andre’s massive member as the hung porn star grabs and pulls at his long hair. After getting a taste of Andre’s ass, Luca 69s with his fellow Falcon Studios star and then takes a seat on his pulsing cock. He rides Andre’s bareback meat before getting fucked on his back with his legs in the air. Now on all-fours with Andre pounding him from behind, Luca moans as his partner pulls out to unload cum all over his crack. Still hard, Andre’s used dick then goes from Luca’s hole to his mouth as the two performers joke around naked on the couch.
47  minutes
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A record number of fans have tuned in to watch Falcon | NakedSword Exclusives Cade Maddox and Beau Butler fuck bareback for the first time in this sizzling cam show. Before Beau gets dominated by every girthy inch of Cade’s award-winning cock, the guys answer fan questions and discuss their nipples, that time Dr. Cade became an internet meme, and where both most like to cum. When it’s finally time to fuck, Beau wraps his lips around Cade’s big dick as Cade uses his fingers to toy with the furry bottom’s hole. The sounds of virtual tips fill the room as Cade rims Beau’s thick muscle ass and slides his XXL rod in to fill and satisfy the hunk’s manhole. Cade’s dick goes from Beau’s ass to his mouth before the two end this long-anticipated fuck by beating their cocks and unleashing their healthy loads.
31  minutes
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Falcon | NakedSword Exclusive Drew Valentino is seated with bubble-assed porn star Michael Boston for their first-ever live cam show together. With fans from around the globe hanging on their every word, the two answer questions about their favorite sex positions, what makes a good top, and Michael’s famously round cheeks before getting down to business. Michael breaks out his juicy ass so Drew can bury his tongue inside it. Wearing only a jockstrap, Michael returns the favor by swallowing down Drew’s long hairy cock and 69ing with the big dick porn star. The audience gets a full view of Michael’s award-winning ass as he rides Drew’s bareback meat on the couch and gets on his knees to be fucked from behind. After several more positions across the sofa, Michael blasts cum all over Drew’s body hair, with Drew then nutting directly onto Michael’s thick cakes.
37  minutes
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Gay porn superstar Devin Franco and bearded hunk Brogan team up for a Falcon Live cam show that has already melted thousands of screens. Their revealing pre-fuck interview touches on Brogan’s fraternity past, Devin’s bondage fantasies, and finally a pec bounce-off. Once they get to the bareback show, Brogan spreads Devin’s ass cheeks wide to finger and rim the porn star before sliding his pierced cock in and pounding him from behind. Devin’s then gets his turn at some raw action as he slides his gorgeous big dick into Brogan’s beefy bubble butt. Following a quick break for a mid-flip-fuck interview, Brogan uses both his hands to choke Devin until the versatile bottom is covering his own body hair in jizz -- and Brogan is breeding Devin’s famous hole.
41  minutes
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35  minutes
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An unprecedented number of fans from around the world are glued to their screens as Falcon Studios teams up with the most famous Falcon | NakedSword Exclusives and other top industry talent for an array of intimate interviews and live cam shows in ‘Falcon LIVE: Get 2 It’. Directed by Jasun Mark and broadcast on Falcon Live, this new studio feature is the only place to hear your favorite porn stars reveal what really gets them hot-and-bothered, discuss their fraternity pasts, and interact with fans before stripping down on the couch for some raw, unfiltered action. First up are Andre Donovan and Luca del Rey. As the virtual tips from the live stream come rolling in, Luca busts out his muscular bubble butt for Andre’s big dick to bareback. Next, superstars Cade Maddox and Beau Butler come together to have sex for the first time ever with Cade using his XXL member to stuff the hairy cheeks of his fellow Falcon model. Then, Drew Valentino and Michael Boston reunite to dish on what makes a good top and talk all about Michael’s famous bubble butt before Drew buries his huge cock into his partner’s award-winning cakes. Not wanting to be left out of the fun, Brogan pops his Falcon Live cherry by popping his pierced cock into hot hunk Devin Franco and then taking Devin’s fat dick in return. Viewers stay tuned to watch Cole Connor and Colton Reece get down-and-dirty in their first on-camera hookup. Cole deepthroats and bottoms for Colton’s thick dick until both are unloading buckets of cum for their more-than-satisfied fans.

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