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Father Figure

Father Figure
  • 3-Way
  • Anal Sex
  • Chainfucking
  • Kissing
  • Oral Sex
  • Rimming
  • Showering
  • Voyeurism
159 min

Brian Mills, Joe Gage

    all models over 18    
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Brett Matthews

Chris Brady

Cliff Rhodes

Colby Keller

Drew Peters

Hans Ebson

Jace Hunter

Jake Deckard

Marc West

Michael Ray

Owen Hawk

Sean Paris

Thomas Bond

The buddies feast on Brady`s perfect white ass and sweet smooth hole, and when Brady sits on Bond`s face, their creamy cum flies. Without pause, the over-excited Bond pulls on a rubber and rocks Brady`s ass until all three can`t help shooting again.
22  minutes
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Young ranch hands Hans Ebson and Owen Hawk take time out from shoveling manure to chew each other’s sweaty foreskins. After foreman Michael Ray finds them, they’re soon bucking under his nasty butt plunging. He’s got some unusual farming tools — a leather thong and a big fat dildo. Owen’s a rookie at the ranch and needs to be shown the ropes. With some eager turn-about, the two wild bucks jam their sticky joints up each other’s holes, and a sweaty triple fuck results in a massive man-juice spew, Ray’s great white load flying over Owen’s head at the speed of lightening. As we all know, once is never enough. In no time at all, there’s heavy breathing and jizz flying in all directions.
36  minutes
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Backpacking waif Drew Peters has found refuge from the rain inside the desolate office of an abandoned mine. Drew is giving his sturdy All-American boner its nightly workout when two fully uniformed highway patrol officers come poking around, and he quickly hides. Certifiable “daddy” Marc West has brought his smooth and tattooed young rookie Sean Paris to this lonely spot for some manhandling make-out. But as Sean slathers hot saliva over West’s hairy torso, they see Drew watching them. Caught relieving their secret lust, they pummel Drew with fierce punishment. West commands Sean to fuck Drew, and West shoves his threatening rod into Sean’s rookie rump, making a three-man chain of pile driving cock. Before the officers are finished, the trio have shot double loads of cum onto each other’s sweat-slick bodies. Having discharged their duty, the officers
31  minutes
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Colby Keller’s so straitlaced he shows up for work on his wedding day. The Lifeguard Captain sends him home, where Keller confesses to his father-in-law to be, Cliff Rhodes. He’s inexperienced. And horny, from saving it for tonight. Rubbing his stiffening rod, Rhodes offers to help his son-in-law practice. “Yeah,” Keller hesitantly agrees. “That might be a good idea.” A pair of solid boners pop out of pants. Keller’s mesmerized by Rhode’s whopper, and Joe Gage’s cock obsession is hypnotically indulged as the two men face off, jacking their meat. But it’s not far from there to sucking it, and Keller learns he likes his cock deep in Rhodes’ throat. Keller’s fat tool bulges even bigger as he kneels and savors a man’s cock for the first time. “Oh, sir,” Keller gasps, “I think I’m gonna cum!” “Call me Dad,” Rhodes drawls, and the pair pop out double loads of prick juice. “Now I’m going to fuck you.” Rhodes spit-lubes Keller’s pristine asshole, and every inch of Rhodes’ mammoth meat disappears into Keller’s over-sensitive first-timer’s hole as the young man squats and rides. Rides like he’s been to the rodeo before, reaming his ass but good. Once again, the men erupt simultaneously, sending loads soaring overhead like rocket launchers.
41  minutes
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Brett and Jake cross paths every once in a while. Brett’s boy-next-door freshness always gets Jake going, and Brett knows just what Jake’s got going in his jeans. He’s got an awfully tasty looking cock himself, and after they’ve slipped into Jake’s shower, the smooth white bone easily parts Jake’s lips. The men groove on finger fucking each other’s furry assholes until their pretty cocks spit. And then Brett climbs on board Jake’s steel rod, and rides like fury ‘til another round of ball batter blasts outta both hot and sweaty fuckers
29  minutes
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A strong older man that younger guys can look up to is what Father Figure is all about. Hot, hung and hairy older guys teach younger guys how to take it like a man! From a super hung future father-in-law giving wedding night advice to a ripped and hairy Coach showing a younger player how to handle the balls! Father Figure gives you the very best of older and younger TitanMen getting it on. Leading the pack of hot Dads are TitanMen exclusives Dirk Jaeger, Jake Deckard and Cliff Rhodes showing us how a real man gives and takes it. 6 of the hottest intergenerational TitanMen scenes are yours for the taking! If you like hot older guys getting it on with younger guys begging for some hot man cock this one can’t be missed!

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