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Filled Up With Cum

Filled Up With Cum
Lucas Entertainment
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151 min

Michael Lucas

    all models over 18    
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Allen King

Dylan James

Gabriel Phoenix

Gustavo Cruz

Jim Fit

Marco Antonio

Rico Marlon

Sir Peter

Andre Donovan
Andrea Suarez
Andrey Vic
Ruslan Angelo

Allen King sucks and fucks Sir Peter and Marco Antonio on Lucas Entertainment in this gay bareback sex scene! Talk about a Papa Bear, Papa Bear, and Baby Bear scenario between three all-star Lucas Men like Sir Peter, Marco Antonio, and Allen King. The production team knows well that Allen King is bursting with youthful energy and enthusiasm whenever he’s on the set of a Lucas Entertainment production, and there’s never been a cock he’s been afraid to take. Even when the idea of starring in a threesome with Marco and Sir Peter was floated, he was excited to strip down and get started. The three begin spending time together causally out on the lanai enjoying beverages before moving into the wading pool. Before long, though, Allen King’s mouth and ass are stuffed to full capacity thanks to the huge uncut alpha cocks of Sir Peter and Marco Antonio.
42  minutes
Content & Stars...
Jim Fit takes double penetration from Andre Donovan and Gabriel Phoenix in this gay bareback sex scene exclusively on Lucas Entertainment! Gabriel Phoenix and Jim Fit have been spending a lot of time together. They have a lot of chemistry in and out of the bedroom—but when they are together, alone and naked and hard, that’s when the energy heats up and explodes. But, without Jim knowing, Gabriel also had a thing going on the side with the handsome and hung Andre Donovan. Jim Fit isn’t a selfish guy, though, so when Gabriel floats the idea of inviting Andre over for a threesome, Jim is into the idea. Andre Donovan is always hard and horny, and if the guys are hot enough and meet his standard, he’s more than up for a new fling. Well, when Jim Fit strips down for both Gabriel Phoenix and Andre Donovan, they can hardly keep their hands off of his beautifully sculpted body. Both Andre and Gabriel are so turned on that they push Jim Fit to his limits by double penetrating his ass!
50  minutes
Content & Stars...
Allen King bottoms for Gustavo Cruz and Andrey Vic in this bareback gay threesome exclusively on Lucas Entertainment! You’d think after getting thoroughly slammed down his throat and up his ass by Sir Peter and Marco Antonio that Allen King would be worn out and in need of a break. But Allen King requires no rest, so when Gustavo Cruz and Andrey Vic approach Allen King for some fun, he is all for the chance to jump their bones. Allen quickly gets started doing what he does best—sucking uncut cock. Andrey Vic has a big fat uncut dick between his legs, and Gustavo Cruz has an even bigger uncut dick between his, so Allen King’s second round is going to be as much of a challenge as the first one was. But hey, that’s what Allen is all about!
36  minutes
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Dylan James, Rico Marlon, Ruslan Angelo, and Andrea Suarez fuck raw in this bareback sex scene on Lucas Entertainment! If there are two giant cocks that are worthy of the utmost oral and anal attention, then it’s those of Lucas Entertainment exclusive models Dylan James and Rico Marlon. And the two guys who are ready to surrender their throats and bitch holes to Dylan and Rico are Ruslan Angelo and Andrea Suarez. Dylan James and Rico Marlon switch between topping their two bottoms, but eventually they want to see how much Andrea can take, so the two tops double-fuck him!
23  minutes
Content & Stars...
With all of the hard dicks and full balls ready for action on set, the Lucas Men are ready to get FILLED UP WITH CUM! Allen King sucks and fucks Sir Peter and Marco Antonio. Jim Fit gets double penetrated by Andre Donovan and Gabriel Phoenix. Dylan James and Rico Marlon take turns pumping Ruslan Angelo and Andrea Suarez. And Allen King returns for the uncut cocks of Gustavo Cruz and Andrey Vic!

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