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Fist Deep

Fist Deep
TitanMen Rough
  • 3-Way
  • Anal Sex
  • Dildo
  • Fisting
  • Kissing
  • Oral Sex
  • Rimming
  • Watersports
128 min

Paul Wilde

    all models over 18    
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Alessio Romero
Aymeric Deville
Dirk Caber
Junior Stellano

Lance Navarro
Mack Manus
Spencer Reed
Tibor Wolfe

Inked and shaved-headed Aymeric Deville, in a latex tank top and jock, swaps spit with Lance Navarro, looking lean and smooth in leather chaps and harness. Aymeric`s huge-headed cock stands proud, a thick steel ball stretcher wrapped around his balls. Lance fucks the Frenchman`s face with his long slab of uncut, thick-veined pipe, slapping it against the bearded man`s lips. Then Aymeric`s returns the favor, letting Lance feast on his fat engorged cock. Lance pushes Aymeric down a bench, punching his chest while fucking and slapping his face. He pulls Aymeric`s jock off, pushes his legs back, and tongues Aymeric`s smooth hole. Ordering Aymeric on all fours, Lance slaps his ass, teasing the stud for the hard fuck he`s about to endure. Lance slowly pushes his huge cock in the perfect round ass, Aymeric groaning while trying to take the monster. Lance pushes all the way up to his pierced scrotum and slaps Aymeric`s ass while he piston-fucks him. Lance pulls out, flips Aymeric on his back, then aims a steady stream of piss all over his face, chest, and latex tank before aiming it into his mouth. Then Aymeric flips his top, shoving Lance down all fours before slowly pushing the massive head of a dildo up Lance`s smooth ass. Aymeric pummels him with the toy as the bottom moans in stunned pleasure. Aymeric pushes Lance on his back, spreads his legs, and lathers up his own fist. One finger at a time, Aymeric probes Lance`s smooth hole, adding a finger with each thrust, the two men gazing hard at each other as Aymeric pushes all the way into his thick, tanned forearms. Switching positions, Lance eases his ass lower and lower on Aymeric`s upturned arm, grunting out as he inches closer to the top`s elbow. Worked up to a frenzy, the two finish by jerking thick loads all over their piss-stained boots.
50  minutes
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Dirk Caber abducts Mack Manus -- clad in suit and tie -- at the door to his car. Mack wakes later in a dim room, tied to a chair with rope in his boxer shorts, as Dirk and Alessio Romero punch his beefy chest and spit in his open mouth. Terrified, Mack pisses all over his boxers. Dirk and Alessio work their captive over till his face is dripping with their piss and spit, then gets him to swallow each of their turgid rods. Mack`s uncut cock betrays him as it rises under their abuse. Dirk and Alessio mark their prey, buzzing Mack`s head with a pair of clippers as his thick muscles struggle against the ropes, his hair falling in clumps onto the piss-stained floor until he looks like a captive soldier. With Alessio out of the room, Mack yanks free of the ropes and overpowers his captor, pushing Dirk down on his back with the rope around his neck, making Dirk rim his hairy hole and shoving his thick uncut meat into Dirk`s mouth. Alessio returns and, turned on by the scene, feeds his hard cock to Dirk. Mack tongues Dirk`s furry hole, working it open with spit-slick fingers before soaking all of Dirk`s chiseled body with his piss. Mack and Alessio spit-roast Dirk, taking both of his holes. Mack`s balls slap against Dirk`s upturned ass as Alessio pisses all over the two studs. Mack takes his aggression out on his abductor`s ass, roughly slamming in and out of his hole. Then it`s Alessio`s turn as Mack works his meat into the Latin`s hole. Alessio urges his top on with moans and curses until Dirk and Mack dump thick white loads all over Alessio`s hairy tattooed chest, triggering Alessio`s own geyser of cum.
36  minutes
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Massive muscle man Spencer Reed, handsome buzz-headed Junior Stellano, and a furry, inked Tibor Wolfe, wearing latex chaps, swap spit and cock strokes in a dim-lit dungeon. The leather harnessed Spencer face-fucks Tibor, then aims a strong geyser of piss all over Tibor`s hole, slapping his ass until drops fly through the air. He gets his big cock into Tibor, holding tight to his waistband for leverage as he pounds away. Junior take his turn on Tibor`s hairy hole, fucking him hard until his balls slap the bottom`s cheeks. Junior pulls out and works his wet fingers into the stretched hole. Spencer grunts, "It`s your turn, boy," ordering Junior down on all fours so that Spencer can get his thick hard pipe all the way into Junior`s muscular ass with one shove. Spencer pulls out of Junior to spit on and slap his hole, then plows back in again. Then Spencer slams an enormous, ridged dildo into Tibor`s upturned ass. Tibor takes it like a trooper, grunting, his mouth firmly clamped around Junior`s cock. Spencer works the monster dildo all the way in, shaking it around to give Tibor`s prostate a good work-out. Spencer and Junior admire his stamina before shoving in a thicker dildo. Junior slides his entire fist into Tibor’s stretched hole as Spencer marks the bottom with another piss geyser. Then Spencer works his big hand slowly up into Tibor, opening the man`s ass enough to take his entire fist. Then Spencer urges Tibor to back up on both of Junior`s slick mitts. Junior punch-fucks Tibor with alternating fists, Tibor`s cock standing at attention as he opens up his deep red hole for Junior`s inspection. Lodging his fist firmly up the bottom’s ass, Junior urges Tibor to pound his meat until he erupts all over his hairy chest. In serious heat, Spencer and Junior dump their own thick loads of cum all over the blissed-out bottom.
42  minutes
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Plunge in FIST DEEP, the latest entry from TitanMen`s boundaries-defying fetish series, ROUGH. Director Paul Wilde and his cast of twisted TitanMen lead you through three scenes of hardcore man-on-man sex. FIST DEEP is guaranteed to stretch you to limits, featuring fisting, big toys, piss play, fucking, sucking, rimming, abduction, and some of the most intense ass-play you`ve ever seen.

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