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Fire Island Cruising 8

Fire Island Cruising 8
Lucas Entertainment
  • 3-Way
  • Anal Sex
  • Ass Play
  • Foot Play
  • Oral Sex
110 min

Michael Lucas

    all models over 18    
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Andy Hunter

Chad Hunt

Derrick Hanson

Erik Grant

Kent Larson

Michael Lucas

Owen Hawk

Josh Buchanan

As episode 8 opens, lovers Andy Hunter and Erik Grant are still trying to work out their relationship problems. As their horny houseguests look for fun on the island, the couple deals with their monogamy issues. But superstar Lucas exclusive Chad Hunt doesn't have time for such things. He's too busy cruising hunky Derrick Hanson on the boardwalk. After retiring to a private room, Hanson gets right to work on Hunt's monstrous dick. Hunt does some cocksucking himself, before taking control of Hanson's sweet butthole. After giving it a good tongue bath, Hunt does some toe fucking then uses his massive tool to pound the grateful bottom. After being impaled on Hunt's pole for a good long while, Hanson pumps out a big juicy load. Hunt jacks himself to completion, and both men leave satisfied with their sweaty, late-night session. (Extras include some additional behind-the-scenes oral action.)
25  minutes
Horndog Erik Grant can't help himself from hitting the hot tub with sexy Kent Larson. As they relax in the steamy bubbles, Larson begins some long, slow sucking of Grant's perfect piece and eats his tasty bubble butt too. Grant repays the favor with a good, solid pounding that results in his squirting his seed all over chiseled Larson. Kent finishes himself off with an amazing release, and Grant goes to look for his boyfriend, who is doing some Fire Island cruising of his own.
18  minutes
While Grant is off getting himself into hot water, Andy Hunter decides to have some fun of his own with Josh Buchanan. First, the studs perform some 69 on each other, then Buchanan pleasures Hunter by munching on his ass. Longtime top man Hunter works his long pole into Buchanan but then has a surprise for fans as he flips for his partner (an on-screen first!). And the scene isn't over until Hunter delivers one of his famous pop shots, which never fail to impress. But before the cum flies, Erik Grant happens upon the pair as they play, and Hunter is busted. Can this relationship be saved?
19  minutes
Porn superstar Michael Lucas is walking his dog on the beach when he encounters sweet-faced John Lamb, who is enjoying a morning stroll. Soon, the manly mogul and the boyish twink are swapping spit. Lucas and Lamb trade blowjobs, and Lucas works on Lamb's feet with his mouth. Then he moves on to Lamb's rump, ramming his large Russian meat into the Lucas exclusive's tight hole. Lamb pops his jizz then helps Lucas spew his own. It must have been a yummy batch as Lucas can't resist a taste!
24  minutes
Erik Grant decides that he and Andy Hunter should work out their problems with the help of supercute Owen Hawk. He brings the beefy boy back to the house, and the three hunks hit the sheets for some cocksucking and buttfucking. Once again, Hunter gets his hole worked, both orally and by Grant's oversize tool. Hawk also joins in the fun, topping Hunter and getting topped by Grant. Finally resolving their issues, the happy couple both shoot all over Hawk's hairy chest, and the sun sets on this award-winning saga!
21  minutes
2007 GRABBY NOMINEE - People's Choice Award

Director Michael Lucas brings down the curtain on his popular gay-porn soap opera with the eighth and final episode of the FIRE ISLAND CRUISING series. In this installment, veteran top man Andy Hunter goes bottom's up for the first time on-screen in two scorching scenes. Favorite exclusives Chad Hunt and John Lamb, among the many other hot men of Lucas Entertainment, take a final romp at the seaside resort where hot sex is as sure as the sunrise.


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