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Feels So Good

Feels So Good
Hot House
  • 3-Way
  • Anal Sex
  • Bareback
  • Kissing
  • Oral Sex
  • Rimming
128 min

Ryan Brian

    all models over 18    
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Devin Franco

Eli Shaw

Hazel Hoffman

Jack Waters

Max Konnor

Theo Brady

Ty Santana

Every night, Cristiano looks forward to tasting the cock of his best friend, Hazel Hoffman. With both muscle twunks naked in Hazel’s bed, Cristiano goes down on his pal’s big dick before Hazel buries his face between Cristiano’s perfectly smooth cheeks. Ready for more, Hazel goes balls-deep in Cristiano’s ass and barebacks his cock-hungry hole until the bottom’s mouth is agape and he’s shooting his wad
27  minutes
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The second the front door closes, Ty Santana and Theo Brady’s hands are all over each other with Theo then dropping down to suck off Ty’s big dick. Theo, using the dining room table for support, gets an assful of Theo’s bareback cock as the ripped muscle top pounds him out. Then, with Theo on his back shooting ropes of cum, Ty gets a taste for the bottom’s nut right before pulling out his raw dick to unload.
27  minutes
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Eli Shaw is used to coming home and seeing roomie Devin Franco jerking off on the couch, but he never gets tired of helping his big dick friend drain his meat. Instantly, Eli drops down to swallow his pal as Devin uses his phone to record Eli’s expert cocksucking abilities. Then, after some 69ing and Devin face-fucking Eli, Eli opens up to get barebacked by Devin’s girthy hog until the muscled top is blessing him with a creamy facial.
23  minutes
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If roommates Hazel Hoffman, Ty Santana, and Jack Waters are hanging out at home, that can only mean their dicks are out and ready for a hot-andheavy threeway. During today’s fuck fest, the twunky trio is putting their mouths to good use as they form a cocksucking triangle and a rimming train. Next, the anal action begins as Jack slides his hard cock into Ty’s ass all while Ty raw-fucks Hazel’s hole. Still in the middle, Ty then gets spit-roasted by his bareback buds until he’s on his back and coated in cum.
23  minutes
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Hung muscle stud Max Konnor doesn’t even bother taking off Cristiano’s thong as he begins servicing the young bottom’s smooth hole. Sliding the thin strip of fabric to the side, Max goes in deep with his tongue before using his ten inches to bareback Cristiano and pump him full of meat. Max’s big dick goes from ass-to-mouth and Cristiano’s eyes roll into the back of his head as the two fuck all over the dining room until they’re blowing loads onto Cristiano’s naked body.
28  minutes
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With dicks this big and holes this delicious, you already know that it ‘Feels So Good’ to be fucked by these Hot House hunks. Whether they’re roommates, best friends, or just good old-fashioned fuck buddies, these guys know how to drain one another and fully satisfy each other’s every need. Take Hazel Hoffman, for example. He knows that his lifelong pal Cristiano is obsessed with his raw cock, and he’s more than happy to feed into Cristiano’s sexual infatuation with a nightly dick-down. Ty Santana and Theo Brady can’t even get ten feet in the door before their hands are all over each other and Theo is taking Ty’s rod. Eli Shaw is used to coming home and seeing roomie Devin Franco jerking off on the couch, but he never gets tired of helping his big dick friend drain his meat. Speaking of horny roommates, Hazel Hoffman, Ty Santana, and Jack Waters are the perfect example of three twunks who can’t get enough of each other’s bodies and are constantly breaking away for bareback threesomes. As for Max Konnor, he doesn’t even bother taking off Cristiano’s thong before he begins rimming and pounding the fucker’s smooth cheeks across the dining table.

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