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Fisting All-Stars

Fisting All-Stars
Club Inferno
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131 min

Robert Drake

    all models over 18    
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Danny Parker

Evan Matthews

Jason Sparks

Jessie Balboa

Jonathan Doe

Mike Power

Peter Dutch

Scott Tanner

Tyler Saint

Chris Young

MVPs Evan Matthews and Jonathan Doe report for some serious team training with horse-hung coach Mike Power. Both power-bottoms get on all fours for individual anal probes, then share a mammoth 20 lb. double-headed dildo. The real workout begins when Coach Power pulls out two baseball bats and urges the teammates to take them as far up their asses as possible. Power swings and jacks his own bat along with Doe who shoots his load all over Matthews and heads for the showers. Matthews stays behind to go the extra mile with Coach Power who throws him on his back and shoves his fist and forearm deep in Matthews` hole. Power rewards Matthews for his hard work with a cum shower from his massive cock.
33  minutes
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Danny Parker wants to be on the varsity wrestling team more than anything. When he shows up to Coach Tanner`s office to weigh in Tanner has to tell him he just doesn`t measure up. Unwilling to take no for an answer, young Parker gets on his knees to show the coach just how much he wants to get in. Tanner`s attention goes straight to the athlete`s fresh hole where he puts Parker to the test. After a series of huge dildos, anal beeds and eventually Tanner`s fist, Parker just might make the big leagues after all!
27  minutes
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Handsome soccer player Jessie Balboa kicks it into high gear when he finds himself alone on the field. He shows off for the camera, opening his big round ass before sitting down on a huge dildo. Proving himself the ulitmate fist-pig, Balboa grabs the top of the goal for support and shoves his own paw deep in his hole. Craving more depth he switches to the big guns: an eye-popping 3-foot latex cock. Balboa goes for the gold when he gets down and licks up his own load.
14  minutes
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Batting practice turns kinky when willing team player Peter Dutch bends over so MVP Tyler Saint can pull a jock out of his ass. Saint whips out his own 9` x 6` bat and fucks Dutch hard and deep, priming him for an assault of different sporting equipment and toys. After opening Dutch`s hole with two huge dildos, Saint shoves a 20 oz. plastic bottle of sports drink in his ass then makes him drink it. Next up, Saint lubricates a huge bat and works the hungry bottom into a frenzy. Don`t miss this XXX-rated tribute to the American past time that has got to be seen to be believed.
26  minutes
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Nobody gets dirty in the shower like Jessie Balboa! Team Captain Jason Sparks catches Balboa bending over, showing off his greedy, round ass, and knows exactly what he needs ` a series of huge toys and plugs shoved deep in his hole. Balboa willingly obliges, taking one (after another) for the team! Finally Balboa reaches around and shoves his own fist in his ass, showing Sparks the way he really wants it. Pull up a bench and enjoy the elbow-deep action!
31  minutes
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Move on up to the big leagues with the Fisting All-Stars, an athletic group of ass masters with more team spirit than you can shake your stick at! Club Inferno Exclusive Evan Matthews leads this pack of fist-hungry bottoms and dominant top team players including Scott Tanner, Tyler Saint, Jessie Balboa, Mike Power, Danny Parker, Jonathan Doe, Peter Dutch, & Jason Sparks. Cheer these men on and off the field these men work at playing hard! Get ready to cheer for your favorite Fisting All-Stars!

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