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Fist Bus

Fist Bus
Raging Stallion
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106 min

Tom Moore

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Ashley Ryder

Cody Winter

Mike Tanner

Nate Grimes

Ashley Ryder is stranded in the desert when Cody Winter comes to his rescue. The two make a bit of small talk before Ashley hops into Cody`s bus and the two take off as Cody`s friend takes the wheel. After some pit-licking worship, Ashley gets Cody out of his pants and starts sucking on his fat, uncut cock. Cody needs to see what Ashley`s hole looks like and bends the stud over in the back to lick his ass. He rims the hole in front of him until Ashley begs to get fucked. The stranded traveler offers up his ass and Cody happily accepts the offer when he slips his cock deep inside the hot stranger. Ashley is nice and loose when he asks for something bigger up his butt. Cody flashes his fist and soon the blond stud is wrist deep inside Ashley`s sloppy hole. They continue driving around, hitting bumps and enhancing Ashley`s experience as Cody slides even further inside. When Cody hits elbow deep, Ashley gives himself permission to let the cum fly and slathers himself with a sticky white load.
25  minutes
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After Ashley gets his hole stretched to the limit, the `Fist Bus` pulls over for the guys to have a cigarette break. Cody asks for Ashley to return the fisting favor and soon the guys are back on their way with Cody bent over in the back waiting for Ashley to stretch him out. Ashley lubes up his gloved fists and takes turns sliding each of them into Cody`s hungry hole. He works his way up to full entry by getting the blond stud nice and loose with his fingers. Cody knows that he can take Ashley full on and moans out the deeper Ashley goes. Ashley gets wrist deep into Cody`s smooth asshole and twists his hands as he works the hole, widening it even more and giving Cody all the pleasure he can handle. Ashley is aggressive with his pumping and Cody begs for him to fist fuck him harder. Ashley does as he`s told and drills the hunk until the sun goes down and until Cody blasts a load all over the back of the bus.
18  minutes
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Hunky daddy, Mike Tanner, is hitchhiking in the hot desert sun. Horny and all alone by the side of the road, he gets picked up by Nate Grimes in his bus. “Let`s drive, we got a hot one here!” Nate calls out to the driver. Mike knows what he needs to do to earn his keep on the bus and gets busy making out with Nate as they slowly make their way out of their clothes. Mike is the first to buckle and opens wide to get Nate`s big hairy cock down his wide-open throat. Nate soon finds out that Mike`s throat isn`t the only thing that`s wide when he slips his hard cock deep into the hitchhiker`s ass. “I want that fist!” Mike calls out. Nate obliges Mike`s needs and lubes up his hands to go wrist deep into the hungry daddy`s hole. Nate pounds away, giving Mike everything he`s been missing on his days on the road. Mike flips over to get a deeper feel and so that he can look his aggressor in the eye before he lets loose and pops a load all over his big, hairy sack. When Nate sees that he`s given Mike the ultimate pleasure, he pulls out to reveal Mike`s wrecked hole with instructions to his new friend that it`s time to switch it up.
31  minutes
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It was a long and bumpy ride for Mike Tanner with Nate Grimes` fist up his ass. After a quick break to stretch their legs, the studs hop back into the bus for round two. This time it`s Nate`s hole that`s about to get wrecked and he can`t wait to feel Mike`s big manly hands inside of him. Mike gloves up and gets his hands slick with lube as Nate squats down and takes the daddy`s closed fist by sitting on it. Nate does all the dirty work as Mike lies back and lets the stud ride his hand up and down. Nate can`t get enough and goes deeper down Mike`s thick arm with every bounce from his squatting position. Nate is ready to have Mike do some of the work and bends over to let the stud plug his hole with an even deeper fist. There seems to be no end to the size of Nate`s gaping hairy hole as he begs for Mike to remove his boots. Nate wants to show that he can go even further as he sits on Mike`s large foot and shows off his rosebud as he blasts a load of pent-up jizz all over the back of the bus.
32  minutes
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The `Fist Bus` is coming and you won`t want to miss this ride. Take off your pants, lube up your gaping ass, and get ready to drive to Vegas with a crew of four hot studs who just want their assholes destroyed. Hop in and enjoy the ride because the next stop isn`t until after you bust a load. Ashley Ryder is stranded in the desert when Cody Winter rescues him in his bus. After some pit worship action, Ashley is bent over with Cody`s fist, elbow deep inside his gaping ass. Ashley and Cody go for round two in the back of the bus, but this time it`s Cody`s turn to get drilled. Ashley goes in to loosen Cody up with both fists before he gets wrist deep into the blonde stud and makes him blast a load. Hunky daddy, Mike Tanner, is hitchhiking in the hot desert sun when he gets picked up by Nate Grimes. The two studs head to the back of the bus where Nate lubes up his fists and discovers that Mike`s asshole is actually deeper than his throat. Nate wants to prove that he can take Mike`s big meaty hands and hops on to ride the daddy`s closed fist. When he`s good and loosened up, Nate instructs Mike to take off his boots and then gets a giant manly foot up his ass. The next time you`re on a road trip in the desert, be on the lookout for the `Fist Bus`, because that`s where you`ll find all the hole-stretching action that you`ll be able to handle!

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