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Fire In The Foxhole

Fire In The Foxhole
Club Inferno
  • Ass Play
  • Dildo
  • Fisting
  • Kissing
  • Oral Sex
  • Rimming
75 min

Christian Owen

    all models over 18    
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Alessio Romero
Anthony London
Cylus Kohan
Drew Sebastian

Jackson Lawless
Jordano Santoro
Mitch Vaughn

It’s a hot night in the barracks so Drew Sebastian strips naked and kicks back to jack and wait for a buddy to come slurp on his foot-long cock. Jordano Santoro catches Drew in the act and can’t resist getting on his knees to swallow Drew’s huge pierced monster. Jordano gags on Drew’s cock then bends him over to explore his hairy butthole. He pulls on his black latest gloves and lubes up Drew’s manhole so he can shove his fist up his ass. This is not Drew’s first time bent over a barrel; he opens his hole and takes Jordano’s fist like a pro then pushes out a bright red rosebud.
22  minutes
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Hirsute hunk Anthony London finds Jackson Lawless on his back with his notorious hole in the air ready to get fisted. Anthony grabs a turkey baster full of lube and preps Jackson’s hole for his giant hands. He covers his gloved fists and forearms with the lube and expertly begins probing Jackson’s tight ass. In no time he’s working his fat fist in and out of Jackson, massaging his prostate from the inside out. Jackson flips over and gets on all fours, allowing Anthony to shove even more of his forearm deep inside the willing bottom’s manhole. Anthony notices that Jackson’s got a hard on so he grabs onto the man meat with his free hand and jacks a load out of him until he shoots all over the barracks.
17  minutes
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Things heat up in the foxhole when Alessio Romero strokes his thick dick by the fire. Cylus Kohan steps out for a cigarette and can’t resist smoking Alessio’s pole instead. He gives the furry Latino stud a juicy blow job then bends over and offers Alessio his round boy-butt. Alessio rims him then pulls on his rubber gloves to go deep in the kid’s hole. Alessio probes Cylus until he pops a rosebud then stands up to jack a load all over the horny pig-bottom.
17  minutes
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Mitch Vaughn and Drew Sebastian, two of the biggest studs in the barracks, hook up for an afternoon of assplay. Drew lies back on a bench and works a huge dildo in and out of his hole while Mitch watches and spits on the nasty pig-bottom. Mitch decides to take over and starts by pumping Drew’s ass full of lube. He grabs the 2-foot long fake cock and shoves it deep inside Drew, massaging his prostate and making his cock grow. Drew jacks his 9” pierced cock while Mitch grabs the giant rubber beads and forces all four of them into Drew’s hungry hole. Mitch shoves the entire string of anal beads into Drew’s ass and both hunks jack their dicks. Drew shoots thick ropes of cum from his enormous cannon, followed by Mitch who blows his load all over Drew’s furry stomach, cock and balls.
19  minutes
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Club Inferno invades a Palm Springs army compound overrun with twisted fist-pigs who deliver so much scorching-hot action there`s Fire In The Foxhole. These horned up handballers work the barracks on their backs with their holes open 24-hours a day, ready to take the next big toy or man-sized fist that comes along. Feel the heat of Fire In The Foxhole!

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