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The Swords: First Mission

The Swords: First Mission
NS Originals
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124 min

Marc MacNamara

    all models over 18    
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Andre Donovan

Cade Maddox

Dani Robles

Dean Young

Josh Moore

Logan Moore

Pol Prince

Sean Austin

Swords agent Pol Prince knows that porn star Cade Maddox is up to something sinister, but little does he know, mastermind Cade is already sixty-nine steps ahead of him. Not looking to discuss business with an undrained cock, Cade convinces Pol to go down on him before slipping a pill into the secret agent’s open mouth with his talented tongue. Cade returns the oral favor by burying his face between Pol’s smooth cheeks while submerged in the private pool of their Parisian bathhouse. Echoed sounds of thrashing water fill the tiled room as Pol enters the water and Cade enters Pol’s hole. The hung top’s girthy, bareback dick fucks and fills Pol across the European bathhouse and with Pol on his back, the bottom finally blows, eats up his own load, and gets on his knees to swallow down his partner’s thick nut. Unfortunately for Pol, the heartthrob agent is about to discover that Cade’s cum may just be his very last meal.
31  minutes
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The Swords’ newest recruit Andre Donovan just landed in Paris and fellow porn star secret agent Dean Young is already debriefing him on their mission to stop Cade Maddox from distributing a life-threatening truth pill. Before their meeting is finished though, two diehard gay porn fans snap photos of them and unknowingly publish Andre’s coordinates. Now, to cover up the real reason for Andre being in Europe, Dean suggests that the two record some content together. Andre happily agrees and soon, Dean is sucking down Andre’s oversized cock and bending over for Andre to spit in his hole. Once the hung top’s long dick slides into Dean’s ass, Andre lifts Dean’s entire body and works up a sweat as he uses the twunk as his own personal sex toy. Dean’s bare cheeks turn bright red as Andre pounds his ass and the cameras record Andre fucking him non-stop in the lavish hotel suite. A few more bareback thrusts have both men cumming all over Dean’s junk right before Dean receives an unexpected visit from a dangerous visitor.
24  minutes
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While mastermind Cade Maddox watches over a suspicious Andre Donovan, Josh Moore is taking captive Dean Young into a private back room of a historic Parisian bathhouse. Laying on his stomach with his hands tightly bound behind his back, Dean gives in and wraps his mouth around Josh’s nine inches while his hung captor manhandles his smooth cheeks. Josh continues to work the twunk’s hole as he rims and 69s Dean before using his XXL dick to bareback the young performer. The top’s tan-lined ass bobs up and down as he thrusts himself into a self-stroking Dean until each of them are busting all over Dean’s naked body and Josh is going in to lick up their pools of fresh jizz. Drained and satisfied, Josh now only has seconds to get dressed and return to assist Cade on the other side of the bathhouse.
23  minutes
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Twisted fucker Cade Maddox is counting on chemists Logan Moore and Sean Austin to finish formulating his truth pill, but instead of rushing to get back to their top-secret lab in Lanzarote, these muscled men would rather pull off-road to fuck in this island’s vast outdoor spaces. Just outside of their car, Sean goes down on Logan’s uncut rod before exposing his muscular bubble butt and climbing up for his partner to tongue his hole. Needing more privacy, the two rush back to a private patio where the two 69 and Sean bottoms for some bareback chemist cock. A bearded Logan slams his dick into Sean as the beefy bottom points his hole to the sky and his head on the ground. Now laying on his back, Sean strokes out a fat load before his hairy top smothers his face with a creamy facial.
24  minutes
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Dani Robles just saved Andre Donovan’s ass from certain death and to thank the bearded secret agent, Andre has decided to break away from the busy Paris streets to stuff Dani full of his lengthy cock. Dani strips out of his suit and swallows Andre’s inches like a pro before getting on all fours for Andre to fully service his furry, tattooed ass. The new Swords agent manhandles Dani’s body as he passionately rims and non-stop fucks his hole – only pausing the bareback play to get a taste of Dani’s delicious dick. Now on his back and completely naked except for his sheer knee-high socks, Dani spits out a wet load all over his own body hair and opens up as Andre pulls out to cum on his tongue.
22  minutes
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Fresh off his training to join an elite group of porn star secret agents, new recruit Andre Donovan is jetting off to France for his ‘First Mission’. Directed by the award-winning Marc MacNamara and filmed on location in Paris and Lanzarote, this third installment of the ‘The Swords’ saga sees this Falcon | NakedSword Exclusive teaming up with a crew of international gay porn stars in an attempt to thwart Cade Maddox and Josh Moore as they gear up to distribute a life-threatening truth pill that transforms your everyday lies into a real-life truth. Deep in a Parisian bathhouse, Swords agent Pol Prince is the first to try and stop this evil plot, but is quickly foiled when he comes face-to-face with Cade Maddox’s talented tongue. Dean Young can’t be seen in public with Andre Donovan for fear of their secret mission being blown, so as a cover for why Andre is in Paris, the twunk suggests they film some fan content together. The impromptu hookup ends with Dean Young being taken by Josh Moore though and soon the young agent finds himself tied up and being fucked by his hung captor in the back room of a bathhouse. Over in Lanzarote, chemists Logan Moore and Sean Austin are supposed to be finalizing the formula for Cade Maddox’s truth pill, but are instead taking a break with some roadside public play. As they fail to deliver the finalized pill on time, special agent Dani Robles teams up with Andre Donovan to stop Cade Maddox and Josh Moore from poisoning the world with this dangerous drug. Will these men stop these menacing schemes and dubious clan of bad guys? Will good prevail when this international showdown comes to an explosive faceoff? All will be revealed as Andre Donovan aligns himself with the world’s top bareback agents to complete his very ‘First Mission’!

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