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90 min

Falk Lux

    all models over 18    
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Alex Pain
Andy Stone
Kallum Ash
Max Schneider
Nathan Kain

Phil Reflex
Sascha Steighenberger
Steve Flick
Tom Stein
Troy Bolton

Totally fascinated, the sweet Alex flicks through a mysterious comic which he finds in an old porno shop. The story in the comic becomes reality and Alex suddenly finds himself in the middle of a round of strip poker. But the four other players are cheating with marked cards, as they have Alex’s boyish bubble butt in their sights. The permanently horny Tom in particular dreams of sinking his fat boner into the fresh man-pussy as soon as he can. When Alex loses the deciding round, the others pounce on him and an orgy ensues.
18  minutes
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Brice is an attractive Mediterranean type in his early 20’s and a DJ in Berlin’s hottest club – “Irrenhouse”. He has many fans and can choose the hottest guys for his sexual adventures. Tonight Brice has the attractive Daniel in his sights. In the club’s toilets he gets his chance: he goes to take a piss and stands next to Daniel and starts to play with his boner until it gets hard. Daniel can’t resist this invitation, so he eagerly gets down on his knees for a horny face fuck. Then when party boy Moskito turns up the time is ripe for a threesome, as his 9” megameat really is the ultimate sex toy. The dudes fuck each other using all available holes until finally the sweaty sex session comes to a juicy end.
26  minutes
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Those who like something a bit harder will certainly find this fisting scene to their taste. When he is allowed to suck his master’s pierced dick, young skinhead Ben quickly becomes a devote slut. The dominant Robert, however, has other things in mind for his little toy. Lying down in a medical chair, Ben has to swallow a full load of piss, before his owner gets stuck into Ben’s greedy hole. Thorough anal stretching with a giant dildo is on the agenda, before the passive slut is ready to be fisted…
17  minutes
Just turned 18, Phil is a little sweetie and of course his head is full of horny fantasies. In the park he starts getting horny over a group of football players and finally even has the courage to follow the well-toned Max (33) into the changing room. Under the shower the guy with the sexy washboard stomach is not averse to a quick adventure and rams his juicy cock into Phil’s greedy mouth. When the sportsman really gets going he ultimately wants to fuck Phil’s tight young man-pussy…
10  minutes
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Whilst out on the lake, surferboy Alex has an accident with the yacht “MS Insomnia”. When the sailors pull him out the water, they give him a special sort of first aid, as mouth-to-mouth resuscitation, which the sweet sailor Troy gives to the victim, soon becomes a passionate French kiss. When the captain then gets involved, a sweaty group sex session is soon in full swing. Greedy holes are then filled in turn…
19  minutes
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Totally fascinated, the sweet Alex flicks through a mysterious comic which he finds in an old porno shop. The story in the comic becomes reality for Alex. Watch Now!

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