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Fisting Fitness

Fisting Fitness
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87 min

Tom Moore

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Andrew Connor

Apollo Fates

Eric The Red

Logan Bell

When gym bro Andrew Connor attempts to wrap up his grueling workout with a sip from Apollo Fates’ water bottle, Apollo is forced to reveal that his canteen isn’t actually filled with water – it’s full of lube. Not one to pass up a good time, a curious Andrew decides that he might as well make use of the available lube. Still on the gym floor with no one else in sight, Apollo rims and sucks off the stranger before wetting his bareback cock and hand. After several positions with Apollo’s fist in Andrew’s ass, the bottom’s hole is stretched to capacity, and his bright red insides have become visible for the entire gym to see. With Apollo’s hands in his hole and his lips wrapped around his cock, Andrew then busts a load straight from his oversized balls to Apollo’s remarkably deep throat.
23  minutes
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Naked in the middle of his neighborhood gym and armed with a lube-filled water bottle, Apollo Fates is ready to get fisted by horny stranger Andre Connor. Apollo starts off the anonymous hook-up by bending over and letting Andrew’s thick dick bareback his hole before Andrew’s wet hands begin making their way into his hungry ass. Able to take more, Apollo lets out a loud moan as Andrew manages to stuff both his fist and his cock inside his wrecked slit at the same time. The fisting top continues to toy with and test the limits of Apollo’s ass all over the gym floor until the satisfied bottom’s eyes are rushing to the back of his head in creamy white ecstasy.
21  minutes
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When Apollo Fates and Logan Bell begin to notice how handsy personal trainer Eric The Red likes to get during his sessions, both men decide that they’d rather just fuck and fist the scruffy trainer than work out. Right in the middle of the gym, the two whip out their bareback cocks to stuff the daddy at both ends before lubing up their hands to fill his accommodating asshole. Long strings of lube hang everywhere — from Logan’s pubes to his fist — as the sweaty men take turns sliding their hands in and out Eric’s wrecked hole. Lying on his back with Apollo’s fist in his ass and Logan sitting on his face, the ginger trainer ends the session as he strokes his pierced cock to bust all over his own body hair.
25  minutes
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Alone in an empty gym, Apollo Fates and Logan Bell are looking to get worked out — not to mention stretched out — by personal trainer Eric The Red. The two immediately drop to all-fours with their holes pointed toward the ginger daddy’s slicked-up fists. He slides his hands into both of the perverts before instructing them to hop on a bench and take a ride on his fists. Now on their backs with their legs spread wide, both men moan as Eric moves his wet arms in and out of their used holes. Moving his attention to the jocks’ balls, Eric manhandles and abuses their sacks until each of them is covering himself in his own load.
17  minutes
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When you’re at the gym with only a water bottle full of lube and another man’s fist, you know your ‘Fisting Fitness` is about to kick into high-gear! From award-winning fetish director Tom Moore, the film follows four men who work out each day with the hope of having a chance to fist and fuck all over the sweaty gym equipment. During a particularly slow day, Andrew Connor discovers that Apollo Fates is carrying around a healthy amount of lube for a potential hook-up. Never one to pass up a good time, a curious Andrew lets the stranger grease up his asshole before flipping positions and taking a turn at fisting the horny gym-goer. This isn’t the only time Apollo Fates will fuck while working out, though. Later in the same week, the uncut fucker finds himself in a class with Logan Bell and personal trainer Eric The Red. Apollo and Logan quickly learn that their trainer isn’t afraid to get handsy during his sessions, so, naturally both men return the favor by sliding their raw cocks and hands all the way into his asshole. After busting all over his ginger body hair, Eric The Red prompts the boys to get on all fours where he simultaneously fists them until they’re nutting on themselves. ‘Fisting Fitness` is a sizzling bareback exercise in strength, stretching and submission.

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