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Fisting Network

Fisting Network
Club Inferno
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112 min

Robert Drake

    all models over 18    
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Adam Faust

Armando Cortez

Danny Fox

Daxx Reed

Evan Matthews

Ian McQueen

Mike Power

Rick Powers

Tober Brandt

Fisting Network member Daxx Reed stands in the sex club waiting for a fist bud. Heavily inked Ian McQueen comes around the corner and bends over allowing his ripped jeans to reveal a hard, round, bubble-butt and a giant nut sack begging for attention. Reed throws the eager McQueen on a nearby bench and begins licking his butt crack and engorged cock and balls. Horse-hung Brit Mike Power joins them and strips Reed, lubes his ass with spit, and fucks him deep. Power and McQueen pump Reed from both ends then pull out the anaconda dildo and shove it in his puckered hole. Power works Reed’s hole, increasing the amount and intensity of each insertion. Finally Reed begs for a fist up his ass and McQueen takes over. He works his fat paw into Reed’s hole then pulls out, allowing Power to do the same. All the tag-team fist-fucking gets makes Power and McQueen so hot they jack off and shoot their loads all over the dazed Reed.
29  minutes
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Club Inferno newcomer Danny Fox brings his massive cock, muscle-toned body, and powerful fists to the Fisting Network to hook up with power-bottom Rick Powers. Always ready to serve, Powers gets on his knees and begins sucking Fox’s giant tool before he is thrown down on all fours with his ass in the air. Fox grabs a bucket of lube, a giant didlo and begins an eye-popping onslaught on Power’s puckered hole. Fox increases the size and depth of each butt-toy, pummel-fucking Power’s bottomless pit with a 18” horse cock and 3” diameter rubber anal beads before finally feeding him his man-sized fists. Fox jacks off while he fist-fucks Powers in a rocking sling and shoots his thick white load all over the Dungeon floor.
24  minutes
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Studly Adam Faust meets a new connection on the Fisting Network, hung latin pig-bottom Armando Cortez. After a minimal amount of buttplay Faust gets down to business, pulling on the latex gloves and lubing up a giant inflatable man-rammer. He screws the foot-long butt toy into Cortez’s hungry hole and squeezes the pump, inflating it inside his ass. Next Faust attacks Cortez with a series of dildoes, each bigger than the one before, apparently attempting to split Cortez in half. Now Cortez flips over on his back to reveal a huge raging hardon, his ass begging for Faust’s fists. Happy to oblige, Faust begins pushing one fat paw into Cortez’s hole then the other one, until eventually he’s pummel-fucking him. Unable to contain their loads any longer, both men jack off their engorged cocks until they shoot creamy white loads.
26  minutes
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Don’t let his clean cut good looks fool you, new Club Inferno Exclusive Evan Matthews proves to be one of the horniest, most twisted studs to join the Fisting Network. In his debut, Matthews bends over for some major ass play from hardcore superstar Tober Brandt. Brandt feeds Matthews’ hungry hole a string of five bright red anal beads. Matthews pops those out and demands Brandt step it up with an enormous black python dildo. Finally Brandt reaches in and pulls out Matthews’ rose bud, causing his ass to expand and contract to expose the bright red insides. Matthews gets on all fours to receive Brandt’s fists deep in his hole while Brandt jacks off and blows his load all over Matthews’ chiseled torso.
33  minutes
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Join the fist-hungry hunks of the Fisting Network, the hottest circuit of men in town who aren`t looking to kiss and cuddle. The Network meets on the last Saturday of the month and bring bags laden with heavy-duty butt-plugs, dildos, and party-size tubs of grease. The holes are huge and sloppy - the dicks plump and juicy - and the action is not for the faint of heart. So do you wanna kiss and cuddle? Or are you ready to join the Fisting Network?!

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